Day of Ashes (IC)

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Unknown Location in Pandaria

Wrathion, last prince of the Black Dragonflight, bowed deep at the waist as a brightly-lit shape appeared on the magitech communications device.

"All hail the Master of the Universe, before whom all must debase themselves in awe!  A humble worm such as I cannot be considered worthy to bathe the dust from your magnificent feet, yet I have been chosen to fulfill your cunning plan."  The human-form dragon straightened himself out with a wicked twinkle in his eye.  The figure in the communicator, despite the fact that it was blurred and indistinct, still managed to give off a heavy aura of disapproval.

"Truly, your wit has rarely been equaled, O wyrm of dread.  Surpassed, often, but rarely equaled."  The voice was deep and given an odd reverberation by the device: the figure in the communicator could have been any race or gender.  "What is it you wished to speak of?"

"My agents have delivered the messages to all of our targets.  I have a list of all of the dignitaries attending the peace summit at the compound in the Kun-Lai mountains.  I was able to repurpose the five original Pandaren buildings, but my agents had to construct the reception hall according to your specifications.  The anti-magic field was more difficult, but your construct was most useful in that regard."

"I trust that the resources of the Cabal worked to your satisfaction?"

"Yes.  Now to the ambassadors; my agents have informed me that King Wrynn, Warchief Hellscream, and the Pandaren called Zhu will all be in attendance.  All it took was for my agents to drop some strong hints that the blue and black dragonflights were working together to thwart another Burning Legion invasion -it's even true, by and large.  Among the others that will be coming are Falstad Wildhammer, Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, the Tauren chieftain Baine, and Vol'Jin.  I have received word that Sylvlanas, Lor'themar Theron, and Velen will not be in attendance."

"Acceptable.  I already have arrangements with the first two, anyway.  Thank you once again for your organization's assistance, Wrathion.  Your aid in this task has been invaluable, and I shall personally see to it that you receive full payment."  The figure vanished without any further discussion a moment later.
SI:7 Headquarters
The Following Morning

A blond-haired human stabbed his daggers into the target dummy, ripped upwards and out, and turned around to stab the dummy behind him in the head.  Though there were grey streaks in his hair and his face clearly showed signs of aging, Pietr Volkoff was still in better shape than most men half his age.  The agent was in the process of disemboweling a sandbag-covered practice dummy when the door to the training courtyard opened and a considerably younger man stepped out.  Volkoff took the time to finish his attack before cleaning off his daggers and turning to the newcomer.

"Master Shaw."  Mathias Shaw, master of SI:7, grinned and tossed a packet of papers over to Volkoff.

"Pietr."  Shaw replied by way of greeting.  "Have you heard about the peace summit?"

"As it happens, I have. You really shouldn't leave important information laying on your desk where any old agent can sneak a peek at it."

"Of course."  Shaw shook his head.  "Classified: might as well put it under a giant sign that says READ ME in giant block letters for all the good that word does.  Anyway, neither King Varian nor I trust the Horde to keep to a ceasefire, so I'm sending you in along with the security detail.  In the file, you'll find all of the relevant information, along with files on a variety of individuals we keep on retainer.  They have... special skill sets that may come in handy.  Three days from now, a portal will open at the Deeprun Tram for your team. Good luck."

Orgrimmar, The Broken Tusk Inn

"You're late."  Garona Halforcen was clearly miffed at the goblin's tardiness.  The undersized assassin waved the far larger and more dangerous orc off as he slid into a seat.

"Keep your shirt on, toots.  I got here, didn't I?"  The orc scowled, but nevertheless, put a stack of parchment and a large bag of coins on the table.

"Here.  I'm not going to bother with the long explanation, but the short version is that a bunch of the Horde and Alliance leaders are getting together in a remote location.  Garrosh doesn't trust the Alliance, so we're hiring a bunch of people to make sure there's no foul play.  Read the contract over thoroughly. Three days from now, a portal will open up at the docks for your team.”
The tramp of plate boots echoed through the floating fortress of Acherus. The groan of the undead servants and the clang of blacksmith hammers working on the armor of the Ebon Knights served as more background noise. Sydric Silverhawk strolled down the corridor and approached the leader of the Ebon Blades, High Lord Darion Mograine.

"I have come per your summons, High Lord. What is it you wish of me?" his cold blue eyes the mirror of his leader. Sydric stood proud in his well made armor, the gleam of the axe over his shoulder a cruel reminder of his need to inflict pain and suffering. He stood silent waiting for the High Lord to speak.

Darion Mograine, High Lord and Commander of the Ebon Blade made an effort to turn his cold blue gaze on Sydric. The Sindorei was handsome and debonair in life, but now stood with cold blue flesh and the air of death around him. "You have never failed me Sydric. I have sent you on missions most would not handle well. Although you are not an orc, you have served the Horde as well. This war wearies me. As endless as our need to cause pain and suffering, too many innocents are left weeping their losses. I see no end to this conflict, indeed from reports I have received from the newly discovered continent of Pandaria, it will not end soon."

