Day of Ashes (IC)

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The cat caught every bit of conversation, it wasn't surprising that the worgen, whose name he discovered was Maraph, would be a little nervous, possibly being the youngest one here. From what he could tell it seemed that Sammuroth was again the oldest one in the group, he sighed lightly, sometimes he wished there was someone closer to his age to talk to. Someone who had been there ten thousand years ago, who had experienced the horrors of the War of the Ancients, but he was used to being the oldest on missions anymore. Few Night Elves remained who were apart of that great war ten thousand years ago, most had already passed on, from illness, or battle. "Ah, to be young again," he muttered, everyday he could feel his age catching up with him, his biggest regret was never having a family, he loved his adoptive daughter of course, but it was different from having a child that shared your blood. Of course he still had quite a bit of time left to find a mate, and maybe settle down, but his age, and the fact that he was stuck in his feline form tended to keep potential candidates away.

He longed for his younger days, the days when he felt he could take on the world, and win, but one could not return to those days, so all he could do was envy the young, and pray for their future.

The sounds of stone breaking echo'd through the forests of Winterspring. Large boulders put around in a circle had large chucks taken out of them. The very last of these boulders, was about to become victim of Nishara Moonblade, who stood in front of it with her eyes closed. She took a deep, calming breath, gathering her chi, her energy...

Chi, it was the energy of one's self. It was the inner peace that resided with in her, and like other monks, she had learned to harness it and use it against her foes, and sometimes heal her friends. It all came down to the person's will; a strong will would have strong chi, and one with no will with have less of it, so her Teacher says. Slowly, she took the stance of the White Tiger, dragging her right foot back through the light layer of snow while raising the heel of her left foot up. She raised her hands, palms facing towards the rock, the girl taking in another deep and calming breath...

She pulled back her hand, her fingers coming to connect with each other. Her hand began to glow a jade green, the girl was harnessing her chi. Then, with one swift and elegant strike, Nishara thrust her hand forward so her palm would connect with the solid stone, and the chi that was built up would suddenly be released. The rock was destroyed, torn to pieces.

"Well done, Nish!" A jolly voice said, Nishara turning to see that it was her teacher, Jinto Reedwine. Jinto was a Pandaren her older brother, Coron Moonblade, had befriended after Jinto offered him some ale in exchange for stories. Coron had mentioned how Nishara might be interested in the monk arts, and Jinto agreed to help him; the two had been training ever since. "Master Jinto." Nishara said politely before bowing respectfully to the Pandaren "I did as you asked. Ten stones, all struck with Tiger's Palm."

"Yes..I can see.." Jinto eyes wandered around the area, inspecting the destroyed boulders "You've done well for today's training...Your brother wants to see you at the house, he says he has a task for you." He returned his gaze to the Kaldorei girl, smiling warmly. Nish blinked a few times, but smiled "Alright, I'll be there shortly."


Coron sat near a table, shrouded in the shadows of a corner as he waited for the two to arrive. On the table in front of him would have been a letter that used to be sealed with wax, which he had broken. What was inside the letter made him curious...and honestly, he couldn't spare any time to look after it himself. It would also give his Sister the experience of fighting on the front lines, even it was against small thinks like cultists.

Nishara and Jinto stepped through the door, the younger elf smiling sweetly at her brother "Heya, Corebutt, what's up? I heard you wanted to speak with me." Coron nodded, taking the letter and sliding it over to her. She picked it up, pulling out the parchment with in and beginning to read it.

"It appears that the Alliance are looking for more able body defenders to help out with a few small...'issues'...that have arisen. I would go, but the Shrine needs me, so can I leave the task to you? Do you feel you're ready?" Coron folded his arms over his chest, his amber eyes glowing from the shadows. Nish read over the letter a few times before nodding "I can do this. Leave it to me!"



Nishara had visited it a few times before, but even so she still got lost every now and again. She regarded her map as she walked through the Dwarven district, trying to look for the destination she was suppose to reach. "It's called the tram...last time I checked it hard large gears turning around the entrance...hhmm." She looked up, catching sight of the entrance. Large gears, lots of gnomeish tech. Yep, that was it.

As she entered, she already notice the large group that had arrived for the mission. Smiling under her facial mask, she approached them, waving her free hand "Hello! I was wondering if this was the place for the mission regarding the Alliance I correct?"

Maraph gave a small chuckle at what the night elf said. "Yes", he answered, "I suppose we are. I just hope that we dont have to resort to such things. I would prefer to not take any lives on this venture." His eyes seemed to glaze over for a split second, as if remembering a memory that was better off left forgotten but the look dissapeared as swiftly as it had appeared. Shaking his head slightly he said, "I have traveled to many places before but never Pandaria, do you know anything about it? All I know is that the Pandaren live there and it is supposedly on the back of a giant turtle." He was going to say more but was interrupted by a squeak. Looking down he saw what he assumed to be the rat from before but his eyes widened slightly as he saw another few dozen rats looking at him with hopeful looks in their eyes. (Now imagine this was an anime, this is where the large sweatdrop would appear on his head...sorry just had to add that).

