Day of Ashes (IC)

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The human looked at ease, yet Sydric knew his gun would be an instant reaction. How well the human could aim and shoot before Syd could close on him might be troublesome. His eyes were focused on the human's hands as he leveled the axe parallel to the ground. One hand let go long enough to summon a ghoul. "I suggest that both of you are not welcome in the Horde barracks, as a mere point of courtesy, I suggest you leave now. Of course if you wish to spar, I am sure the security team here would prefer we take it outside, or not do it at all." he shrugged. The ghoul rising out of the pit on command and standing somewhat behind Adrian.

Strolling towards them slowly he held the axe loosely with one hand, the center area was designated as a sparring pit it was clear. Dummies arranged around the ring and the floor of deep sand to soak up any 'accidental' blood being spilled. "Of course if you prefer we can just spar in here, it is after all a sparring pit. I am sure at this peace summit, you were not about to wander through the barracks and plant some kind of sabotage. Though I have never trusted anyone from the Alliance to be honorable." his voice was low and condescending.
Adrian took immediate notice of the female death knight joining in behind the Elf. He looked to the ground a moment and sighed. He let his arms relax some of their tension, giving off a more relaxed air.

Looking back up, he smiled slightly. "Of course my body bellies my words. Or something. Yes, we may be trespassing. I can admit that. I'm prepared to draw because you two came in here with yours drawn already. I don't know what you're intending, though I imagine we want to try to avoid any violence." the male elf summoned a ghoul behind Adrian. He shut his eyes and tried to think. If this was really going to happen, he had to ready himself.
He looked behind him at the ghoul, but checked his belt to figure the exact location of one of his grenades. "I can say honestly I had no intention of sabotage. Now, and I don't mean this as a threat, should you decide to not trust us, I can put two rounds in your chest and one in your head before your ghoul can think about touching me." he took on a somber tone.

He didn't want to fight. He wasn't here for that, "I have nothing against the Horde. I've fought them in war, but also worked along side them. I actually think one of them is here at the summit. If it is her, she's named Bryah." he looked to the two death knights, "So, what say you?"
Sandara noticed the small change in the expression of the draenei female at her mention of the word nobility and grinned. The draenei moved so that Sandara would be in full view. Sandara kept her focus on the human but drew one sword and held it just below the draenei's chest. Her voice was low and full of menace. “One step closer and I'll use it. Back off.”

The male continued to speak. "I have nothing against the Horde. I've fought them in war, but also worked along side them. I actually think one of them is here at the summit. If it is her, she's named Bryah." he looked to the two death knights, "So, what say you?"

Sandara looked at the human, a frown on her face. “If you know Bryah, then you must be Adrian Octavian.” She looked confused for a moment. Part of her was torn between wanting to protect her daughter and stopping any attempt at sabotage by the two alliance. She sheathed her sword and relaxed her guard a little.

The elf looked at the alliance in front of her and placed her arm on Sydric's shoulder. “It's alright. If peace is going to succeed, then we are going to have to start trusting at some point.” Turning once again to the human her face hardened. “Bryah is here. I last saw her heading for the main hall. But I warn you human. Harm her in any way, and you will have one very angry death knight on your tail. She is my daughter and I take great pleasure in sating my needs with anyone who hurts her.”

She turned to the draenei and softened her face a little. “Forgive me, I normally reserve the process of sating my needs for enemies of my people or enemies of the horde. It is not out of pleasure that I do what I do. Were I not to regularly cause agony to a living being, I would descend into an insanity that would make me worse than the worst madman or lunatic you have ever faced or can even imagine. It is because of necessity, however, I will admit there are times when it is enjoyable. Someone who has hurt one of my children is one such time.”
Ignorant of the tensions brewing in the nearby Horde structure, Leyissa continued slowly enjoying her meal. Almost all those here were guards of this unknown faction, only a few others from the Horde and Alliance security details present. The rest were still scouting out the area? A wise choice she supposed. It wouldn't do to be unprepared should something happen.