Sydric continued to stand in front of Mograine, his emotionless face a mask hiding his inner conflict. He had been a simple mage, gathering herbs for his experiments when he had met his end at the hands of human paladins. He hated the Alliance and their simple minded racial hatred of what they did not understand.

"I am here to serve, High Lord. The war gives us many opportunities to slate our bloodlust. If the war goes away, we become unnecessary. When that time comes, I expect to be laid to rest, my unlife a sacrifice to the name of peace." his words matter-of-fact and calm. He had no illusions, his life was forfeit in such a case and he would welcome it when the end was certain.

The High Lord nodded, "You are right about that Sydric, I too will welcome the final rest. But I do not see such happening soon. For now, leaders of both sides are called to some kind of conference. They have asked for a few death knights to act as escorts for the Horde leaders. I do not like this uncertainty. Be on your guard for treachery. I am not certain this is a good idea. Some supposedly neutral faction? I find that hard to believe. Go now to Orgrimmar and see to it the Ebon Blade is represented well. Another may join you if willing. For now, meet there on the docks outside of the city. Dismissed." he returned Sydric's salute and watched as the Sindorei marched out of sight to the waiting skeletal gryphon.
A young boy, seemingly no older than seventeen, stood in the middle of a small clearing, his long coat flapping in the breeze. The area he was in was in was usually a quite and tranquil place but now the silence permeated the area. Not even a bird chirped. He had been trained that when something like this happened, someone, or something, was near. His slightly pointed ears twitched and he spun around with a thick coating of tree bark appearing on his arms and blocked a strike from a large blue panther. The panther landed back on the ground and roared at the boy. He only smirked and replied with, "I thought we were supposed to be sparring...not taking a stroll." The cat, now obviously annoyed by the boys comment, sprung at him. The boy sent a charge of energy through his palms and summoned a blast of wind which sent the panther several feet back. He then slammed his still glowing hands to the earth and a multitude of thorny and thick vines erupted from the ground and wrapped themselves around the feline, who was clawing and biting at its prison. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" said the young druid as another vine came from the clearings surface and a small flower with white petals and purple stalks coming from the center opened up and faced towards the feline. "You don't want to know what this flowers poison would do" he warned.

The cat calmed down and reluctantly nodded its head as if to accept defeat. The vines surrounding it, along with the flower, turned black and then crumbled into a fine dust which disappeared within seconds. They both turned their heads as a very old night elf walked into the clearing saying, "Very good boys. Give you two another few centuries and you'd be able to make me break a sweat." Maraph only smirked at his teachers words, already having grown accustomed to the old elf's razor sharp wit. The panther suddenly turned into a swirl of grey smoke and reformed into a tall night elf with long green hair and an arrogant smirk on his face. "I think you forget master" said the elf, "That mutt doesn't have that kind of time."

Maraph gave a low growl and snapped, "How about I shorten your lifespan to three seconds from now!" The old elf gave a wheezing chortle and said, "Alright, that's enough you two. Maraph," The young druid snapped back to attention at the mentioning of his name. "Yes master?" he asked. The old elf started to turn away and said, "Follow me. Mal'koren, practice your plant summoning. Your absolutely abysmal at it." Maraph smirked as he followed his master, seeing his rival/brother student get flustered over the older druids words. The two transformed into their bird forms and flew back to the main clearing of Moonglade where his eyes caught something surprising. 'Master' he said using the mind linking technique that allowed speaking in animal form, 'is that...?'

Maraph heard a small chuckle come over the link and landed in front of the two imposing figures. When the two had transformed back the old elf looked up at the two and said, "Hello Malfurion, Tyrande. I brought my student as you asked."

Maraph couldn't believe who he was in the presence of. Two of the most powerful people to have ever walked the face of Azeroth were standing right in front of him and had specifically asked for him. He immediately kneeled to show his respect. He heard a light voice, obviously Tyrande's, give a small laugh and say, "You may stand Maraph Dencune." He immediately stood and stuttered, this time not due to his utter lack of the ability to speak to a female of any living race but the sheer power her and her mate emanated, "I-I, y-you know wh-who I am?" Malfurion also gave a chuckle and said, "Yes child. Your teacher is an old friend of mine and he has spoken highly of you." Suddenly the druids face grew serious, "Which is why we wish to ask a favor of you. It is completely voluntary but if you do accept you must see it though to the end. It is of grave importance." Maraph immediately straitened and steeled his voice realizing it was not the time to be nervous. "As long as the task is within my abilities I would be glad to be of aide" he replied with a small bow.

Malfurion and Tyrande both returned small smiles. "Thank you" said Tyrande and she began to tell him of the situation. After she was done Maraph asked, "Isn't this a good thing? This meeting could mean peace, or at the very least a temporary cease-fire on both sides." Malfurion nodded and responded, "Which is exactly why we wish it to go well. I and my mate have heard of your feats in helping the desolate lands of Outland rid of some of the demons and the deeds you accomplished in Northrend. Because of this I would like to ask of you to travel with a small party of other members of the Alliance to the designated meeting place. While I am not one to act without evidence I have a bad feeling about this meeting. Whether the Horde or something else plans to ruin the summit, I do not know." Maraph nodded, now understanding the situation. "I would be happy to undertake this mission" he said. He was then briefed on where he was supposed to meet the other members of his party and was ordered to keep an eye out for anything suspicious when getting there. The two co-rulers then disappeared in a flash of light and Maraphs mentor came up to him and said, "Be safe child. And try to relax, maybe satisfy that urge you have been having the last few weeks."