He gave a sigh and said, "Apparently you were right about the rats."He tried to ignore their ever growing, and somehow shimmering, eyes as they all gave him a look akin to when he is in worgen or feline form and wants to get someone to do something for him. "Oh, all right!" he sighed and took three sticky cinnamon buns that he had stashed in his satchel, enchanted to hold much more supplies than it's size would suggest, and tossed them to the small horde of rodents. Before they scampered off he said to them, "No more food from me, you got it?" He added some druidic energy to his words so the rats would understand the meaning of his words. The rat that had originally come to him seemed to understand and scampered off with the rest of his kind with a piece of cinnamon bun stuck in his mouth.

Turning back to his current companion he muttered, "Not one word" under his breath.

Ebon Hold, Icecrown

Renlis Darkbane sat outside the Ebon Hold, a elegantly carved pipe in his hand, emitting smoke. He raised this pipe to his lips and sucked in a breath, inhaling the smoke before letting it all out in one go. Of course, he didn't need to breath, he couldn't enjoy his pipe like he used to. No, thanks to death, the little things he remember were never the same, and it was going to stay that way.

"Still smokin' I see?" A raspy female voice said. Renlis turned to see one of his fellow Sisters in death, Tish Blackward, approach him. The woman had white long hair and a large scar over her left eye, which was covered by a piece of metal. He knew what was under it, and to any living being, removing that piece of metal to reveal what was under it would make them throw up their dinner in a heart beat.

"Yea, is there a problem with that?" He'd ask, turning back to look over the frigid, dead landscape that was Icecrown. "No, however I do have some interesting news that you might be interested in hear." The woman replied, brushing a white lock from her good eye.

The man let out another puff of smoke. Even though he didn't show it, he was actually listening, something Tish had been able to pick up on a lot after working with him for so long while they served together. "The Alliance is looking for able body soldiers for some peace treaty at Kun-Lai summit for the Horde and Alliance..."

"Sounds decent enough...laughable most certainly, but I don't mind getting a bit of Horde blood on my blades once and awhile for when it gets sour..." Renlis puffed his pipe thoughtfully "So where they meetin' up at?"

"Tram, Stormwind side. You going?" Tish raised her good brow at the man, who began to stand. "I sure am. I'll talk to you when I get back...don't murder Jick while I'm gone. I want to be present when we're kicking that goblin's !@#$ out the Hold..." With that, he walked passed the woman, dumping the contents of his pipe onto the floor and stuffing it into a waist pouch.

"Yea, just don't do anything stupid while you're on the mission!" Tish called. Renlis simply raised his hand, continuing to walk "Suffer well, Sister."


Renlis arrived at the tram entrance, fully outfitted and pipe in hand. As he walked down the turning hall, he struck a light to light his pipe up until the herbs he had stuffed into it began to smolder. By the time he caught sight of the group, his pipe was lit and ready to go. He did catch sight of a fellow Sister in Death and made a b-line straight for her. As he walked, he did get a decent look at the rest of the group. A few Kaldorei, a large Druid cat, worgen, and a Draenei.

He suppose that it wasn't all bad, at least some of them looked like they could hold their own in a fight. Renlis came to stand next to the woman, still puffing his pipe "Good day, Sister...and how are we today, hm?" He'd ask, waiting for a response.

No way to hide it anymore. Leyissa laughed loud and clear at the sight, tears forming in the corner of her eye as she tried in vain to calm down. She hadn't really been serious when she said that before, but to actually see all those little rats- Oh that was too much.

"Not a word." She held one hand up, the other covering her mouth. "I understand, don't worry, don't worry..." Her words fell away to laughter once more- though a bit quieter than earlier. What did it matter, how young this druid seemed, if working with him was going to be this interesting?

It took a moment, or two, but she finally managed to calm herself in the end... which was probably for the best. She didn't want to offend the young man, but jobs where always better when you didn't have to be serious and stern the whole time.

"I apologize, but about your question? No, Pandaria isn't on a turtle, it's all land." She paused briefly, silently counting out one, two, three on the fingers of her hand. "I've been there on a job a few times, mostly in the south of the continent. Helped guard some humans that wanted to study the plants there." That hadn't been the most rewarding job she'd done, but her clients had been fun to talk to.

The tigers less so.

