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Bleeding Hollow
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Exhilaration is a PvP and PvE guild who's main focus is to PvP in all aspects, we love to RBG and do so 4 nights a week and are looking for skilled players who wish to push rating. On top of RBG we are always doing either random bg's or WPvP. Twice a week we 10man raid and are in need of more PvE players who want to be part of a dedicated raid team. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of PST PissedJedi, Tomkins, or myself!
morning bump!
I approve this message.
I approve this message.

how cute! im liking that head gear on ur puppy. lookin like a steroid buffed dog wonder *RAWR* <3
Late night bump!
All the bumps!
Quick update we are now expanding to a 4thrbg group this is a late night team.. Looking for fcs. Looking for an Rbg leader and of course heals are still welcome.
Bumping again
Bump thanking Caster for having escorted me last night with Suffer and Corek...I felt like my first day as horde was done perfect. 3 trying to get 1...give it up for Exhilaration Wolf Clan boys...

Miss ya Caster...all my love to you and Tomkins! :)
You will never be safe as long as your horde :P unless your on your rogue than your pretty safe
Bump while leveling alt!
I miss you Caster...was looking to give you a /hug in STV last night but it seems someone beat me to the task.
Then give my mage a hug not my leveling alt ;)
Had some fun running into you guys out on the Isle, some good fights for sure. I can only imagine how your raids can be!

if I was alliance I would defiantly hit you guys up, but instead of that here is a friendly bump!
Appreciate the Love And Respect Robishi!
After Work Bump
Fought these guys today on Isle, and again at their Crossroads raid.

Seem like a good group of guys n' gals, definitely are coordinated and work well together.

They don't have old jars of mustard or a Prius but, we can't all be winners.

- Pete, DM&TB
Glad to be in the guild :)

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