Maraphs face turned red as he realized that his Master was peaking about how it had become spring some weeks ago and ever since then his more...primal side has been lusting for...well. "For the last time master" he retorted, tired of his mentors constant egging of him to just go to Booty Bay or Shattrath, "I will not demean myself, and another person, to simply satisfy a simple urge that I have complete control over." The old elf simply chuckled and headed back to the clearing where his other student would be waiting, and probably happy to hear that 'the mutt' was gone for awhile. Maraph just shook his head and sighed. Despite all the things the old elf had taught him and helped him the master was still one of the biggest pervs he had ever met.

Deciding it would be best to leave immediately he channeled his magic and his for melted into grey smoke before reforming into a large black raven with wolfish like features and took off into the sky headed to Ruther' an where he would board a ship to Stormwind where he would meet his allies. The last thing he thought before Moonglade disappeared even from his hawk eyesight was, 'I just hope I do stay in control'.
Adrian was simply sitting on his couch when he received a letter in the mail at his apartment in Ironforge. He took a final sip of his Whiskey and got up, getting the letter. It was addressed to him. His Brother Dristis was tasked out with work for the Ebon Blade in Northrend. Breaking the seal, Adrian pulled the letter out and began to read. His skills were at the request of SI:7 for a peace conference.

"Welp." he said to himself. He had been home for several weeks with no work to do, and was looking for something to do. His presence was requested at the headquarters in Stormwind. Putting the letter down and filling his glass again, he walked over to the cabinet and foot locker in the corner of his bedroom. He took a key out and opened them both, revealing his equipment and weapons. Being a security detail and his particular set of marksman skills, he'd probably need darker clothing to blend in to a dark, elevated position. He pulled out his plate vest, assault pack and rifle, laying them on his bed.

Adrian chose his black and dark grey tigerstriped camouflage jacket and pants. Donning his equipment, he set off out of his apartment, locking the door behind him and making his way to the tram.

Riding it silently, he was pondering what sort of peace conferences they'd be assisting, between whom and for what major goals. He was sure he'd be briefed on the mission when he arrived at the meeting point.

Entering, he looked around momentarily. He walked up to Shaw, tipping an invisible hat to him.

"Adrian Octavian. I got your letter for a peace summit detail. I shoot stuff." he said, hooking his thumbs in to his belt.
Leyissa stretched, armored arms arching high overhead, brushing the sides of the hat she still wore, despite the shelter of the Deeprun tram.

It was good to be here, to actually have room. Sure, she enjoyed her time spent with the dwarves and gnomes, but they never did seem to build their structures with taller folk in mind. After days on end of ducking under doorways, of looking down at those she was trying to talk to... it was nice to stand up and stretch for once, without having to worry about hitting anything above you.

Silver eyes kept watch from under the brim of her hat as she stretched, keeping close eye on those nearby. King Varian was already at the tram, other guards -royal and otherwise- milling about here and there, all waiting for others to arrive, and for the portal to appear. Part of her thought about speaking to Mathias Shaw, her current employer, maybe to learn some more about this job. He seemed occupied, however, speaking to another, so turned her attentions back to the crowd. More were still coming in -by tram or from the city- all falling briefly under her appraising eye as they arrived.

Just watching was... boring. So she decided on a stroll, slinging her pack over one armored shoulder and double-checking her gear once more. Knife? Sheathed securely on the small of her back. Spiked Knuckles? One was nestled in a small pouch at each hip. Throwing knives? The bandolier was tight across her chest. Smoke pellets? All there. Gauntlet 'modifications'? Wires and gears were in working order. Good, good!

Her pack jingled as she started walking aimlessly about the tram, stuffed as it was with what spare parts she couldn't afford to leave behind. Who knew when you needed an improvised explosive, or when a gear for your personalized electrical defense modification would wear out? You had to be prepared for these kinds of things!

And she wasn't bringing all that much, anyways, the pack's weight barely felt as it rested over her dark leather armor, it's strap one of many adorning her gear. Her ears picked up half a conversation as she stepped lightly over, confirming her thoughts that there would be others -like her- who were hired by SI:7.

None that any appeared to be here so far, but she kept an eye out. No matter who they were, they would probably be interesting to talk to. Or least more interesting than absently observing everyone else wait for the portal, as she had been doing.

"Oh. Sorry, Sir." Distracted, she narrowly avoided walking straight into someone, stopping her stride just in time. Smiling, she accompanied by a gracious bow, hoping it would convey her sincerity better than her words. Common got easier the more she used it... but she wouldn't be impressing anyone with her speech for some time yet. Certainly not any native speakers of the tongue... or most speakers, actually.

