Half of the time I can jump over beams without damage and the other half I'm clipped for 97% of my health.
This happen to me too. The bullets from middle turret being invisible is also very annoying:(
Until they fix this nonsense there really isn't a reason to queue at all. I can clear the beams just fine, even avoiding jumping twice which for some hilarious reason seems to bug out where the game registers my character's location, but I can't avoid damage that I shouldn't be getting hit with. I assume Blizzard raised the height of the beams without telling anyone because I was reading on wowhead that people could no longer use levitate to ignore them, but this means that only absolutely perfect jumps can clear the beams (as I have made the jump without taking damage a few times), and expecting us to make those 100% of the time in a fight like this is just unreasonable. I'd rather have people cheating with levitate and getting illegitimate kills than not being able to have a legitimate kill at all.
i stopped trying, i went back to brawlers guild about a week ago because of the new bosses announced. i 1-2 shot the other 3 rank 8s as my gear has improved since i last tried. when i got to disruptron i tried about 20 times (btw the 30 minute queue with crz brawlers guild isnt fun...). you can perfectly jump over the beams every time and get hit by every single one. using kiljadens cunning makes you physicaly unable to dodge any with the movement speed decrease. i thought i was doing something wrong so i checked kill vids on youtube and 99% of them (i would say all but i didnt watch all..) are people herpderp levitating to bypass it. please fix the hit boxes!
You now can;t jump the lasers if in the grate areas (lower than floor). makes it near impossible as horde melee.
Disruption with Australian latency is very annoying, I just gave up :(
Just went back because I was actually interested in getting my rank up for 5.3 but kept chain fighting Disruptron;

The fact they raised the lazer higher off the ground is making this borderline impossible. It's hard enough as a pure melee to stay ontop of the boss but this too?

Almost my entire time doing the club the other day was me just dying to lazers because I kept getting this stupid boss. Do I seriously need to waste my time hoping for Millhouse or Epicus instead of you know; Fighting a boss that should be fair?

I attempted the guy before the nerfs and he was fine. Just didn't really have the gear or will to do it. So those of us who waited have to suffer because of class imbalance?

Question: Did they take away the kills from those who did it with the levitate strat? If not, then I don't think they should have changed it at all. The change didn't just make levitating not work for it, it made doing it legitimately much harder. Between the middle cannon and the fact that very frequently even if you jump where it previously would have worked, you still get hit, this fight is completely stupid for melee.
Probably not, this is the worst fight ever for melee. The most I can push him to is about 20%, but even then its a pain in the butt. I wouldn't mind them raising the beams to where you couldn't dodge in the grates if only disruption would follow you instead of running around like an idiot.
I don't know how many hours I've spent getting irritated at this fight from those beams that on my screen I cleared but still get hit they need to make it one beam instead f two or something it sucks being stuck with only him left

right now all i can say is thank for the rng lasers.....
150+ wipes later and hours of learning the laser / cannon patterns, and refining my strategy attempt after attempt, I found one and I finally got it. Props for Blizzard making a difficult (Albeit buggy) boss fight.

I was having sub 10% wipes from 8 PM CST onward, then got called for raid. After raid I came back and one shot it, so it's definitely possible, just need a lot of luck and fine tuning your strategy.

That and being ranged helps a ton since the fight's a whole different ballpark as ranged compared to melee :P
Even as ranged this is quite annoying. I just had invisible shots and easily making it over lasers, but still getting hit by them. I have gotten it down to around 2 million and usually just end up slipping up and sure that is my fault, but this is a little too tightly tuned. I can't imagine how perfect you have to be when playing as melee.

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