Day of Ashes (IC)

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'My entry to the IIIa Compound is unsure at best, I do not know what to make of it. The idea of bringing together such powerful and hostile forces together under the roof of an unknown 'faction' is folly in my own mind. It is a trap I'm certain, and likely to lead to the deaths of many on both sides. I feel once I enter that portal, there is a great chance I won't return. I find it both frightening and astonishing that both Garrosh and Varian were so accepting of this supposed conference. Yes, they are bringing the 'best' protection they can afford themselves, but they do so on unfamiliar grounds, with the promise of an unknown party for a buffer. I am not reassured, and the more I consider the situation, the more vulnerable I feel.



"Kialla." The draenei's voice followed after Adrian as he started into the portal. She watched as he dissolved into the twisting hole wondering if he'd heard her or not. It wouldn't really matter, in a moment she would be following after him.

'Damn portals...' Kialla thought to herself. The idea of stepping through the magical gateway was a bitter mark in the back of her mind. The nauseous side-effect was hardly something she wanted to deal with. But, however much she wished otherwise, the glimmering portal was there in front of her, beckoning.

Pocketing the enchanted emerald, she spun around and walked back to her things. She strapped the bag across her back, the metal weapons clanking heavily and loudly together as she did so. With a great sigh, she strode back and stepped through the awaiting portal.
Major Graber was halfway through his 'speech' when Kialla arrived, his spiel vague in her ears as she stood, bent over as she fought her lurching stomach. The dizziness passed after a moment, and she regained her composure and glanced about, half paying attention to the orc as he finished his speech.

The compound was horribly positioned in her opinion, the opposing buildings flagged with the Alliance and Horde banners, clearly marking each factions zone. The 'dead zone' where she now stood would be a vicious bloodbath if things erupted between the two, she knew. She didn't see many horde arrivals yet, most of whom she saw with the exception of a few where those whom had been waiting by the Tram with her. She spotted Adrian just ahead, facing the the orc whom had so clearly dictated the 'security' of the compound.

It was all a deathtrap in the making... what was supposedly designed to keep people out, would certainly keep them all inside.... And how did this experimental barrier work to keep out intruders? Would it keep a heinous character from physically entering, or merely prevent magic from being cast.... and could they cast magic inside at all? Surely that would put a dampener on those who were relient on that source of power. Suddenly her own inability to use 'magical' means wasn't such a curse in her mind after all.

"Interesting place, hm?" She retrieved her gem and sidled up beside the human, gesturing to the buildings around them.
Adrian was busy studying the structures and defenses of the stronghold. He walked slowly along the perimeter, dragging his fingers along a wall. He slung his rifle over his right shoulder and turned, returning to the main body of the Alliance detail.

Kialla joined him, her voice echoing in his head again, "Interesting place, hm?"

He crossed his arms and leaned to his left, still studying the towers, runes and shields, "Indeed. I don't like the looks of this place, but it's a bit late now." He thumbed the hammer of his revolver and shifted. "We're basically trapped in this place, and considering what we're here for, I'm sure peace isn't a surefire thing. However, I don't plan on dying. That isn't really my thing."

He dropped his bag on the ground and sat on it, "So Kialla, what brings you here?" he asked.
Captain Zherami looked down at Sammuroth as the cat-form druid asked a question about the possibility of an internal attack.

"The only way we could be attacked from the inside is if the diplomats began fighting. We have limited each party to no more than a two hundred people each, counting the security detachments of which you are a part. Furthermore, there are over two and fifty hundred highly trained professional soldiers here, all of whom are fully prepared to defend the representatives with their lives. Rest your mind at ease, druid, we..." The Draenei trailed off as he caught sight of a Blood Elf walking out of sight behind a large hill. "If you'll excuse me for a moment." The captain walked towards a cluster of soldiers, all of whom wore the same grey longcoat as the captain. After a brief conference, a man wearing the three crimson swords of a sergeant on his collar set off, two other soldiers in tow.

