[H] Late Night 10m ToT progression

Area 52
<Built To Spill> is a newly formed guild recruiting for our core raid team for late night progression in Throne of Thunder. We're currently LF 1 tank (non-DK), 1 healer (pref monk or druid) and 1 dps (prefer agi mdps) to round out our team.

Raid Times:
T W Th 11:30p - 2:00a

Our goal is to work together through progression quickly in the newest content on a light raid schedule. More done in less time. We have some great raiders already w/ heroic experience and you might be the perfect fit!

What we offer:
- Free guild repairs (cause free money is awesome)
- Consumables (enchants, gems, food, flasks, pots etc.) free or under cost
- A fun, fast paced raiding environment where everyone is accountable
- The opportunity to help build the guild you want ground up
- Bosses are going to freaking die

What we expect from our raiders:
- Come to raid prepared
- Know your class and constantly improve your play
- Research fights we are working on thoroughly before raid time so we only need to discuss strategy and not teach mechanics blindly
- Represent the guild in a respectful manner always
- Contribute to the team in whatever way you can

If this is what you're looking for you can reach me ingame: Luckbox#1335
Tank spot has been filled. Current needs:

Mistweaver or Resto Druid
Still recruiting rogue and leather healer
Currently recruiting:

1 strength mdps (pref warrior)
1 Lock or mage

495+ ilvl and experience preferred, but exceptions can be made for exceptional apps.

Contact Luckbox#1335 ingame for more info
Also accepting exceptional Hpal applicants for a core spot atm.
508 Elemental / 505 Resto shammy with a warlock friend 495, all the raid experience and knowledge of our clasess, just want to join a new home! we currently 4/12 right now in ToT but we have been playing pre BC to now days! Just let me know or add me ingame!

CHeeRs :D
522 prot pally or 505 Mage lmk

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