"The best way to learn more about it is to go there, though. It's not a place you can easily describe." She shrugged, rising back up to her feet, with a smile. "I haven't seen all that much myself, so hopefully we don't spend the whole time in some stuffy room. I want to know if Mount Neverest is really as tall as I've heard."
Maraphs face reddened at her laughter but when she calmed downed and after she was done speaking he said, "Hm, thats odd. My master told me it was a moving island due to it resting on an ancient turtle spirits back. At first I didnt beleive him but I have seen stranger things so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt." He made a huffing sound and scoffed, "Then again, the old perv was probably just messing with me again." He thought about what she had said for a moment. 'I wonder' he thought, 'could this land really be as amazing as I've been told. It would be appreciated seeing as how the last place I traveled to was Northrende.' He gave an involuntary shudder as he thought of the cold winds and fighting the undead legions that still walked the land, even after Artha's death. He shook away the thought and mumbled, "I thought this peace conference was important. Why is it taking so long to get going?"
The day was getting boring, and quickly. So far, Faith had just stood there -she could for ages-, expecting to be gone from the Tram awhile ago. That wasn't the case with people arriving so late. It bothered her, how some people didn't take time seriously and just did things their own way. She shook her head smally, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, so as not to seem like a statue.

She glanced around again, more faces appearing, at last. Besides the young druid and the Night Elf, there was a... cat. A cat? Faith raised her eyebrow, but decided not to ask questions. The Cenarion Circle had strange ways that she didn't understand, and bringing a cat along to protect King Varian was one of them. She shrugged her shoulders, letting out a long breath. The day was going to be long.

Just as Faith turned on her heel to find a seat, the sense that another one of her kind, a fellow Death Knight, came over her. She halted, looking to her left for a moment, and there he was. Clad in dark armor and the deathly blue eyes they shared. She placing her prosthetic foot down, turning towards him this time, with a small smirk on her face. It was the closest she would get to a smile.

"Good day, Sister... and how are we today, hm?" He asked, smoking on a pipe which would have been enticing if her lungs worked properly. Faith nodded to him in greeting, shrugging.

"Waiting patiently with nothing to do gets boring, though I'm sure you know how that can get." She told him, then holding her hand out. "Faith Clohessy, Brother, and you are?"
The wall felt hard against Kialla's back as she sat on the floor leaning against it. She had donned her armor before entering, having left Berwyn outside so packing it along would've been painfully heavy. Now, however, she was reconsidering the choice as the stiff protection wasn't the easiest and comfortable to sit in.

Beside her lay her belongings, neatly packed away in a duffel bag, Her weapons sheathed and strapped across it. She held a small book in her hands, the text of which was hand written in draeneic. She thumbed through a couple pages absentmindedly as she waited, musing over what was going on.

Kialla glanced about at the others who had gathered about the station. Why the tram was their meeting point left her puzzled, as a place of public transportation wasn't exactly something she would have thought of as discreet. But then, this was the SI:7 that had called her here, and they were known for having peculiar methods, without giving any particular details as to why. Perhaps they were simply trying to keep a ruse up...

'Ebon Blade...' The thought stuck in her mind as she looked closely at the two deathknights. SI:7, and now Ebon Blade - a closer look at the others told her that it wasn't an ordinary 'security detail' that had been summoned. The two druids she figured were probably sent by the Cenarion Circle or the Earthen Ring, more likely the former. Perhaps it was time to get to know some of the arrivals. She was getting bored waiting as it was.

With that, Kialla lay the journal atop her belongings and stood, stretched for a moment, and started in Meraph's direction. As she started forward though, she caught a glimpse of Adrian sitting a little ways ahead near the far wall. She didn't recognize the human, but she guessed he was was most likely SI:7 as well. Grasping the small green stone in her hand, she approached him.

"Are you here with the SI:7? Preferring things that go 'bang' seem a bit counter to their normal tactics." Kialla's telepathic voice echoed slightly as her gaze flickered from Adrian's face to the pistol and back again.
Illa Compound, Kun-Lai Mountains

The commander of the forces at the Illa Compound nodded at the black-robed mages after checking his watch.

"Begin casting the portals." On cue, the four mages raised their arms and began creating twin holes in the fabric of space, creating a series of portals wide enough for two people to get through at a time: such methods were usually barred by the Kirin Tor, but the Compound's mages had little concern for Dalaran. A green hand pulled a pocket watch out of the commander's thick grey longcoat, checking the time. "Disappointing. We were supposed to have started this a good eight hours ago."

"Not your fault." A Draenei walked up. The alien was wearing the same uniform as the garrison commander, albeit with a single pair of black bars rather than a red star on the collar. "The anti-magic field took longer than expected to get in place, and we couldn't risk freelancers and agents finding out too soon."

"I suppose so, but it's not your head on the line if we fail." The Draenei nodded and began watching the portals as the mages finished casting them. Fifteen seconds later, Horde and Alliance agents began walking out of the portals, bags and weapons in tow. The longcoat-wearing orc spread his hands wide in greeting and walked to the leaders of the Alliance and Horde parties, a human and a goblin.