Nodding once more, she moved to continue her patrol. Walking the perimeter of the tram's waiting area would work well, allowing her to continue to observe those already here, as well as keep an eye out for new arrivals. Hopefully, some would come soon, or they would start heading to this meeting. But for now? Just walking, just watching, just enjoying the feeling of being able to stand up straight.
His stiff pound on the bedroom door met by silence left Jacob Halster standing feeling rather annoyed. The innkeeper had directed the messanger to this room when he inquired of the draenei's whereabouts. It'd taken him awhile to track her down, almost too long, actually. He pounded again on the door, and received the same silence that continued to ebb away at his ears.

Trying the knob, the Jacob found the door unlocked, and he slowly opened it while peering inside. To his surprise, there lay the warrior, passed out cold on the bed. It was quite apparent she had no intention of staying long, her things were neatly bundled at the foot of the bed, save for her greatsword, which was propped up against the bedside table. A small, black box lay atop the table.

"Ahh, miss Kialla, you're losing your edge." Jacob muttered as he stepped into the room, slipping an envelope from within his coat pocket. Carefully, he placed it on the table beside the box. The message placed, the man turned to leave the room. A sharp pain reverebrated in his toes as his foot snagged the edge of the sword, sending it falling forward to the wooden floor. "Damnnit!" He swore under his breath as he dove forward, trying to catch the falling rod of metal. His fingers fell short however, and all he could do was watch as the heavy blade crashed to the floor....


Kialla shot awake at the sudden and loud noise, throwing herself out of the bed as she frantically searched for what was going on. Her vision fell on the poor messanger standing over the fallen sword. She launched herself foward at him, catching the man as he turned to face her. One fist came low, connecting solidly with his gut, while her other arm snagged him under the chin while she drove him backwards into the wall. Caught completely by surprise, Jacob barely reacted as the larger draenei forcibly smashed into him, and he slammed heavily into the wooden beam.

"SI:7!" He breathed as he tried to catch his breath, while bringing his arms up in defense. Grabbing her wrist, the man twisted against her arm, sending a jolt of pain through it as he slipped out of the choking hold with which she had pinned him against the wall. Barely acknowledging the painful grasp, she yanked her arm back as her fingers locked around his forearm, pulling him close to her as her other hand formed a solid fist and stuck his windpipe hard. SI:7 or not, she was not keen on strangers letting themselves into her quarters without consent.

The messanger collasped to the floor at her feet, struggling for his breath and all the while feeling like he'd just swallowed a very large bone. He had to admire her strength though...barely half-dressed the woman had dropped him like a rock. While granted, he hadn't gone through a significant amount of combat training himself, he still wasn't some pathetic alley ganker either.

"SI:7..." He gasped, and pointed at the message he'd left on the table. Following the man's finger, Kialla glanced over at the envelope. She stepped over, and picked it up, glancing over the seal. It was indeed an SI:7 seal, and a flash of remorse flew through her mind as she looked down at the man pitifully struggling to regain himself. Then again, she was never fond of their 'secretive' methods of communication.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she tore the envelope open and glanced over the note. Sure enough, the SI:7 was indeed asking her assistance on some sort of security detail being deployed to somewhere in Pandaria. The details were sketchy at best, but she expected as much from an agency such as they. 'Suppose you'll find out when you get there, as usual.'

Snatching the black box and producing from it a small green gem, she glanced up at the messenger, who had managed to stand again though he was constantly rubbing his neck and looked a little pale.

"I'll come...and next time just slip it under the door." Though her lips formed every word, the sound of her voice didn't follow. Instead, the warrior's voice growled telepathically in the back of his mind. He'd been told to expect it, yet the oddity of such communication still left him feeling a bit uncomfortable. He suspected it was linked to the gemstone she held, and couldn't help but wonder if she could read his thoughts as well.

"So you really are a mute, eh?" He near coughed as he spoke, still recovering from the blow. "Probably why they picked you for this."

"Leave." Kialla's voice resounded simply, backed by a vicious glare.

The messenger left without another word, leaving the warrior to her alone in her violated sanctum. Kialla waited a half hour before leaving, donning a simple pair of pants and shirt, and packing the rest of her belongings on Berwyn's saddle before doing so. Heavy armor wouldn't be needed simply to travel to the SI:7 headquarters, and she could more than handle herself against simple thugs.

Bryah stood in the circular room, deep under the city of Silvermoon. In the room with her was a man sitting at a simple wooden table, a defiant look on his face and a figure in ice blue plate, with slits covering the eyes and the only acknowledgement of the wearer's gender was the slightly wider hips and plate covered breasts of a female.

The ranger took a look at the man and sighed deeply, implying a remorse she did not feel. “Well if you're not going to tell us what I want to know, then the inquisitor will have to drag it out of you. I warn you, she won't go easy on you.”
The man smirked at her. “What can she do? You're both Farstriders. You don't use torture.”
Bryah smirked at him. “That's where you are wrong. I'm a farstrider. She is not.” She turned and walked out the room, indicating to the plate clad figure. “He's all yours.”

The female raised her hand to her helmet and flicked a switch. The slot covering her eyes widened to reveal a set of icy blue eyes that held an otherworldly glow. The man took one look at those eyes and knew what was coming. He screamed loudly, the panic he felt starting to show in his voice. “Alright! I'll talk! Just get me out of here, and away from that death knight!”

