Taking Commissions, pt. 3

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Hi server,

Recently I've been wicked busy, as this is a busy month for me. Along the way, I've also been trying to combine a time-efficient style with something that could look good after an agonizing hour or two on the human body.

So I'm running a special in addition to my normal ways and rates in hopes of a) generating revenue to cover medical certifications and b) refining a particular approach and look.

www.steverenn.blogspot.com <- First post after my special info. Trolltoo.

I'm looking to do work in that vein at $20 for a bust/waist-up piece, and $40 for the full body. Adding color is an additional $5.

All of my contact and pricing information, as well as my email, is on the aforementioned site, and you may also contact me in game via THE BATTLETAG at Labworks#1504.

Additionally, you may contact Padija and her many alts at Nunabutt#1847 because she's volunteered to be my secretary for the foreseeable future.
Someone get me some cash, I'm already trying to pick up hours at my job so I can have nice things like this.
It's really sort of cool to see tattoo/comic book style art for WoW characters. :D

When I see him toss these characters together, it's always amazing to see them come to life on his tablet. With this art style, however, it's almost more impressive than when he takes days upon days to craft a piece.
Awesome artist here, guys.

Here's the work he did for me: Tinyurl.com/orchidmap
Stax I hope your hard work pays off in more ways than disposable income.

Ferenold and Padija thank you for the kind words.

Today I get to start working on art for a Fender headstock. Unusual, but fun.
I've said this before, but Sanathas is without a doubt the most efficient and business-minded artist I've ever had a commission from. Good pricing and you get what you pay for without question.
I like your art. c: Would you be willing to use an actress as a reference for a piece?
I have in the past, sure.
giving this the, "I just got home from work" bump.
Bumping for Friday.
More bumps? More bumps.
I love that "come into my office" piece!
04/07/2013 08:58 AMPosted by Salrok
I love that "come into my office" piece!
Sent email with details! Will be sending another later today c: I'm super excited!
You're just in time. Finished one today.
Sanathas here is more professional and communicable than any other artist I've commissioned. He's timely, he's friendly, and the finished product is pretty much amazing. I highly recommend him.
It looks pretty great.
Bumping. :D
/pokes and prods it back to the top.

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