"Welcome to Illa Compound. My name is Major Graber, and I am in charge of security here. Unfortunately, the negotiations arbiter has been called off on other business, so I will be responsible for installing you in our quarters." The major gestured to a group of porters standing nearby, and they picked up the agents' bags. Graber waited a little longer to satisfy himself that no other people would be coming. There were about fifty people all told, and Graber and his second-in-command began walking towards a group of five buildings.
"The compound was already here when we arrived, for the most part. We simply had to renovate it a bit in order to make it suitable for the negotiations here. That is the garrison over there," Graber gestured at a Pandaren fort not unlike the ones found near the Wall: the building was located in a way that it overlooked the pass the agents had arrived in. "It's placed on the only way in or out on foot in this valley. The skies are protected by a contingent of gryphon riders and two pandaren monks with Sky Serpents: they are very good at what they do. And over there are where the diplomats and yourselves will be staying."

Four multitiered buildings were arranged in a square: two of them were denoted by large banners with a blue-and-gold lion's head, while the other two had banners with the familiar red-and-black Horde. A pathway led from the four buildings to a massive Stormwind-style building: the out-of-place structure was clearly a recent construction.

"The security here is absolutely top-of-the-line. There are glyphs, wards, and sigils that will prevent teleportation in or out without our authorizations, and we are using an experimental anti-magic field that covers the entire valley. It takes fifteen to eighteen minutes to put up, unfortunately, but it will still keep something like a mana bomb or warlock portals from being used. At least, we hope: it is, after all, experimental."

"In short, this is the safest place on Azeroth imaginable. Nevertheless, in the interest of trust, I'll let your groups look around and see that we are being honest. The diplomats themselves will arrive in three days, at which point you are all invited to a reception at the main hall." The orc Major gestured towards the large, new construction. "I hope you will all attend, but if not, I understand. Rooms have already been arranged, and the porters will be more than happy to tell you which room your luggage is in. If you have any further questions, Captain Zherami will answer them. Good day." Major Graber sharply turned on his heel and walked towards the garrison building. The Dreanei captain remained standing where he was while the porters dispersed into the buildings.
The sun blazed down on the docks outside of Orgrimmar. Sydric Silverhawk was not bothered by the heat, in fact an aura of chill surrounded him. He awaited passively near the goblin who had informed him a portal would open soon. He noted several orcs, tauren and troll retainers and security personnel were gathered.

His cold blue eyes ranged over the group, they all seemed competent for warriors. A few thought to stroll near him and give him a once over as well. The chill of undeath was not something most mortals wanted to be around. They did not stay long, moving back to their luggage and keeping a wary eye on him afterwards.

Inwardly he smirked, he did not care if they found him distasteful to stand near. In fact he preferred to be unobstrusive. But of course the clank of his metal boots and the creak of leather straps holding his armor in place made it impossible for him to move silently.

His discerning eyes caught details most missed however. The subtle flicker of light and shadow making him aware of several agents. Most were very good at their craft and it took him the better part of an hour to spot and identify an orc, a troll and later a Sindorei agent hidden amongst the luggage. He nodded in satisfaction.

Whatever this peace summit entailed, security was tight. He was curious as to this seemingly neutral organization and its motives. He had met the black dragon Wrathion before and was aware of certain things in the future that would need the cooperation of all of Azeroth to defeat. He had great respect for the black dragon and offered his services for when the time came.

Sydric saw himself as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. There were not many who could stand toe to toe with him. Of course he had met his match a few times on the front lines, his trips to the Acherus Hold to be renewed in his necromantic body were few but memorable. He had no desire to repeat the ordeal, necromancers seemed to feel free to add whatever body parts they had available. His objections to troll parts or even orc limbs had made them stare at him with irritation. In the end he was pure Sindorei and proud of it.

His musings ended when the portal shimmered on the docks and the first few scouts made their way in to check for security. He allowed them time to enter and note to their cohorts by goblin communicators the other side was safe. He strolled forth to enter behind the Orc contingent who nodded at him and saluted. Sydric was known to them and respected, some even smirked and made comments on how having a death knight made things more interesting.

He strode forth into the portal, his body not even registering the queasiness most did. He had enough residual magic in his system to be used to it. His body adapted to the magic as a matter of course. He stepped forth into Pandaria and allowed his gaze to travel over the grounds. He was impressed with the security in place and nodded briefly to the Major and strolled to the area indicated for the Horde.
Adrian seemed lost in himself. Cleaning his weapons was like zen to him. He'd seem spaced out, but completely focused. Delicately wiping each corner, crevice and groove. It would make sense that he was startled with a voice echoed in his head.

"Are you here with the SI:7? Preferring things that go 'bang' seem a bit counter to their normal tactics."

His head snapped up and he reached for his pistol, stopping himself just short. He realized it must have been the Draenei approaching him with an odd crystal. He relaxed his arm and rubbed his eyes a moment, "SI:7 by proxy, I suppose." he said, "I served with the Stormwind Army for nine years and do mercenary work now. I was contacted by SI:7 as a third party security contingent. I guess they aren't taking any chances with this one." he shrugged a bit, "I've been out of work a few weeks. I was getting bored anyway." he ended.