As the trio approached the Bryah and Sandara, the sergeant peeled off towards the Death Knight. A lower-ranking soldier with the javelin of a corporal kept his course, shadowing the Farstrider -all in the name of security, naturally- while his compatriot peeled off to inspect the spot Bryah had just been at.

"A word of warning, Death Knight." the grizzled sergeant called out as he approached Sandara. "That path down there is very dangerous: a large part of it was just recently buried in an avalanche, and we fear that the rest of it is just as unstable. Everyone here would breathe easier knowing that no one risked their lives on that path: we wouldn't want a diplomatic incident, after all."

Several hours after the security teams had arrived, the private that had looked where Bryah had been ran up to Captain Zherami and whispered a quick report. An look of fury briefly flashed across the Captain's face before the Draenei returned to his normal saturnine expression.

"How could those idiots possibly have missed a spot?" he hissed to himself. The Captain turned to the private and spat out a set of instructions in a low voice. "Get to the mages' quarters in the garrison and have them get a team out there to inspect the perimeter. If they find any gaps in our coverage, have them fix it immediately. Inform them that there will be a follow-up team, and any gaps that they find will result in the first team being flogged. We cannot afford to compromise our security in any way." The private ran off as though being chased by a pack of wolves. The Captain composed himself for a while before calling the security teams to the courtyard.

"It has come to my attention that some of you have questions about... abnormal nourishment requirements. Suffice it to say that there is a large underground storage chamber beneath the compound, and there is a corner with live animals scheduled to be slaughtered. If any of our undead friends here should feel the sudden urge to torture a living being to death, please inform one of our staff and they will get you one of those animals. And please, don't mangle the body too badly: we are a bit short on supplies up here until the next delivery, so we're still going to eat it, after all.

"Now, I have been informed that there are a few people still inspecting the perimeter, but if the rest of you will follow me, I'll show you the reception hall where most of the negotiations will take place."
It was a short walk to the massive structure, barely half a mile. The imposing edifice was clearly new, with none of the wear and tear that weather and time caused to stone and wood. The building was box-shaped and had exterior stairs on all four sides that led up to balconies on the second and third floors. The roof tapered to a triangle, and there was a scattering of snow drifts on the northern side.

Inside, there were tables arranged on the edges of the first floor: the whole building was a single room. The second and third floors mirrored the exterior balcony design, but they extended further out over the floor: pillars placed at regular intervals supported them. Like the outside too, stairs on all four corners led to the balconies. Rather than the edges, tables were placed all across the floors on those stories, and many of them were right next to the railings, giving them a perfect view of the main floor. In the very center of the cleared space rose an elevated platform, six feet above the main level with a small set of stairs leading up to it. In front of the platform was a long table loaded with steaming platters of hot food, and in front of that table was a massive suit of armor.

The armor began walking toward the group, full of quiet menace. It was black and spiked, clearly made of Saronite or obsidium, hunched over in the manner of a tauren or worgen, and as it drew closer an observant person would notice the tapered muzzle of the helmet: the effect was wholly predatory, and Captain Zherami was visibly startled.

"General! We weren't expecting you for-"

"Another two days?" The general spoke with a throaty, gravelly voice that was somewhat muffled by the helmet. "Plans have changed. Due to Thrall's insistence" -the figure was clearly irritated at the notion- "the diplomats are arriving early. They will be here no later than midday tomorrow. As such, circumstances have forced my hand." The general jerked his head at the group behind Zherami, and the captain twitched at the reminder.

"Oh yes. This building is also where meals will be served. Due to only the security detachments being here tonight, this meal will be an informal affair. Get to know each other: you might be stuck up here for weeks while the diplomats hammer things out, and knowing your opposite part may help prevent an incident." A small horde of people streamed forward to the table as the general clapped a gauntlet on Zherami's shoulder and steered him to a secluded corner of the hall.

"Report." The draenei winced and took a deep breath.