The death knight closed the slit covering her eyes and dragged the man up by his shirt collar, handing him over to Bryah. “I'm disappointed. I was hoping to feed on this one, his fear is so delicious.”
“You will get another opportunity to sate that hunger.” She handed the death knight an envelope. “You’ve been recalled to Acherus. This came while we were in the room with the prisoner.”
The death knight turned to the captain and saluted. “With your leave Sir?”
“Of course.”
She turned from the Farstriders and projected unholy energy in front of her, forming it into the shape of a gate, steeping through it as soon as it was fully formed. The captain grinned at Bryah. “She comes in handy some days.”
“That she does Sir. By your leave?” She raised her eyebrow in a request to her commanding officer.
“Of course. I can take this scum's statement. It won't do for you to keep the Ranger General waiting.”

She hurried to the Sunfury Spire and entered the room, bowing from respect to the leader of the Farstiders. “I was summoned Ranger General?”
“Yes Ranger. I have need of your services.”
Bryah raised an eyebrow, surprised that the Ranger General not only knew who she was, but also knew of her abilities. “My services Sir? Surely there are others better suited to the task?”
“Perhaps, but our forces are stretched thin and I need a scout. Your commanding officer says you're one of his best.””High praise from him Sir. With all due respect, why do you need a scout?”
“Some of the Horde leaders are to attend a peace summit in Kun-Lai Summit and I want you to join them.”
“Sir. I'm a scout, not a bodyguard. Why not send one of the blood knights?”
“Because Ranger. I expect trouble where the alliance is concerned, and your unique ability to track almost anything will come in handy if that occurs.”
Bryah blushed from the unexpected praise. “I'm not the best Sir. There are others who are better than I am.”
“Does that include Adrian Octavian?”
Her head shot up “Adrian? Why mention him Sir?”
“My sources indicate that he is going as part of the SI:7 contingent.”
“If Adrian Octavian is going to the summit, then the alliance is bringing out their best. When do I leave?”
“As soon as you are ready. You are to make your way to Orgrimmar. A portal to Pandaria will open there in three days. One last thing Ranger.”
“Yes Sir?”
“The Ebon Blade are sending The Inquisitor as well.”
Bryah blanched and pulled herself together with a mental slap. “Thank you Sir. If I am dismissed Sir, I need to prepare for my journey.”
Of course. Dismissed.”

Bryah hurried to her home and threw some things into a pack. She raced to a friend's house and talked her into creating a portal to Orgirmmar. “Thanks Lyn, you're a doll. Look after Tomas for me.” She stepped through the portal and felt the familiar disorientation that came from such rapid transit. Although she would have liked to take the zeppelin, she just didn't have the time. She found her way to the Shattered Hand goblin that was organising the journey and reported in. After that, the only thing she had to do was wait for everyone else to arrive.

As soon as she had stepped through the death gate and recovered from the slight disorientation, Sandara made her way to the center of the necropolis where Highlord Mograine was waiting. “You sent for me Highlord?”
“At ease Sandara.”
She relaxed her stance to one which was easier to maintain over long periods. Highlord Mograine continued. “There is a peace summit to be held in Pandaria, that is neither organise by horde or alliance. I don't trust this new, supposedly neutral third-party any more than I trust the horde or alliance and am sending a few death knights to help make sure proceedings are peaceful.”
“A wise move Sir. I take it that I am to be joining this expedition?”
“Yes. You are to meet up with the rest of the Horde contingent in Orgrimmar, where a portal will open in three days time. This portal will take you to the meeting place in Kun-Lai Summit.”
“Of course Sir.”
Sandara was about to leave when she was stopped by the Highlord. “One last thing. My sources tell me that your daughter is to be going as well.”
“She is an able ranger, her teachers have taught her well.” Sandara's voice started to break as she thought of how she should have been the one to teach her daughter about being a ranger. Of how things would be very different if a human prince named Arthas hadn't invaded Quel'thalas.
“She is her mother's daughter. Your talent and skill have been passed on to her.”
“Still, I wish things were different.”
“We all do Sandara. We all do.”

Sandara made her way through the streets of Orgrimmar to find the inn and rest for the night. She found it, and her daughter, finishing the remains of her meal. “You're a long way from home little one.” Bryah grimaced at the use of her childhood nickname. “So are you Mother.”
“I take it you're here for the same reason as I am.”
“The peace summit in Pandaria.”
“Then we are again working together.”
“Just sate your hunger before we leave. I hove no wish to have to explain why you went on one of your rampages.”
Sandara sighed, her daughter's disdain hurting her. Still, she couldn't blame her. Bryah didn't ask for her mother to be reborn as a death knight. This is going to be a very long journey.