Almost as soon as he finished, portals soon opened and they were ushered to go through them to their staying areas. He quickly reassembled his rifle and picked up all of his gear, "we can continue on the other side, I'm Adrian." he said to Kialla.

Stepping through the portal, he felt the familiar sense of vertigo from teleporting. Gaining his bearings, he took a look around their compound. The barracks were very obviously designated as Horde or Alliance by their massive banners. Adrian looped the sling of his rifle over his neck and shoulder and swung it around to his back as their host gave his introductions.

"Hopefully the reception has food..." he said to himself.
Maraph followed with the rest of the group through the portal. Before he stepped through he had taken a breath steady himself, and his stomach. He felt a sensation as if he were being stretched and compressed at the same time. After a moment of a sensation of falling he reappeared on the other side of the portal, near the back of the group. Maraph tried to listen to what their host was saying but didn't really pay much attention, his stomach taking too much of it. Anyone could have seen the slight green tinged that his face had taken on. After the host, or at least who he assumed was the host, left the young druid immediately turned and found a conveniently placed waste bin nearby and emptied the contents of his stomach. Wobbly standing back up he gave a pained grunt and murmured, "I hate portals!"
Leyissa had grinned down once more to Maraph sitting before her, before heading towards the portal with the others. Quite a group was assembled, SI:7 had done the Alliance proud.

She was a little concerned, however, at how many seemed to represent neutral factions. It was only a good thing, to have as many representative as possible. But if something happened, if tensions between the Horde and Alliance got out of hand, how might they react? If the Horde had members of the Circle or the Ebon Blade, would they fight each other if diplomacy failed?

Paranoid, maybe. She shouldn't doubt her companions on this job. But she shouldn't ignore a potential risk, either.

Trust but observe. That would work. Get to know her companions better first, then decide if her paranoia was overblown or not... Oh, she really should have been paying attention...

Her musings had taken her through the portal and the start of their guest's speech. Silver eyes turned towards the fort as it was mentioned, a small sigh of relief escaping her lips as she realized she hadn't missed the most important parts: Security.

It seemed they hadn't missed anything either, Leyissa's eyes widening in surprise under the brim of her hat. Land access fortified, skies watched, magical wards to support living guards, and an offer to evaluate for oneself? Well, weren't they confident?

And wasn't she out of her element, just a bit?

A fortified, enclosed compound. Tight quarters mixed with wide-open areas. Just a bit different from the wilds she worked in last... Interesting.

Declining a porter's offer to take her bag, she began to skip lightly towards the Alliance banners marking their side of the compound. A light whistle accompanied her bouncing step, while her eyes continued to take in everything and everyone they could.

Claim a spot, then get to know her companions... and the buildings. If things turned out badly, she'd need an idea to know the best routes of retreat, where to spring an ambush, and what features of these buildings she could use to her advantage.

Looks like she was going to be busy again. Perfect.
Bryah felt a sharp jab in her side jolt her out of a deep sleep and rolled over to see Sandara poking her. She sighed and wished, not for the first time, that her mother had stayed dead. It was unfair that while she herself needed sleep, Sandara did not.

“Ow! Damn it Mother! What time is it?”
“Almost time to go.” The death knight tossed Bryah her bags and her armour. “Hurry up and get dressed. The portal is due to open in an hour.
Bryah grumbled, but staggered, still groggy from sleep, out of bed and dressed quickly, changing her sleeping robes for her armour. She grabbed her bags and weapons, checked that she had everything she needed in her pack and in her waist pouches. Hmm... might need some more explosive compound.

Deciding it was better to have too much than not enough, she made a quick dash to the supplier and purchase another pound. Then she had just enough time to visit the stables. Thinking about the job that she was being asked to do, Bryah was torn. She wanted to take Hades, but if she was required to do any tracking, the wolf's nose and his ability to track a scent would be more useful. In the end she decided to take the wolf and her dragonhawk Blaze.

She laughed at what the Ranger General had referred to as her ability to track almost anything. In reality, while she did have skills of her own, it was often down to her animals' innate abilities that she was able to do her job. Blaze often functioned as an aerial scout while Lycaon, the wolf could use his nose to track scents left by the target. Many times, the target had tried to throw Lycaon off the scent, but there had yet to be one that tried and succeeded.

Sandara paced up and down at the docks. She smiled in relief as she saw the ranger riding towards her, her wolf and dragonhawk following behind her. “It's about time you got here, everyone is waiting on you.”
“Sorry Mother. I couldn't decide on Hades or Lycaon.”
“Well I’m glad you brought the wolf. He is likely to be more useful when things go wrong.”
Bryah's eyes shot up as she noted the use of the word 'when', not 'if'. “Expecting there to be trouble Mother?”
“With the horde and alliance in one place, I will be surprised if things go well. Come, let's not keep everyone else waiting any longer.”