"A Farstrider accompanying the Horde detachment discovered a blind spot in our coverage: it also happened to be right next to the other path." The worgen hissed softly as Zherami continued. "I have two teams sweeping the area now: any blind spots will be discovered and patched. Besides that and the scheduling change, things are proceeding as planned."

"And where is the Major?"

"At the garrison, getting everything ready for the diplomats' arrival."

"I see." The general paused and considered the information. Zherami waited in increasingly nervous silence as his ultimate superior chewed over the report, then breathed a quite sigh of relief as the general turned back to the security detachments.

"Continue as planned. I am going to go discuss arrangements with Major Graber. See to it that nothing else goes wrong, Captain." As Zherami stood there, the General walked out of the hall and set off to the garrison.
The druid listened to the captain's boastings about the security, after noticing something amiss he left the cat, after a brief apology, and Sammuroth smiled a bit, seems I am not the only one who has noticed flaws. Despite the captain's boastings, the druid was still concerned, from what he had heard this summit was called for by a mysterious third party, and he wasn't completely trusting of the guards, since he didn't know who they worked for. Even if the guards were trustworthy, he couldn;t say the same about the mysterious third party, who were they, and what resources did they have to be able to call so many high ranking members of the Horde, and Alliance to one place. There was such a thing as being too well prepared, if the guards of this place were so confident in their defenses they could become complacent, and make a mistake, which it seemed one such mistake had been found. Rather than ease my fears captain, you have only heightened them, discounting the defenses, the druid also didn't like the location of the summit, it was too secluded. Such a summit should have been held in a place like the Shado-pan Monastery, or in one of the temples dedicated to the spirits of this land. Either choice was better strategically, for both sides, the summit would be held in a more public place, which almost eliminated the chances of foul play, and they would have trustworthy mediators.

Well if this third party that called this summit think they are being sneaky, they are fools, whether or not anyone else is on the alert, this is one feline they won't catch off guard. The druid heard the summons for the security teams to come to the courtyard, though he would prefer to loo karound a bit more, it was safer if he stayed with the group, after all if this was a trap, whoever set it would want to try, and take out one of the few people who were too suspicious. He followed the group, his eyes scanning every nook, and cranny of the compund, following the others into the reception hall, the druid was becoming more, and more suspicious. They only increased after he found out the leaders were arriving tomorrow, why so soon, it seems the compund was supposed to have two more days to get ready, I don't like this. The druid did not feel the need to eat, and full stomachs, made one complacent, and tired, so while the others surged forward to eat the druid left the building. In front of him he saw the General from earlier, it could just be the was his armor looked, but the cat didn't like this guy, and that thoght was what made him stealth himself, and follow the General towards the garrison.
Maraph listened in on an the conversations around him in hopes of gaining some information. He listened in on the Captain's and the other druids conversation and was immediately hit with an uneasy feeling as the captain left to go speak to someone else. He usually wasn't a paranoid person but Malfurions warning coupled with the same feeling he always got when things were about to get a lot worse put him on edge. He heard the group leaving and followed after them, making sure to stay near the back of the group. The young druid narrowed his eyes as he saw what appeared to be another male worgen in a suit of pitch black armor. He felt a small growl rise from the back of his throat but he quickly squashed it back down. 'I hate this season!' he thought, holding the instinct to fight for dominance back. 'I need to get better control of myself!'

Maraph focused his hearing as he saw that the Captain and the one that he had called General were now whispering to one another. He hadn't been able to hear most of it but had caught that the General was going to go to the Garrison. After the general had left Maraph caught a slight shimmer in the air. Anyone who hadn't been trained to notice such a thing wouldn't have but he recognized it as a druid cat going into stealth mode. 'It appears I'm not the only suspicious one here' he thought, 'Good. It always better to have allies.' He, like many other druids, had heard of the famous Sammuroth Stormfury. He decided that if he attempted to follow and help the veteran it would only cause problems. Besides, stealth wasn't his best skill.