Maraph gladly walked off of the ship that had taken him to Stormwind. As he was leaving the constantly drunk high elven woman who had been harassing him for the last few days grabbed onto him and screeched, "Don't go!" At first he had been extremely nervous and constantly stuttered like usual when he encountered a woman but after a few days of this behavior it had just gotten annoying. Giving a frustrated growl he transformed into his bird form, effectively dropping the inebriated woman onto the ground. Before he flew off he sent a telepathic message of, 'You need to lay off the sauce lady!' Giving a sigh, as much as a bird can sigh, he flew off towards the Deepram Tram. After entering and quickly transforming into his human form he looked around and saw King Varian, surrounded by his guards, already on the Tram ready to go. He assumed they were just waiting for others to arrive so he decided to announce his presence to the King by going over there.

As he walked over there he failed to notice the female night elf that was walking around the area and accidentally bumped into her slightly. Quickly regaining his composure he, and having saw that she was a night elf, muttered a quick, "My apologies" in fluent Darnassian. He the quickly went over to the tram to avoid any prolonged conversation as that would most likely end in awkwardness due to his constant stuttering. After having made his way over to the King a guard stopped him and asked, "What is your purpose here?" Maraph quickly explained his reason for being there and the guard relayed it to the King. He heard the King give a simple grunt of approval and the guard turned back to him and said, "Very well. We are currently waiting on some others so you may do as you please until they arrive."

Maraph nodded and decided to get off the tram and sit somewhat near to it and practice his meditation. Calming his breathing he eventually reached the state where he no longer felt anything besides the pulsing of the nature magics energy within him, yet at the same time the slightest touch, sound, or smell would alert him to trouble or attention.
Clash, clang, clink, clunk, bang and boom were all heard from the small training ground area found within Acherus. As the swords let out a ringing shriek, the faces that held them look determined and ready to defeat the other. Faith Clohessy was one of those faces, breaking her two swords away from the one, ducking and sliding away as gracefully as she could with a prosthetic. She whipped around, the other death knight turning to face her, Faith giving a blow that hit her opponent's side.

"Not good enough, Clohessy. More!" The man shouted at her, lifting a hand to blast Faith and surround her with icy chains. Faith lifted both her swords up when a guttural noise to their left made itself apparent. She raised an eyebrow, turning her head to the noise, noticing an abomination, standing there dumbfoundedly. Soon, the frigid cold clung itself to Faith, the death knight suddenly glaring at her opponent. The other came, sheathing his sword and came towards her. "Not good enough."

He shoved her to the ground, Faith almost standing in her place, if it wasn't for her weak link; her damn leg. She tumbled down, landing on her rear as he walked away. She snarled, jumping up and ready to go after him, when the abomination thought it was a good time to come over. Faith had no time to redeem herself.

She let out a heavy sigh, placing her swords back in their proper places at her hips. She quirked an eyebrow up at the creature, scowling. "What is it, you distraction?" She asked, crossing her arms.

The abomination simply gave her an envelope, the seal of the Ebon Blade keeping it closed. Faith stared at the abomination, but he was already leaving, not caring to hear about her curiosity. She shook her head lightly, beginning to get used to the apathy found in people. She tore off the seal carelessly, pulling out the letter and reading each word. High Lord Darion Morgraine must've been busy attending to other matters, but at least he had the decency to write her a letter, informing her of the situation at hand and wanting her abilities.

A peace summit in Pandaria. It did seem rather suspicious, and from an unknown neutral faction? Of course they'd be sending guards for the Horde and Alliance. And Faith was chosen to help protect the Alliance and represent the Ebon Blade respectfully. She nodded at herself mentally, trotting along to where she had placed the last of her belongings.

Deeprun Tram, Stormwind

When Faith first arrived at the Deeprun Tram, she soon realized she had arrived to early for her tastes. There were guards there, ready to protect those in high places, but besides her and a few others, the only other company were the rats that skittered around. She stood in place though, arms folded behind her, back straight, chin lifted. She was prepared for the worst; the Horde rising in anger at the newly suggested ways of making peace, the Alliance debating whether or not to take offense or defense, guards surrounding the King. The Sha might even come into play, taking over any of the members who succumbed to its rage.

She glanced around, deciding to leave her own thoughts for awhile, and analyze the people that were waiting as well. A night elf, someone good with close combat was apparent, though her clinking bag was echoing throughout the tram. A young, too young druid to be out on such a venture, trying to meditate in the crammed area. Faith then looked straight ahead again, wondering if others would soon arrive.
Sammuroth Stormfury, lounged in his favorite tree, in Moonglade, he had been enjoying the time he had to himself the few weeks, after returning, from a tour of the newly discovered Pandaria, the druid needed this. His best friend Dalfein Scourgebane, had returned to Acherus, to report in, the elder druid had no real person to report to, he still respected the wishes of Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind, but he was pretty much allowed to do as he saw fit, with no questions asked. He sighed, as a nice breeze blew through his fur, "This is the life, no demons, no undead, no Sha, just the beauty of nature." A faint giggle caught the druid's attention, as he felt a prescence behind him, "Don't even think about dumping that bucket of water on me Lori, not unless you want to be grounded again." He could feel his adoptive daughter's disappointment, and he smiled, "You need to learn to be more stealthy my dear," he heard Lori's huff of annoyance at his lecture. The old druid had a chuckle at his daughter's expense, as he felt her put her head on his side, using him as a pillow, "You are always so warm shan'do." The cat laughed, "Well when you are constantly covered in fur that tends to happen, " he shared a laugh with his beloved daughter.