The two women stepped into the portal and felt the familiar disorientation hit them. It took them a few seconds to recover. “Welcome to Illa Compound. My name is Major Graber, and I am in charge of security here.” The fact that there was an orc in charge of security didn't put either woman at ease. Orcs were a little too quick to draw their sword for their liking.

"The security here is absolutely top-of-the-line. There are glyphs, wards, and sigils that will prevent teleportation in or out without our authorizations, and we are using an experimental anti-magic field that covers the entire valley. It takes fifteen to eighteen minutes to put up, unfortunately, but it will still keep something like a mana bomb or warlock portals from being used. At least, we hope: it is, after all, experimental. "In short, this is the safest place on Azeroth imaginable. Nevertheless, in the interest of trust, I'll let your groups look around and see that we are being honest. The diplomats themselves will arrive in three days, at which point you are all invited to a reception at the main hall."

Even though assurances were made about the security, there was something that had both women suspicious, though for different reasons. Bryah could hear the voice of one of her informants in her head. “There is no lock that can't be picked. Even if you think everything is totally secure, there is usually a blind spot or weakness. It's just a matter of finding it.” So where was the weak point? Obviously the length of time it took to put up the anti-magic shield was a big one. A lot could happen in fifteen minutes. She felt the hairs on the back of her head rising and there was nothing that had happened to cause such a reaction, except that something did not feel right.

Sandara listened to the orc talking about the security of the site and was hit by one thought. What if we needed to get out? The security may have been designed to keep people out and make it hard for anyone to get in and harm the diplomats, but it also could be used to make it hard for them to get out. Her hand instinctively reached for the sword on her left hip. She closed her fingers around it, seeking reassurance, then laughed softly at herself. She had been working as an inquisitor for too long. She was seeing problems where there weren't any.

Both women placed their belongings in the garrison and went to check out their surroundings. Bryah taking her dragonhawk off his leash to let him fly around. Lycaon she kept on his leash and kept him close to her. He sniffed at everything in sight, familiarising himself with the normal scents of the compound.

Blaze squawked and dipped a little as he flew over a couple of the alliance members. Using a special skill that had enabled her to see large distances in the past, she was able to recognise them. A druid cat and a human that carried a truly impressive gun. Adrian Octavian and Sammuroth Stormfury. So it was true. The alliance had sent some of their best to this summit. She wondered if she should reveal her presence, then decided against it for the time being. It might make things difficult for all of them if she did.

Sandara also ran into some familiar faces. Other death knights, ones she hadn't seen since they had regained their freedom and gone their separate ways. While two were alliance, she was glad to see that there was at least one other horde death knight. She made her way over to the male death knight and saluted him with her right hand closed in a fist over the place where her heart used to be. “Suffer well, Brother.”
Sammuroth had had just about as much of the tram station as he could stand, the place grated on his nerves, and his sensibilities as a druid the place was all stone, and iron, the only nature being the rats that lived there. The cat found it hard to resist to chase the rats down, for a meal, but those were his feline instincts talking, and he had learned how to suppress them long ago. He was surprised that his "guest" had not said anything as of yet, it was unsettling, but still the druid welcomed the peace, for he knew it wouldn't last forever. After what seemed like hours, a portal opened in the station, great travel by the arcane, the druid still held a deep distrust of those who used the arcane. Partly because he had participated in the War of the Ancients, and knew what the misuse of the arcane could do, but mostly it was the magic itself he disliked, for it brought back too many painful memories. Sammuroth was stoic however, as he entered the portal, and felt the familiar sensation of being pulled, and stretched, he calmly exited the portal looking none the worse for wear. The same could not be said of his younger counterpart, hmm I wonder how long he can hold it in, he only half listened to the Major's explanation, since he had already found a weakness in the defenses.

As soon as the Major finished, and left he walked over to Captain Zherami, "Excuse me captain, but perhaps you can put an old soldier's mind at ease. The defenses seem to be focused on the possibility of an outside attack, what contingencies do you have in case of an attack from the inside. Granted I assume that is what we are here to stop should it happen, but still I would hate to think you have not prepared for such a scenario, are their any plans in place to prevent it from happening?" The cat's keen ears heard the younger druid release his stomach's contents, and he smiled a bit, he held it in longer than I expected.
As Faith stood beside the other death knight, a sudden glimmer began appearing in front of them. It began to swirl, and soon, became the portal that they would all walk through to get to Kun-Lai Summit. She watched as others stepped through first, some wary, some practically skipping in, until she herself decided to take her step inside.

