[H] [25Man] 1/13H ToT! 4 day week!

Area 52

<Casual> is a US-Based Horde guild on the Area-52 (PVE) server. Area 52 is a high population server located at the New York Datacenter (Eastern Standard Time) . We were originally from Azuremyst but due to attendance problems and also recruiting issues due to a very low populated server we decided to transfer!! We have openings that need filling due to switching to 25 for current content as of 5.2!!!!

Current Progression:
- 6/6HM Mogu'shan Vaults (Pre 5.2)
- 6/6HM Heart of Fear (Pre 5.2) (Realm First - Azuremyst)
- 2/4HM Terrace of Endless Spring (Pre 5.2)

5.2 Progression:
-12/12 Normal Throne of Thunder (Cleared first week)
- 1/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

25 man raid schedule:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:30-11:30 p.m. EST (server time)
Pulls Start at 7:40 Server!

We will not be recruiting for the bench. If this does occur it might be fight dependent due to the nature of the fight regardless working towards implementing towards a tight knit 25 man group with consistency is the goal.

We are currently looking for the following classes:
Death Knight (Low): 1 Unholy
Druid (Very High): 1 Restoration, 1 Balance
Hunter (Low): 1
Mage (Low): Applicant Dependent
Monk (Very High): 1 Windwalker, 1 Mistweaver
Paladin (Low): Applicant Depdendent
Priest (Low): Applicant Dependent
Rogue (High): 2 Combat/Assassination
Shaman (Low): 1 Elemental
Warlock (Very High): 2 Affliction/Demo
Warrior (Low): 1 Fury/Arms

Again though if your class is not listed as needed please don’t be discouraged! We definitely look at quality over quantity.

If you are interested, you can apply at our website (http://www.notsocasual.enjin.com) or feel free to pop a rank 4 or above member on armory a question in game or on Battletag!

GM – Ingame (Onegun) – Battletag: Onegun#1971
Assistant GM – Ingame (Aggravated) – Battletag: Aggravate#1723
Ranged Officer – Ingame (Atticus) – Battletag: Handbanana99#1466
Healing Officer – Ingame (Ramonz) – Battletag: Oro#1154
Healing Office – Ingame(Lazeill) – Battletag: Lazeil#1845
I ret with a fishing pool.
Currently still looking for more.

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