Maraph followed the rest of the group into the mess hall and prepared himself a meal from the table before taking a seat and waiting for the next opportunity to gain more knowledge. He couldn't help but feel that this was the calm before the storm.
The others were suspicious as well, and Sydric was irritated they did not get together to discuss this before coming into the compound. He hid his misgivings well, the cold countenance of undeath peering out of his helmet.

He watched as Sandara conferred with her daughter and waited for her return. No one paid much attention to him as he walked slowly towards the slope of the hill that led away from the buildings. He knew these mountains could hold yetis and other critters that stalked live prey. His fingers itched to unsling the axe on his back and to find something to kill. He noted a security man following him and he smiled slightly, so they were not unobserved?

Sydric stopped as Sandara approached him again. "What did you find out? Is this remote place some sort of prison or are we free to roam a bit?" the security following him approached with a salute and informed them that animals were kept below the main building for slaughter. His face a mask of courtesy as he bowed and left them to stand a short distance away.

A quirk of his mouth as he turned to Sandara gave him a sardonic look. "It seems we will be forced to kill captives of some kind. I suppose it is better than nothing. Though I much prefer other...things. I have never trusted humans. Part of my past I suppose. But nothing has changed since then to ease my distrust."

He watched as the security detail moved away a bit further to give them some modicum of privacy. Syd narrowed his eyes as he noticed several humans and draenei heading to the main building. "I believe they wish to corral us like cattle for the slaughter. I do not know about you, but I will stay near the closest exit in any building." he noted quietly.
Leyissa had found an open room fairly quickly, dropping off her pack and moving right away to familiarize herself with the layout of the building. The horde structure had looked similar on the outside, perhaps they were the same inside as well? Maybe not best to assume that, but either way, the more she knew about these buildings, the better.

She was finishing that task when the call to gather had come in, and so hurried out to gather with the rest, mildly surprised when she heard the meeting would be tomorrow. Sooner was better, she supposed, meant less time to be bored.

Her eyes swept over the others in the main hall with her now. She didn't see all of the Horde who had been present earlier... but didn't see all of her own companions yet, either.

Well, if they didn't want food, their loss.

Mouth watering at the selection, Leyissa moved quickly to pile a plate high with fruits and greens- food she found in woefully short supply during her recent stay in Ironforge. Maraph was getting food himself, and hopefully others would be joining soon. Horde or Alliance, it would be good to at least get a better idea of who she's working with... and who she might possibly be working against.

Their guests didn't seem to keen on being familiar, but at least they knew how to accommodate. Giving them free reign to examine and learn the area was a nice gesture, as well. People were too defensive at times, too private, never wanting others to poke around. It was almost a pity she'd have less time to explore than expected, but that just meant she'd have to make the most of it.

But before that... Food. Delicious, wonderful food.
"Much the same as you, the SI:7 sent some sleazy messanger poking about my room in the middle of the night to 'hire' me for this conference." Kialla replied to Adrian, her tail swishing in agitation as she watched the mob of arrivals gather outside were the Captain had called for them to gather.

The former vindicator half-listened as she mused over the group, her gaze picking out the the undeathly figures as the captain mentioned the deathknights lust for inflicting pain. She never would understand how anybody could need them around badly enough to tolerate actually feeding those abominations a living creature to torture to death. In all honesty, she would have no issue with curing their 'condition' of unlife for good.

She merely stood there, one hand resting on each shoulder strap of her bag as she continued to glance around the compound. She had no interest in taking the 'grand tour' of the place, leashed around behind the captain like an innocent puppy. Since the majority of the hired security teams where in tow towards the main building, perhaps it was as good a chance to take a quick peek into the 'horde' side of the living quarters.

"I'm going to look inside that building there, if you are interested in coming." Kialla's voice centered on Adrian while she pointed at the horde-flagged structure. "I'd like to see at least somewhat how the layout is before it actually is occupied."

