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Bleeding Hollow
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Back up you go.
Still dancing.
Im dancing with you, all night long <3
Lord Ebiah has now bumped this thread. All hail the Lord of the Nerds!!!!!
Bump had a good time with u peops the other night, hit me up for RBGs anytime <3
Has anyone seen my sonic screwdriver? I swear I left it somewhere around here.
If I find the sonic screwdriver I will let you know!
Bump for our friends in Exhil
Im always bumpin' even at work!
Recently just faction changed to ally, and i'm looking for a change of pace. Seems like a cool guild. Mind if i join?
Yea yigs forsure, just /who the guild to get an invite, tell em about the forum post. And thanks for all the bumps from our AV friends! :D

Great guild, good balance of rbgs / arena to make sure you have the gear before you wpvp.

Also raids, good guild for the well rounded player.

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