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<For Crits N Giggles>

We are a guild based on the oceanic server Frostmourne. Our overall goal as a guild is to establish a gaming community that covers all aspects WoW, ranging from serious to casual raiding, RBGS, PvP, Arena, Achievement Farming and Transmorg Runs. We plan to keep a healthy reputation as a Raiding/PvP guild with a large casual member base with aiming to clear all content/achievements available to us as a guild.

As we are new and plan to blossom quite quickly we are open to accepting all players/members of any type to help beef up our player base with in the guild.

We are also welcoming other small guilds that are sick and tired of pugging or logging on and there is no one to play with outside raids time, to join and help expand our ranks to get us closer to achieving our goal.

All people that are interested in applying or joining this guild need to be mature, have a great understanding of the game. Be active outside guild activities and get amongst the guild life.

As we speak we are catering for one 10 man raid team and a RBG team.

Raid Team 1 LFM
Leader: Denots
11.00pm – 2.00am ST Wed, Thurs, Mon (10+)

We are currently recruiting more to fill our raid core. What we are looking for:
- Serious Players that keeps up to date with all class/game and gear changes
- Preferably some people that has a past guild qualification EG: Raid Leader or GM
- People that are mature and respect and treat others how they wish to be treated
- Attend 90 % of the set raid times
- Vent and working microphone

As we are a new team being established as we speak, we plan to clear 5.1 content MSV, HOF & TOES to help fill the gaps in peoples gear. We also want to work on and build team synergy and make sure we have the right raiders ready for ToT Progression.

Classes Needed - (iLvL req. 485-490)
Tank – Warrior Protection/ DPS OS
Melee DPS – Combat Rogue /Frost DK
Heals – Mistweaver Monk/Resto Druid (Must have DPS OS)
Ranged DPS: Fire Mage/Shadow Priest/Warlock

We will have 12-13 core players with in this core to eliminate absences so we can continue to progress.

If this guild looks interesting for you please do not hesitate to ask in game for any more information or you can also chat to me over Battle.net with FarnzyFarnz#1531
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LF Tank and 3 DPS
LF 1 Tank Pally or Warrior
2 DPS MAGE / Warrior

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