Without awaiting his reply, the draenei started off towards the building, the dirt beneath her hooves scuffing about a little while she walked. As she neared the entrance, she adjusted the bag on her back a bit, so that at least her sword would be within reach if she so needed.
"What did you find out? Is this remote place some sort of prison or are we free to roam a bit?" Sandara sighed as she looked at the mountains around her. “It looks like we can roam the compound at will, but outside that, well it brings the security men with their polite warnings running.”

She watched as the security following Sydric approached with a salute and informed them that animals were kept below the main building for slaughter. The security guard's face was one of bland courtesy, Something Sandara thought unusual in itself. Most people tried to hide their disgust and fear when meeting death knights. The guards appeared to have had the instinctive response trained out of them.

Sydric turned to Sandara with a sardonic look on his face. "It seems we will be forced to kill captives of some kind. I suppose it is better than nothing. Though I much prefer other...things. I have never trusted humans. Part of my past I suppose. But nothing has changed since then to ease my distrust."
Sandara glared in the direction of the buildings. “If the humans had stopped one of their own invading Quel'Thalas, I would be alive today instead of like this. That killed any respect or trust I had for humans.”

They watched as the security detail moved away a bit further to give them some modicum of privacy. Sydric narrowed his eyes as he most of the horde and alliance contingent headed into the main building. "I believe they wish to corral us like cattle for the slaughter. I do not know about you, but I will stay near the closest exit in any building." he noted quietly. “A sentiment I agree with Brother. The longer I stay here, the more questions I have and the more I feel that all of this is an illusion with something dark at its core.”

Bryah moved away from the hill with a sense of unease settling over her. The knowledge that there was another way in to the compound, should have been reassuring. The fact that the other way in was hidden was what unsettled her. Her mind kept racing as she continued to inspect the outer perimeter of the compound. The blind spot kept nagging at her. Something about it was wrong. Although it could have been mere coincidence, the hill created a spot behind it where the sigils that dampened magical activity didn't reach. It would be possible to use that blind spot to bring in extra troops through the use of magic.

As she walked she became aware of the soft sound of snow crunching under the footsteps of someone behind her. Assuming it to be another of the people who had arrived at the same time as her, she said nothing. The gentle clang of plate armor as it moved and the fact that the steps stopped when she did, unnerved her.

Lycaon moved closer to his mistress, the fur on the back of his neck standing on end. Even Blaze dipped a little closer to her. Bryah stroked the animals as she walked reassuring them. “It's alright boys, I know he's there.” Her voice was soft, calming for her animal companions, but it took on a hard tone as she raised her voice to speak to the person behind her. Her hand lowered itself and rested on the pouch that held her small collapsible crossbow. She toyed with the flap holding the weapon in its pouch as she spoke. “Instead of admiring the way my cloak moves while I walk, you can walk with me as well.”

The security man blushed as he caught up to her. “I'm sorry miss. I was asked to follow you for your own protection.”
Bryah frowned when she heard his words, not liking the implication. “In other words, corporal, I found something your commanders didn't want me to find and they're worried I’ll do it again.”
The corporal tried not to squirm and blush even harder. “I can't say Ma'am, I’m just a corporal. I do as I’m ordered.”
“Perhaps you should have changed out of that armour. It's impossible to be stealthy in plate. You make way too much noise when you walk.”

She took a look at the young corporal's face and took pity on him. It wasn't his fault that she had doubts. He was just following his orders. “Tell me about the captain and your superiors. What sort of men are they?”
The corporal relaxed a little and answered her questions as they walked around the perimeter, examining as much as possible of it before hunger drove her in search of food. She found the main hall, evidently where the dignitaries were going to meet, with the food laid out on the central platform.

Her hunger sated, Bryah looked around the room. People seemed to be keeping mainly to themselves or in small groups of people that seemed to know each other outside of the compound. She sighed and ran her hand over Lycaon's fur. “Well boys, it looks like it's going to be a long time before these people will work together. Perhaps we should have a close look at this building.”
Adrian walked around gingerly in small circles, observing the area. He felt odd here. He caught a glimpse of a blood elf that seemed familiar. She was inspecting the perimeter defenses of their temporary place of duty. He put it out of his mind and Kialla began speaking to him again, her voice echoing oddly in his head as to how she came to this job.