"I'll see you on the other side, Brother." Faith told the death knight beside her, nodding once towards him. With both hands clasped behind her back and everything secure on her being, Faith put her leg forward, then the rest of her body, as she was transported to the Summit. The feeling of nausea that used to appear in her gut was no longer there, but her body did feel a bit dizzy once she landed.

Her eyes scanned the area, soon seeing the Horde figures that would also be here. Faith kept her face stoic, though she was mildly curious to who they brought, who the Horde thought were The Best of the Best. She pushed the thought aside as an orc, named Major Graber, began to speak, acting as their tour guide. As a porter picked up her bag, Faith watched him skitter off, taking it to the Alliance building. Her attention was back on Major Graber.

As he droned on about the security of the area, Faith looked up the gryphon riders, wondering if they were truly neutral, or just acting like it, secretly on the Alliance's side. Her head bobbed back to Graber, as he said that there was an anti-magic that covered nearly every inch of the valley. She raised a brow mentally, questioning it. Nobody from the outside could come in, but what about the inside... could they go out?

She glanced around, sure that others were asking themselves the same thing. She'd have to meet up later and talk with the others about her own thoughts and gather information on theirs. In the meantime, it seemed as if Major Graber had finished his duties with them, the orc walking away briskly.

Faith stayed put for a little while, watching as others dispersed. She took in the scenery; the garrison, sky serpents, gryphons, and tried spotting who exactly was with this unknown neutral faction. She spotted a few, dressed differently than that of a normal Horde or Alliance soldier, and also in matching clothing with others. She nodded to herself, then began to trudge forward, walking towards the Alliance building where her small bag of belongings was being held.
Taking in the defenses and facilities, Sydric strolled the grounds. His cold blue eyes took in the flyers and the guards strolling around. They looked competent but impassive, dressed in uniforms that evoked the strict military theme and solidarity of well trained troops. They were armed and stood at key points along the borders of the compound.

A flicker of annoyance crossed his face as he contemplated. This was a very secure place on the surface and it seemed this neutral faction wished to convey the safety of the place. To him it seemed a trap, cunningly laid and ready to spring.

The approach of the female death knight caught his attention, her stride full of confidence and yet a touch of unease. Her salute was returned and he added a courtly bow, "Indeed, sister in death, though I prefer to make others suffer. I am Sydric Silverhawk." he replied with a very slight smirk. He had made sure to sate his hunger before leaving on this trip. But the pangs continued to gnaw on him in the back of his mind.

A thought occurred to him and he turned to stare at the many soldiers patrolling and guarding the grounds. "I wonder, if they have taken into account the needs of their guests? Not just nourishment of the warm bodies invited, but those of...other...needs?" his question offered in an amused but serious tone. He turned back to her trying to assess her degree of control over the urges all death knights have. He noted her cold eyes and the way she gripped her weapon hilt.

His own control was a constant struggle, sated only by the suffering of an enemy of some kind. He actually preferred a sentient opponent to an animal, though he took what was offered to him by the trainers in Acherus. His gaze went to the surrounding countryside just barely glimpsed beyond the compound. "Either they will let us spar in a controlled environment or perhaps...allow us to go outside the compound to seek..amusement?" he added thoughtfully.

The others seemed to be seeking some answers as well, and he noted there were not many of the Horde contingent strolling the grounds. In fact an over abundance of Alliance, it made his fingers itch to grip his weapon. His urges threatening to rise to the surface. Gazing intently at the death knights face he softly whispered. "What say we approach the nearest open area and attempt to scout the area outside? I am curious if we would be allowed to leave under the pretense of seeking either outside security or to sate our need?" his blue eyes glittered in a curious blend of excitement and anticipation.

"Faith Clohessy, Brother, and you are?"

"Renlis Darkbane." The man replied, pulling out his pipe to let out a large cloud of smoke. This was good at least, he had a fellow Sister of Death to slaughter things with in case things get hairy, which they probably might at some point, but one shouldn't judge so soon...

In all honesty, he was wanting to spill some good Horde blood, but why the Ebon Blade thought it would be good for him to go on this particular mission baffled his mind. Guess he'll have to find out the hard way. Just then a portal opened in front of the group, the woman saying that she'd see him on the other side. Returning her nod, he stooped down to swipe up his bag and sling it over his shoulder before he followed behind the woman.

Back when he was alive, he hated portals with a passion of a thousand suns. Walking through them always made the warrior feel week, almost wanting to throw up, and have a head ache as if he had just woken up from a hang over. Now he was dead, those effects were non-existent, he could walk through and feel a bit of light headedness and continue to move on with in a few moments.

Stepping through the portal, he was instantly met with a rather annoying orc garbed in a long cloak. He already didn't like this, in fact he'd figure that this meeting would have been held by the Pandaren than Orcs. Regardless, he didn't question, nor did he say anything as the orc droned on about the security.