"So I imagine you didn't come out here to simply enjoy the day with me," he could almost feel the mischieveousness radiating off his daughter, "how do you know shan'do." Sammuroth cleared his throat, "Because, the elders always tend to send you when they want me for something, since they are too scared to do it themselves." Lori laughed, at the truth of her shan'do's statement, besides the Arch Druids Sammuroth Stormfury was probably one of the most powerful druids in the Cenarion Circle. "Unfortunately you are right as always shan'do, but this time it is not the elders that require something from you, I was sent to find you by Malfurion Stormrage, and Lady Tyrande." The cat hid his surprise well, "That is interesting, what do they need of me," he asked, "they wanted to tell you themselves," she replied almost sadly, she knew they were probably going to send her father away again. Sammuroth maneuvered himself so he could look at her, "Don't worry dear one, I am sure it's just a basic mission, shouldn't take too long," she looked at her teacher, and father sadly, "that's what you always say." He smiled at her, she was getting sharper everyday, soon she wouldn't need his tutelage anymore, "In the end dear one, I cannot refuse my own shan'do's request, I promise I will return as soon as I can." Lori turned, and gave the cat a hug, "I will miss you as I always do shan'do, come back safely," Sammuroth nodded into her arm, and got up to head to his meeting.

When he saw two of the only people on Azeroth older than himself, he bowed in respect, "You summoned me shan'do." Malfurion nodded, "Indeed I did, as you have probably guessed we need you for an imprtant mission," the cat nodded, "with all due respect shan'do, you two, are among the few who know of my curse. You know how hard it is to keep the "other" under control, especially when you continuosly send me on missions filled with violence, and hate, I do not want Lori to lose another parent." Tyrande nodded, "We understand dear Sammuroth, your adoptive daughter, has grown into quite the beautiful young woman," Sammuroth smiled, and Malfurion continued after his mate, "and from what I have heard quite the accomplished druid as well. You know we would not ask this of you unless it was truly important, we know how close the two of you are, and we do not wish to cause her pain anymore than you do, but we need you for this mission." The cat sighed, and nodded, Malfurion smiled in appreciation, "As I am sure you have already heard there is a peace summit occurring in Pandaria, and I am sure you like us do not completely believe it is all on the up and up. We want you there just in case something should happen, and before you go off on your tangent of not getting involved in Horde, and Alliance problems, you would be representing the Cenarion Circle with your prescence."

Sammuroth sighed, "Yes I have run through many possibilities of what could go wrong at this so called peace summit, and none of them end very well." Malfurion nodded, and continued, "Yes, and despite your problem, you have managed to keep your cool, and tactical mind intact, I would feel much better if I knew you were there watching my back." The cat nodded, "Very well shan'do if it had been anyone else I would decline, but I owe you too much to decline any request you may have of me," Malfurion smiled, "I am glad to hear you are willing to help, we want you to meet up with the Alliance contingent, in Stormwind, you may be representing the Circle, but having you with the Horde contingent could prove problematic." The druid nodded, "I understand," Tyrande cleared her throat, "Also we have sent a young druid in training along as well, a worgen to be precise, we would appreciate any help you could give him." Sammuroth nodded, "Should he ask for any help I am always glad to give it out," now Tyrande smiled in thanks, "we must be going, thank you again my friend," with those words Malfurion, and Tyrande turned, and walked away. After they had disappeared, the druid sighed, "Sorry Lori, looks like I might be longer than I had hoped."

The Next Day

Sammuroth Stormfury exited the boat, thanking the crew for their services, and he once again found himself on the docks of Stormwind. The druid sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time, as he made his way to the tram station, the "other" had been complaining the whole trip, and the cat's nerves were frayed from annoyance. The trip to the tram was uneventful, and when he entered he found the Alliance contingent fairly easily, walking up to the guard that seemed to be in charge he explained why he was here, and the guard allowed him access. There were a few people already here, including, who the cat believed to be the young druid Tyrande had mentioned, he did not feel much like conversing with anyone, so he found a nice corner of the tram, and lay down.

Maraph awoke from his meditation when a somewhat familiar scent hit his nose. Looking up he saw a druid in cat form laying down at the end of the room. He thought for a moment on why a druid would stay in his cat form but then remembered the rumors of a druid that was constantly in that form. 'Hm', he thought, 'I didn't know there would be a celebrity here.' He saw that the older druid looked like he wished to be alone so he didn't approach. He started to go back to his meditation but a small skittering near him caught his attention. Looking down he saw a rat next to him sniffing at his satchel. "Hello there little one" he said with a small laugh. The rat looked up in fright and scampered back a moment but came back and sniffed at his satchel again. "Are you hungry?" he asked the rat. Reaching into his satchel he pulled a small loaf of bread that had been wrapped up in paper to keep the warmth. He broke off a small piece ad gave it to the rodent. It looked up at him and seemed to give a squeak of thanks and ran off to the darker areas of the tram.