That being said, it wouldn't do to have to fight on an empty stomach, either.

So she kept eating, observing others from under the brim of her hat, waiting for a good chance to- aha!

"Pardon?" A guardsman standing nearby, seemingly in conflict over where he should sit, caught her eye. She called out to him with a smile and a wave, pointing to the empty space beside her once she had his attention. "Can sit here if want. Have questions, that okay?"

"Ah- sure, of course ma'am." A human, on the younger side perhaps, he took the offered seat with only slight reluctance. "We were told to cooperate with the Horde and Alliance, what do you want to... I mean- I'm not speaking to fast, am I?"

"Oh no no." Her smile remained as welcoming as always, very familiar with that question. "Understand fine. Speaking not so much." Concern started to show on his face, and she raised a hand to quell it. "No worry. Lots ask, used to it. Hired as guard, not for speaking."

"Of course," Good, he seemed to warm up a little. She waited as he took a quick bite from his plate, finishing off a bit more of her own salad as he did so. No reason to make him nervous, they were working together, after all. And it would be easier to ask questions from a friend, rather than a nervous stranger.

She didn't even have to wait long, this guard swallowing down his food at an impressive rate. He turned back to her after a quiet belch, eyebrow raised in curiosity. "So what did you want to ask, miss...?"

"Leyissa Shadeleaf." He nodded, she smiled wider. "And was curious. Seen inside of buildings, less of outside. Can describe area for me? Give good picture?"

"The valley? They didn't tell you about it when you got here?"

"They told some, yes, but not lot." She leaned in as she spoke, dropping her voice to a whisper. "Rather hear from one who patrols, you know?"

"My commanders are very diligent in their work." Ah, a loyal member, but he did seem to loosen up some more. "We're in the center of the valley right now, the only entrance is... that way." She followed his hand as he pointed, nodding along with his words. "Thirty minutes or more on foot, with the garrison beside it. Other than that it's all cliffs, no other way in except by air."

"No climb?" Leyissa's head tilted to the side, curious. "Heard Grummles climb mountains, risk guide from outside?"

"No way. Cliffs are sheer all around, and the wind is something else. Friend tried to scale it on a dare once, see how high he could get. Got just above the tree line before his gear started icing over, nearly got thrown off the cliff completely."

"Dangerous. But trees here? Not just hills?"

"Trees around most of the edges of the valley. Not much to hunt, but some of the big birds come down to nest at times. Nothing but dirt and grass around here though, if anyone got in, they'd be spotted before getting anywhere close to the compound."

"Glad to hear. Good know place seem safe." He nodded in response, and returned to his food: wolfing down what remained on his plate in record time before excusing himself with a polite bow. She returned to her own salad as well, mulling over what the young man had said as she chewed away leaf by leaf. The main structures in the center, woodlands at the edges, with grasslands between? Interesting...

It was good she had asked, from the sound of things, the valley was far to large for her to sufficiently explore before tomorrow. IF a problem arose, it would likely start from within the compound here. That being the case, continuing to learn as much as she could about the buildings was the best plan. She'd like to learn more about the Horde detail as well- maybe even a bit on how they fought- but it seemed unlikely she'd get the chance.

A pity, but better to focus on the goal in your hands, than grasp for more and lose both. She'd just have to hope an opportunity arose before the meetings began.
The General made his way out of the reception hall and began crunching his way through the packed snow that carpeted the ground. The sun had just gone behind a cloud, and there was very little glare on the snowfield. The worgen was nearing the central cluster of buildings when he stopped and began swiveling his head around. The General reached up with black gauntlets and removed his helmet, revealing a head with fur as black as his armor and covered in scars. One particularly nasty-looking, gleaming white scar stretched across his forehead, slashed across his left eye, and continued down to his neck. The worgen began sniffing the air and twisting his head around as though looking for something. Slowly, his muzzle tracked right to the unusual shimmer where Sammuroth was. The worgen sniffed once more, then nodded as though satisfied by something before starting back off to the garrison.