"Figured. Seems they're putting all their cards on the table for this one." he replied.

A commotion began from one of the cadre. Apparently some holes in the defenses had been found, due to sloth or ignorance. Adrian smirked, "This is off to a beautiful start already." he said aloud. He cinched his backpack a bit tighter and stretched his back. Someone began to speak again, but Adrian wasn't listening very much. He kept thinking about food.

He was a bit famished.

Kialla's voice rang in his head again, she was going to investigate the Horde's barracks. It was a crazy idea.

And Adrian was just bored enough to love crazy ideas. He pivoted on his heel and began jogging to catch up to Kialla. He noticed that she readied herself to be ready to draw steel, and he did similar. He swung his rifle off his shoulder and ripped the charging handle back, chambering a round into the breach. He held his rifle at the low ready and followed her inside.
Walking back towards the main building beside Sandara, Sydric caught sight of a draenei female and a human male heading towards the Horde barracks. "Do you see that?" he turned to Sandara. His voice incredulous and questioning.

His hand went to his axe and he pulled it free of the harness. How dare the Alliance try to infiltrate the Horde barracks! His eyes glittered in malice as he wasted no time in following the two. If they thought to sabotage this meeting or use it to further the Alliance holding in Pandaria they would not do so without interruption.

The ground under his feet crunched as the gravel moved beneath his plated boots. A death knight did not move quietly. He hoped that Sandara was with him as he made it very clear he was not stopping to consult with the security guard who was running to keep up with him.

The Alliance dogs were even bold enough to have guns ready, what kind of security was this? They were still far enough away to be interrupted by security personnel before Sydric was able to get to them. Syd boldly stalked forward. The barracks were clearly marked as Horde with flags. And the initial contact had made the distinction when they first stepped out of the portal. They could only mean to cause mischief and Syd was not about to let them go inside without a challenge.
"Do you see that?" Sydric turned to Sandara. His voice full of disbelief as they watched a human male and a draenei female head for the Horde barracks. Sandara looked up at Sydric, a bread grin on her face. Perhaps they wouldn't have to feed on animals that night. ““I certainly did. I wonder if our hosts would get upset if we ...”

She allowed her hands to hover over her weapons as she followed Sydric to their barracks. Where was the security? Why weren't they stepping in to stop the alliance from entering the horde barracks?

She looked back at the two alliance. What on earth were they thinking? It was madness to do what they were trying to do. Didn't they realise that? All questions about alliance sanity aside, there was another, more pressing thought that needed answering. What were they going to do when they caught up with them?
Kialla tucked the telepathic emerald she had been holding into the pouch on her belt as she waited for the stragglers of the group heading for the reception hall to pass by, then ducked into the barracks followed closely by Adrian. Sydric and Sandara's advancement went unnoticed by the draenei, their own position on the far side of the dead-zone left them in her blind spot.

A loud 'clack' echoed in the main corridor of the barracks as Kialla set foot inside, her hooves striking hard against the cobblestone surface. The temperature was a good ten degrees warmer than the fridged, snowy air outside, and the sudden transition sent a shiver down the draenei's spine, and goosebumps spread across her skin. The 'hall' spread to the left and right, leading to upward stairs on both sides. Just before the stairs on either side an entry arch led inwards through the wall.

Wincing as the sound of her hoof-fall resounded her entrance, the warrior stepped lightly, walking briskly to the right, and peeked around the corner of the archway. Nobody seemed to be alerted to her presence, though to be honest she would be surprised to find anybody else in here yet. Not that it would matter a whole lot, her heavy plate creaked and groaned against the leather straps holding it tight against her figure as she walked, forwarning her presence.