"Such interesting..." he muttered quietly to himself. Glyphs and runes...he wondered if his anti-magic abilities would be able to remove said enchantments in case this meeting turned out to be a lot more 'interesting' that originally thought. Of course, he wasn't jumping to conclusions, but it was always nice to have a back up plan case things got sour.

Shrugging, he turned and headed off in the direction of the Alliance building, where he noticed Faith. Faith...kind of an ironic name for a Death Knight, it almost made him smile. Probably when she was alive, that was her name, as Alidar was his before he called himself Darkbane. He casually caught up with her, emptying the burnt contents of his pipe into some snow and slipping it away "So...what do you say to all of this? Kind of strange that they would said 'Death Knights' for...what could only be some kind of peace agreement, don't you think?"


Nish had listened carefully to the others, mostly remaining silent as they talked. She didn't know these people, obviously, and perhaps would like to know them better. She was about to open her mouth to speak before the portal opened, and her mouth instantly shut to turn and look at it. It seemed their method of reaching this place had been placed in front of them, it was time to get moving.

Adjusting her fan blades and her equipment, she made quick adjustments to her helm and stepped through, feeling the wave of nausea like she always felt when she stepped through a portal. Her eyes adjusting to the light, she looked around. She was in Kun-Lai, a familiar place, Jinto sometimes brought her here for training, specially one lesson where she had to balance on a ice platform on an icy lake, and then fight some of Jinto's other students with out falling.

Regardless, it was good to be back again, she felt like she hadn't been back in ages, even though it had only been a few weeks. What worried her was the measure security taken for the area, as explained by the orc. Monks, while she'd figure they'd be suitable, wouldn't they be more focused on the wall? Mantid? Yongoul? Sha?

She sighed, and looked around to see if there was anyone else here that she was able to talk to, it might take her mind off things. Sadly, not a lot had made it through yet, so she decided to follow the two Death Knights, see if she couldn't eavesdrop on their conversation a little, might be interesting. Once she had settled in, she'd go explore the area a bit.
Sandara's salute was returned with a bow. It was obvious that the male death knight had been raised to have impeccable manners. "Indeed, sister in death, though I prefer to make others suffer. I am Sydric Silverhawk."
She lowered her hand and returned the bow. “Greetings Sydric. It is an honor to meet you. I am Sandara Starstrider, although to the criminals of Silvermoon City, I am also known as The Inquisitor.”

She looked around the compound, noticing that there seemed to be everything they needed except for one thing. "I wonder, if they have taken into account the needs of their guests? Not just nourishment of the warm bodies invited, but those of...other...needs?" Sandara searched his face in shock, Sydric had voiced the same thing that she herself had been thinking. She could feel his eyes on her, evaluating her, as she was doing with him. Trying to see just how much control they each had over their hungers. Sandara dropped her hand from her weapon as she saw that he seemed to have sated his desires before he arrived.

“Either they will let us spar in a controlled environment or perhaps...allow us to go outside the compound to seek..amusement?”
She frowned as her thoughts turned to the length of the summit. If it went on for more than a few days without any way of sating her needs then it would not be pretty. “I wish I knew the answer to that myself. The cultists outside Orgrimmar are useful, but they are not as satisfying as a Vrykul or a Yaungol. I will need to … sate myself again in three days, sooner if boredom creeps in.”

"What say we approach the nearest gate and attempt to scout the area outside? I am curious if we would be allowed to leave under the pretense of seeking either outside security or to sate our need?" his blue eyes glittered in what seemed to be a curious blend of excitement and anticipation. Sandara smiled, a mixture of merriment and cunning. “Brother, I like the way you think.”

She looked off to the side and noticed Bryah scouting the outer edges of the compound. From where she was standing, it seemed as if the ranger was frowning about something. She excused herself for a moment and went to talk to her daughter. They talked quickly in Thalassian, then turned to look at one of the sigils. A furious nod from Bryah preceeded a scowl from Sandara, then the death knight returned to Sydric.

“Forgive the interruption. My daughter is here. She is a scout for the Fastriders and she tells me that there is a possible hole in the defenses. I plan to check it out later. Shall we test the security of the gate? If those sounds I’m hearing are what I think they are, there may be yeti near by.”

Bryah was indeed examining the outer perimeter of the compound, paying attention to the sigils, ward and glyphs around the complex and came across something interesting. Located in the gap between two sigils, was a hill, about the height of a tall man, with large, tall pine trees either side of it. She circled the hill, expecting to see more mountains or hills behind it. What she saw was a steep, jagged path leading down to a road.

She had just come out from behind the hill when Sandara approached her. “Mother! I know what I saw. It's there, take a look for yourself.” Sandara stood closer to the sigil and looked in front of her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the gap in the hills and the start of what seemed to be a path. “Very well, I'll check it out later. Good work Bryah. As you were.”

Bryah watched as Sandara approached a male death knight, then continued on her circuit around the compound, allowing Lycaon to familiarise himself with it and examining the runes for any other blind spots.

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