Major Graber, meanwhile, was storming off in the direction of the compound, two full squads in tow.

“Just found out, he said. Nothing to be done, he said! Sorry, can’t help you, you’ll have to figure out something yourself because I’m tied up with arranging the logistics for this conference back here in Stormwind on account of I actually have stuff to do, he said!” The orc threw his hands in the air as he ranted to the unfortunate lieutenant at his side. The hapless Blood Elf twisted his head around and saw a black-armored figure heading in the opposite direction, thought about saying something, then thought better of it. The group continued on their way to the Horde barracks, bypassing the Horde consular building.

“So all I want to know is how does Taran Zhu get off on-“

Graber’s sentence was cut off abruptly as he burst into the building, only to see four people squaring off, two of which were Alliance.

“And just what”, he asked, “is going on here?”
The tension in the room could be cut by a knife. Sydric stood rock solid, the hand that rested on his shoulder had stayed his advance towards the human. But his eyes glittered in distrust at the human's words. "So you are just trespassing where you should not be? And you expect us to not be suspicious of your motives? I find this to be strangely amusing." his slow deliberate words did not sound amused. His expression was cold and tense.

The entrance of the Major and his squad brought everyone's attention sharply. Sydric still had axe in hand, but now it rested against his shoulder. "Major Graber, your security of the grounds is not complete. These Alliance scum have just waltzed into the Horde barracks and not one guard stopped them. But your entrance is timely. Perhaps we shall let them walk out of here. But I do not feel safe in this building until it is thoroughly inspected for sabotage. Neither will I allow the Horde contingent to rest here until the building is secured from unwanted guests." His every word calm and courteous but with a tone of basic mistrust in regards to the Alliance.

He stepped back and away from Sandara's hand, sheathing the axe and moving slowly backwards until he was next to the doorway. Reaching out with a gloved hand towards the ghoul he pulled it to him and twisted its spine as it screamed in terror for one brief moment before it was still and limp. Only then did he relax and turn to Sandara, his eyes glittering as he nodded in satisfaction. A slight smile curled his lips. She would know why he smiled, the ghoul but one outlet for the sating of the hunger. He held the ghoul in his hands for a moment longer and then tossed it into the sand pit. It slowly dissolved into the nether, where he could call it when next he needed it.

Sydric turned to Major Graber and awaited his response. If the Alliance were simply let out of here without some kind of reprimand, he would be sorely disappointed. To him it just clearly demonstrated how untrustworthy the Alliance continued to be. He would report to his superiors would include the Major's handling of this incident.
Sandara lowered her hand, returning Sydric's smile. She knew the smile, the reason his eyes glittered.

She half turned towards the major, keeping one eye on the alliance. "I agree with my brother-in-death Major. I wish to know why security was so lacking here. You sent a man to shadow* Sandara paused a moment, debating if she should reveal her relationship to Bryah, then decided against it. "one of my compatriots because she managed to find a blind spot in the defenses and yet your security is so lax that it allowed two alliance to walk in here. Who knows what sabotage they have committed before we arrived?"

Sandara stopped to allow that to sink in before continuing. "Be very careful about the next sentence you utter. How do you think the horde leaders would react if I told them about this invasion of the horde barracks?"

She smiled cruelly, guessing that the Major knew exactly what their reaction would be, the instant dissolving of the peace summit. She blinked for a moment. Was that fear she sensed building in the Major? Interesting. Why are the talks so important that the mere threat of them being dissolved would cause even a hint of fear in such a highly trained soldier?
Sammuroth continued to follow the general, at a decent distance, not too close, and not too far, he thought he was keeping a good distance, to where he wouldn't be noticed. The druid stopped as the general did, and he watched as the general seemed to search for something, what is he doing? He watched as the worgen removed his helmet, and put his nose in the air oblviously having caught a whiff of something he did not like. The druid watched as the worgen's head swiveled until he was looking at the exact spot, the cat was standing, damn, I guess I didn't keep enough distance. The druid was sure the general was going to do something, so he prepared himself for a fight, he was surprised when the genral nodded, and continued on his way. Sammuroth now had a choice, continue following the general, and risk being caught, and have who knew what happen to him, or he could return to the reception hall. Not one to be deterred by something, as trivial as bodily harm, the cat decided to continued following the worgen to the garrison. So what are you up to general, don't think you intimidate me, I have faced creatures much stronger than you before.