Another hall led far across the length of the floor, two archways spaced, one on each end on the right, and a wider archway dead center on the left. To the right she saw through the nearest arch a line of weapon racks were mounted along the length of the wall.
Walking past the first arch, Kialla made for the entrance on the left, leading to the center chamber, the training room. It was spacious enough, a good thirty soldiers could fit inside with enough room for a basic sparring match. Probably fifty or so could fit inside if you weren't picky about personal bubbles. She stepped inside, brushing her hand against the archway as she did.

'Hall of blood....' She mentally noted to herself, picturing the room stained with black from the orcs rough practice measures. She wondered if the bestial orcs still held their 'death matches' as was their practice before their advancement on Azeroth. After musing old memories and thoughts, she turned back to see what Adrian was up to.
As Faith strolled towards the building, Renlis Darkbane had caught up with her, now walking beside her and emptying his pipe. As he asked for her opinion, she merely smirked at him slightly, raising a brow. Before she opened her mouth to answer, she glanced around her, not seeing any of the soldiers that were part of this peace meeting.

"I think they need the barriers to be taken down, or at least to inform us how we may get out. I'd feel much safer if I could escape at my own free will, rather than through the garrison." She told him in a quiet voice, her head nodding towards the garrison she spoke off. "We're like trapped animals, forced to be neutral to one another even with out known past. It's quite... idiotic, to a point." She looked at him for a moment, to try and read his face, then continued. "The letter given to all of us individually stated that this was some sort of peace conference. Sending the Ebon Blade, a neutral faction, was only logical."

She then grinned up at him, her smile no longer warm and kind like it used to be in life, but more sadistic now, even with all her effort to make it nice. "Besides, the Alliance needs some muscle next to them, don't you think?"

Faith's grin faded immediately after soldiers of the compound began pacing around the place. She looked over her shoulder to see the Captain beckoning to them all to follow him. Faith raised a brow at Renlis, then nodded her head towards the Captain, making her way towards him. He spoke about how her and the other Death Knights would have to feed and their way to accomplish that. Just at the mention of it, Faith felt the familiar gnawing sensation, though faint. She had satisfied herself before arriving here, but that would only last a few days.

She composed herself as everyone followed him to the reception hall, where they would all be meeting eventually for the negotiations. As they entered, Faith took note that this was also where they would be eating. And that the General had apparently arrived two days early. With a stoic expression, Faith strained her ears to hear the General and Captain as they walked away, though it was a failed attempt. She scowled mentally, wanting to know the actual news besides the diplomats arriving sooner than expected.

As the others moved to eat, she looked at Renlis, brow quirked. "Do you still have the habit of eating food? I don't, so I'll probably continue to browse around, see if there's anything... interesting, to be found."
Expecting Sandara to follow him as he noted she was just as interested in where the Alliance were heading as he was, Sydric got to the doors a good three minutes behind the draenei and the human. He paused to look around, security be damned, they waltzed right in without being stopped? He set his teeth and pushed the door open and walked inside as if he owned the place.

The loud heavy steps of a plate boot do not lend themselves to stealth and Syd was not about to be quiet about his entrance anyway. He looked around and listened for footsteps, hearing them in the central chamber he strolled forward and entered the open area.

"Are you lost Alliance dogs? A human and a draenei do not belong in the Horde barracks. Unless you came for a little" he smiled as if the very thought brought him immense pleasure. The cold emanating off his armor caused the chill in the air to smoke. His axe glowed with runes of spellshattering. Twin blades still rested at his side, one with the runes of cinderglacier and the other with a rune of the Fallen Crusader.

His eyes glowed with the unearthly blue light of the dead-yet-living. His helm spiked with the horns so common among the death knights. He wore the traditional death knight armor of saronite black. The protection it offered enhanced by runes and other enchantments.