Maraph gave another small chuckle and decided to eat some of his bread as well, the fresh baked smell too good to pass up. After breaking off a piece for himself and putting the rest back in his satchel he looked around at who was currently there and thought, 'Well, one things for sure. This is going to be one of my more interesting adventures if the ones here are any indication.'
People, they began trickling in as Leyissa walked, a grin widening across her lips as she looked them over one by one.

A meek young man who had nearly run into her before was either sleeping or meditating, she couldn't be sure which. By the markings she could see, he was with the Circle? Uncommon, to see a human with the druids... He had spoken in her native tongue when he apologized earlier, so perhaps Gilnean? They were closer to her kin -and the druidic beliefs- than most.

Perhaps she wasn't the best judge, but he looked a little too young to be guarding anyone. Skilled for his age? Could be interesting. At the very least it was someone else she could speak to in Darnassian.

Then a young woman -well, once-young, possibly. It was hard to mistake eyes like those, or the skeletal motifs of her armor. Just waiting patiently, watching. Interesting, she didn't see that in many of the Death Knights she had met before.

Not that she had met many. Traditions are hard to break, it seems. Even with her love for gears and grease, there were still some things that felt... unnatural.

She couldn't deny the woman was well-equipped for the job, though.

A... a wild cat wandered in? No, had to be a druid. He... she? Whoever they were, they settled in fairly quickly, seemingly unconcerned with the growing crowd. Still seemed more like a cat than anything else, maybe a really smart one? Druid did make more sense, though-

Her ears caught sound nearby, the possibly-Gilnean's voice, whispering. Whispering to who? Or to what?

She had circled back around near to the young man by this time, and so her attention fell on him. Her grin widened to a genuine smile as she watched him feed a rather brave rat, whispering all the while. The action didn't make him seem any more prepared to defend the King from treachery, but it was an amusing sight, nonetheless.

"Careful," A pair of light steps brought Leyissa over to the young man, as she spoke in comfortable, welcoming Darnassian. "If he comes back with friends, you might run out of food for yourself."

She crouched down to rest on the balls of her feet, smiling from under the brim of her hat while extending a hand. "Leyissa Shadeleaf, pleased to meet you. Are you here to protect our King as well?"
Maraph looked up at the voices owner and saw that it was the female Night elf that he had ran into earlier. His face immediately started to redden but he forced down his primal senses and said, "N-nice to me-meet you" as he shook her hand. Steeling his voice again so he wouldn't stutter he said in fluent Darnassian, "I am Maraph Dencune, a druid of the circle. And, yes. I am here as security." He kept himself from looking her in the eyes he wouldn't be able to talk to her very well if he did but tried to stay respectful. "I-I wouldn't worry about the rat coming back. I figure that we're leaving soon, besides I can go awhile without food if I need to." He realized he was rambling and immediately reddened before asking, "S-so, have you heard anything else about this summit? It seems a little strange for an offer of peace to come out of nowhere like this."
Adrian took it upon himself to stand by and wait for further orders. Stretching his shoulders, he turned and moved to one of the benches lining the walls of the Tram boarding area. He dropped his backpack and slid it under the bench and laid his rifle against the wall.

Others had come in. A lot seemed to be third party affiliates hired by SI:7 for this detail. Must be a pretty big deal to be recruiting outside the official ranks of the Alliance. He pulled his revolver out of the holster on his left hip and cracked it open on the hinge. Taking the rounds out, he began to thoroughly wipe down the weapon with a rag. He looked up and noticed the Cat druid he had worked with before was here. He made sure to reacquaint with him soon.

It seemed like SI:7 recruited from every Alliance loyal faction for this detail. Probably taking the best of the best from each one. He was sure their abilities were good enough to be here, but not knowing many of these others caused him to have slight trust issues with a job this big for the Alliance. He'd remain friendly and courteous, but cautious of everyone.

Satisfied that his revolver was clean, he reloaded it and locked it in to the holster, taking up his rifle and doing the same. Unloading, disassembling, and beginning to thoroughly wipe down and oil each part of it. There was no room for failure here.
Leyissa choked down her laughter, miraculously keeping a straight face as he spoke. He reminded her a bit of when she asked people to assist in her street performances. Always a bit nervous, not sure what to expect, but warming up quickly as time went on.

Hopefully, this Maraph would warm up as well. His stutter and innocent-seeming speech was endearing, but could be a problem later on. She didn't want a partner on the job to be too nervous to speak up when they had to.

"I haven't heard anything beyond the basic: That a third party called the Horde and Alliance leaders to meet. But I don't think anyone expects this to go smoothly." She shrugged, pausing a moment to mull it all over in her head. Unknown third party, both factions in attendance, neutral ground in Pandaria.

This could be a good thing, of course, a party with no known ties to either faction would be ideal for bringing the two together. The location was a good one too, away from territory claimed by either. But even so, her King would be vulnerable, and who knew if the Horde would come to talk?

"I'm hoping for the best, myself, but just in case there's trouble..." She grinned, holding up a small throwing knife between her thumb and index finger. With a wink, she flicked her wrist, the knife vanishing from sight with a snap. "We're here to take care of it, right?"

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