The druid was sure the genral was hiding something he didn't want anyone to see, whether he would Sammuroth to that something, or not remained to be seen, but the cat would never know if he turned back now.
The rather untimely arrival of Major Graber certainly worked quickly to collaspe a fragile situation into a burial ground. How Kialla wished she could just remedy it by driving a strong blow through the back of Sydric's skull! Perhaps his heart was dried and useless, but even the undead were inanimate without their head attached. Her eyes flickered as she glowered at him, betraying her line of thought.

Still, Kialla wisely resolved against exhibiting any aggression, and instead relaxed her posture while turning to face the Major directly. Her left hand procured the enchanted emerald from her waist pouch, which she held in a tight grip.

"Were we not permitted to inspect the grounds freely, in the interest of trust?"
Kialla's telepathic voice echoed to those around her. She was not about to allow these two degenerate creatures to manipulate the Major with threats if she could help it.

"Is it not prudent that we take into consideration that this 'peace conference' might be a 'horde' constructed arrangement? And as such it seems proper that we assure the safety of our own, and the validity of this conference." Her eyes flicked between the Major, Sydric, and Sandara. "Would you not agree, Ebon Blade?"

The title hinged with a degree of emphasis, forcing the impression of 'neutrality' that the order supposedly stood for. Maybe it would give pause to their argument, but watching as Sydric voraciously snapped the spine of the ghoul left Kialla with the impression that the deathknights lust for inflicting excruciating pain was much greater than their sense of order.
"Were we not permitted to inspect the grounds freely, in the interest of trust? Is it not prudent that we take into consideration that this 'peace conference' might be a 'horde' constructed arrangement? And as such it seems proper that we assure the safety of our own, and the validity of this conference. Would you not agree, Ebon Blade?"
Sandara had seen many things that unnerved her, but nothing had unnerved her quite like the way this draenei female 'spoke'. It set her nerves on edge and leant her voice a tone that was a little harder than she intended.

"If you feel that way draenei, perhaps you would permit us to inspect your barracks. After all, we could say the same thing about the alliance. For all we know this is a plot to rid Azeroth of the horde leaders once and for all. Highlord Mograine expressed doubts about the summit and it would be nice to report to him that his fears are unfounded."

Sandara glared at the draenei, daring her to refuse and show herself to be the hypocrite she suspected the draenei was.
Maraph saw the night elf, Leyissa he remembered, sitting at another table. A guard had left the table and Maraph, having gotten over the initial embarrassment he always felt after meeting a woman, walked over and asked, once again in fluent Darnassian, "May I sit here?" The young druid had already finished his seventh rare steak and had decided he would finish his lunch a little later after some conversation. "I heard some of what you and that guard were saying and something struck me as odd. Do you mind if I ask for your opinion?"
"Of course!" Leyissa grinned at Maraph as he came over, welcoming the company. He was the only one of their companions she had really spoken with so far, but that wasn't really a bad thing. The Death Knights unnerved her, most of the others had seemed far too serious, and the cat... well...

Actually, she should try talking to it. Maybe it would talk back? Maybe it really was a druid?

"I was thinking over what that young man said, actually, so ask away! I'll see if I can help."
Maraph sat down with a smile and said, "I just find it odd that this group would want to have a peace meeting in such a secluded place. One would think to make it very public as to show trust and the fact that with so few entrances it almost as if this place is made to keep something out." 'Or something in' he thought, not wanting to yet currently voice his other concerns. "Then again" he added with a slight shrug, "I could just be being paranoid. Its just that this whole situation sets my instincts off...But like I said, It could be nothing. I'm sorry if I worried you."
"Nope, no worries here." She twirled her fork absently between the fingers of one hand as she spoke, contemplating Maraph's words. "After all, we're being paid to think about things like that, aren't we?"