He held the axe in both hands, the grip one of surety and confidence as he rested it against his armored right shoulder. Turning his head slightly to comment to Sandara, "If the security guards do not interfere, perhaps we will have our...exercise...take your pick, I will handle whichever one you do not choose." his voice nonchalant and sardonic.
Adrian followed a few feet behind Kialla. He slung his rifle across his chest and stuck his hands into his pockets. Stepping inside, his leather boots and cloth armor kept him quiet while walking around. The only noise he made was his plate vest shuffling around. Kialla however...

"Your hooves and armor aren't very tactically quiet," he said with a smirk and walked up beside her. It was warmer inside, which he was alright with. Looking behind them, he thought he saw something. He squinted and looked back ahead. He followed her inside the training room and glanced around the racks of weapons and armor. Running his fingers along the jagged and vulgar shaped armor of he Horde. He burped in to his fist and went back to Kialla's side.

"Well, this is exciti-" he was cut off by plated foot steps entering the room they were in and a Blood Elf death knight was standing before them. He cocked an eyebrow at the Elf, "Hi there!" Adrian said and grinned. The knight didn't look so happy.

He asked about them being lost. He looked angry now. Fight angry. His weapon was out. Adrian kept his hands in his pockets but was ready to draw at a moment's notice. "My uh.. My brother is a death knight. Maybe you know him?" he shrugged a bit and looked around, "I'd rather not fight. Sort of against this whole 'peace summit' we're here for."
Sandara stepped into the room standing just behind Sydric's left shoulder. Like Sydric, she was also clad in rune enhanced plate. However hers was ice blue in colour and she carried two long, curved sabers as her weapons of choice. Both weapons held the rune of the fallen crusader.

Sydric turned his head just enough to address her without taking his eyes off the two alliance in their barracks. "If the security guards do not interfere, perhaps we will have our...exercise...take your pick, I will handle whichever one you do not choose." His voice held a nonchalant and sardonic tone to it while Sandara's voice held a chill that had it been real, would have frozen the air in front of her. “Brother, it would go against the rules of nobility for you to attack a female. Let me take her for you.”

The human looked at them both and stood with his hands in his pockets. It was as if the human was trying to make himself non-threatening. Sandara wasn't convinced. There was a tension in his posture that didn't belong. The human was ready to grab his weapons in an instant. She whispered to Sydric a small warning. “Be careful with the human, he's about ready to draw his weapons the second we give him reason to.”

"My uh.. My brother is a death knight. Maybe you know him?" he shrugged a bit and looked around, "I'd rather not fight. Sort of against this whole 'peace summit' we're here for."
If at all possible, Sandara's voice got even chillier as she addressed the human male. “Your body belies your words, human. Even now, you prepare for a fight. However, if you are here for peaceful reasons, why are you trespassing in our barracks?”
'Nobility...' The word spat in Kialla's mind as Sandara spoke, slipping in behind Sydric. What did these two know--remember about rules of nobility? And since when did they care? They tortured living things for...entertainment? The draenei wasn't sure you could really call it that. Disgustingly cruel was a better description, but it was beyond her capability to convey the point across. Her emerald lay safely tucked away, and she wasn't about to dig it out for the sake of conversing with these two.

Side-stepping, Kialla slowly circled around putting Sandara in full view. In all honesty, she wasn't quite ready for a full bout, with merely her longsword in reach to draw. Her shield was still securely fastened to the bag she wore on her back. A glimpse of the twin sabers told her that she would need to concentrate heavily merely to defend herself from the attacks should the deathknight advance on her. Though gimped as she was, Kialla still held significant size over the Quel'dorei, and a much longer reach...

“Your body belies your words, human. Even now, you prepare for a fight. However, if you are here for peaceful reasons, why are you trespassing in our barracks?”

A flicker of excitement lit a flame in Kialla's eyes and her hand trembled slightly as she held it ready to draw. She glanced over at Adrian as Sandara spoke to him, her eyes widening slightly, while flashing between him and the undead elf. Hopefully the human would be able to 'appease' the two with an answer, though she doubted it. Them seemed rather confident and set that they would 'handle' the two of them.

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