There certainly was more to this young man than his appearance let on, he had good instincts. Maybe it was a druid thing? She had never known much about that side of her people's culture... too infatuated with the outside world for her own good, apparently.

She understood his concern either way, and pondered it for a moment or two more, before speaking up again.

"Secluded is strange, but maybe not bad. Our King -along with other leaders of the Horde and Alliance- will all be here, together. What would happen to either faction if their leaders were killed? What if someone doesn't want peace, and sees this meeting as an opportunity? For so many people, you want a safe place... and this place does seem safe..."


She paused as her thoughts trailed off. Pandaria was a good location for such a meeting -neutral ground- but why were the Pandaren factions not involved? She had worked alongside an agent of the Shadow-Pan briefly during an earlier job, they would be an ideal force to oversee this, wouldn't they?

But then, would they agree to oversee such a meeting? Did they even have the people to spare?

"I'm not sure it needed to be as secluded as this place is... maybe this faction wants to make absolutely sure everyone feels safe?" She paused to down what little water remained in her cup, fork still twirling in her other hand. "They've been accommodating, so I hope they're honest and want peace. But we can't be too careful can we? After all, It's our leaders who will be here, counting on us to keep them safe."
Maraph mulled over what she said for a moment. "You're probably right" he said, pushing his glasses back up further onto the bridge of his nose. "I'm probably just being paranoid. Besides, the leaders aren't exactly push overs so I'm sure with them and the rest of us together we could probably fend of pretty much anything..." He then thought for a second and stated with a small chuckle, "Unless Deathwing somehow reappeared and attacked, but I doubt-" He was interrupted as a tea cup cam sailing through the air and smashed into the back of his head. It didn't exactly hurt so much as surprise him and he gave a dog-like yelp. Turning around he saw two of the guards that wore the standard armor of the others in the area in a yelling match and throwing things at one another. They were most likely on their break as they were both obviously drunk, the stench of alcohol causing the young druid to recoil from the smell.

'Really?!' he thought, 'Every time I go somewhere there's a bar fight! Granted this isn't a bar but still.' He turned back to Leyissa and said, "If you would excuse me for a moment." Standing up he calmly walked over to the two, now brawling, inebriated guards and calmly asked, "If you two could please stop-" Once again he was interrupted by one of the guards yelling at him, "Get out of here kid! Go back to ya' mother and leave the adults alone!" Maraphs eyes shot wide open at that and he began to visibly shake, his eyes hidden by his blonde bangs. The other guard stopped fighting with his 'colleague' and said to him, "Ah, now look what you did. You made the kid cry!" At that Maraph's head snapped up but instead of tear filled eyes, they were glowing a dark blood red and he growled in a feral voice that shouldn't have been coming from someone who only appeared to be a child, "KID?! KID!? I AM OVER TWENTY YEARS OLD AND FACED CREATURES THAT COULD EASILY DEVOUR YOU TWO WHOLE! I AM NOT A CHILD!" The druids shadow seemed to rise up and take on a form with red glowing eyes before wrapping around the boy.

In a flash of light and darkness where a young pale human boy had been standing now stood an eight foot tall Worgen with pitch black fur, glowing red eyes, gleaming claws and fangs, the canines being as long as four and a half inches. The two guards, shocked into being sober, looked up and the worgen growled in the same feral voice, "I will tell you two this ONLY once. Stop this ridiculous squabble or you wont have to worry about being reported to your higher ups because you will be more concerned with the giant wolf-man disemboweling you!" The guards immediately nodded their heads, easily feeling the large amount of rage literally seething off of the large beast. They made the smart decision and got out of the dining hall. Another flash of light and darkness and Maraph was back in his human form still obviously mad.

There was very few things that could make him mad, as he usually prided himself on keeping calm but if someone were to insult his friends, family or call him short or kid, they would feel hos wrath! He then calmed down and noticed people were staring at him. "He he" he laughed nervously, blushing slightly, "Sorry about that. I promise it wont happen again." He quickly made his way back to the table where Leyissa was sitting and after sitting back down asked, "N-now wha-what were you saying?"
Adrian's eyes grew wider and he stifled a smirk after the Major walked in. He danced forward and backwards on his heels and the balls of his feet, listening as he others spoke.

"Hey now, let's not get hasty," he said. Tensions were growing, "I'm bored and impressionable. I didn't want to go on some lame tour." he shrugged a bit. He seemed completely relaxed and calm, trying to keep the situation under control. He was becoming wary of the female death knight. She was becoming increasingly agitated with Kialla. He pursed his lips and tried to think of something to say. But nothing happened. He was impressed at her use of the leverage against the major and grinned again.

"But uh.. this is getting pretty awkward and I am very famished. Let's go get food?" he suggested to the group. Food always made things better, and maybe even this situation?

He just really wanted food right now.

That helped answer the question of why he was hired as security, despite his young appearance.

Leyissa watched with wide eyes as Maraph very quickly ended the conflict between two nearby guards, not at all expecting what had happened. Yes, she had assumed he was Gilnean before, and most of their druids were indeed Worgen. But she had never thought to connect the two in this one. He just seemed too... Kind? Young? Though that was apparently something she shouldn't voice out loud...

Her smile returned as he sat back down. It didn't seem as if his nervousness was an act. An honest young man with a feral side? Not the most common sight, to be sure, but interesting.

"Just to be careful, but don't worry about suspecting every little thing." She looked the young man up and down once more, re-appraising him in light of his recent reveal. It seemed to be something he was embarrassed about, so she kept a warm smile on her face. Some people might be scared of the Worgen, but all she saw was a useful comrade, someone who could hold their own in a fight.

Besides, even at her young age, she had witnessed more than a few creatures that inspired far more fear than Maraph's bestial form ever could.

"Although with a form like that," She spoke with a wink and a good-natured chuckle, as calm and carefree as ever. "You should be prepared for just about anything, yes?"
Major Graber closed his eyes, hoping against hope that the painful sensation in his head wasn't another migraine coming on. When he was sure he wouldn't order the guards to kill everyone in the room and dump their corpses under the nearest snowdrift -the snow practically never melted up here: no one would find the bodies for months, if ever- the orc opened his eyes and addressed the group.

"I don't care why you are in here, Alliance. You should have known quite well that this is, technically, Horde territory and that you should not have intruded. And lest you think I have passed over you, Death Knights, you should not have let this confrontation get to the point it did. You are the representatives of the Horde for now, and you should act like it.

"Now, I have recently been informed that the Pandaren are sending representatives, among them Taran Zhu, Ji Firepaw, and Aysa Cloudsinger, all of whom are taking a relatively neutral stance for this conference. Since taking one of the buildings where the diplomats are being quartered would give one side the feeling that they were getting the short end of the stick, we're hot-bunking the security detachments in a single building. Everyone with gear in this building is being moved to the next one over, and this building will be given to the Pandaren delegations. If any of you have complaints, you can feel free to yell in the path over that way." Graber gestured off toward one of the sides of the compound. "An avalanche will hit almost immediately and save us the trouble of listening to you."


Captain Zherami was standing in the corner of the reception hall when he saw two off-duty privates getting into a shouting match. From the slurred insults, they were both in a very advanced stage of intoxication. The draenei made a note to have a word with their commanding officer and started over when he saw a young-looking human getting dragged into the ruckus. The captain was considering whether they would need a mop or a rag to clean up the resulting mess, and the best way to break the news to the kid's respective faction leader, when the kid abruptly transformed into a hulking worgen. Zherami stopped advancing and decided to simply observe as Maraph sent the two guards scurrying from the hall.

"Interesting." he muttered. "Definitely worth bringing up at the staff meeting tonight."


Illa Compound, Later That Night

Graber stood at the same valley pass he had earlier greeted the security teams at, this time with his longcoat's collar turned up against the bone-chilling wind gusting in from the north. Thick flakes of snow tumbled to the ground and carpeted the valley floor in a bed of fresh white. Twin portals once again opened up, and the diplomats and their attachments began filing through in a much larger stream than before. The same efficient porters were there, this time with yaks, and they began loading up the baggage neatly and quickly.

"Representatives of the Horde and Alliance, welcome!" Graber called. "My name is Major Graber. My colleague, Captain Zherami, extends his welcomes as well and regrets that he could not be here for this occasion. Unfortunately, we are still getting the security detachments settled in the same building, and Zherami felt it best that he be there to supervise it." The orc paused for a moment as he tallied up a silent roll call of the notables that had arrived.

It was a very impressive list. Thrall, Aggra, Varian, Garrosh, Malfurion and Tyrande, Vol'Jin, Baine, Hamuul Runetotem, Jaina Proudmoore, Falstad Wildhammer, Taran Zhu, Aysa Cloudsinger, Ji Firepaw, and still more, each with their own coteries and entourages. As the flood of people began abating, Graber took one final mental tally to satisfy himself that the key players had already arrived.

"If you will follow my squad, we will guide you to the reception hall. Feel free to send some of your retinues ahead to prepare your own accommodations. The porters will guide them to the appropriate structures."
The inside of the reception hall bustled with light and activity and the people inside were oblivious to the blizzard outside. Tables on all three floors were loaded with appetizers and drinks (all non-alcoholic: it would never do to have a major diplomatic gathering ruined by a drunken faction leader), guards stood at all the entrances both inside and outside, and more guards patrolled the floors. Major Graber was standing next to one of the pillars, watching Thrall, Jaina, and Varian chat about some recent event, when he felt a sudden chill crawl up his spine. The officer slowly turned his head around, silently screaming to the fates not to let...

Graber's unanswered pleas changed to curses as he looked upon the two figures standing next to him. A golden-eyed man with impeccably groomed hair, face covered in scars, wearing a black tuxedo, stood just behind the orc. And behind that one...

The figure was tall and wore a pale robe, only barely tainted by a shade of grey. A hood was drawn over the creature's face, concealing it from site, and its entire body was hidden by the draped fabric.

"Sir." The man's scar-covered face twisted into a pale imitation of a grin, and he nodded to the white-robed figure at his side.

"Leave us. Wait on the west side of the third-floor exterior balcony. We have other matters to discuss." The white-robed man silently, slowly, nodded and walked towards the exit. The scar-faced man turned back to Graber. "And how are things going here?"

"My colleague is settling some of the more non-essential guests in their new quarters. I myself was just enjoying the reception a moment ago, Mr...?" Graber's question was answered by an amused chuckle.

"Call me Diagon Richter. Special Intendant. And my companion is a... shall we say... representative from an associated group. Keep up the good work, Major. I'm sure that this gathering will be memorable for all involved." The man reached out and patted the orc on his shoulder, then walked away and into the throng.
"Death Knights, you should not have let this confrontation get to the point it did. You are the representatives of the Horde for now, and you should act like it."

Sandara was fuming. To be referred to in such a manner was insulting and she let the major know it through her tone of voice. "My colleague and I have been most restrained Major. I am sure you are well enough aware of our capabilities to know that if we had chosen, there would be two dead bodies on the floor. Instead, they are alive, unharmed and aside from being detained by us, exactly as they were when they walked in. "

The news that they were to be sharing the same barracks as the alliance brought an even greater frown to her face and a steely tone to her voice. "You expect members of the horde to bunk in with alliance filth? You are aware that you are asking for problems? Fine, just keep that one," Sandara pointed to Kialla. "away from me."

Bryah returned to the barracks later that evening to find Sandara still fuming and throwing her belongings into bags, kicking the furniture and swearing in Thalassian. "Mother, calm down. Where is the Inquisitor's unflappable calm? "
"It flew out the door when the major decided to punish us for the alliance trespassing on our barracks by forcing us to bunk with them."
The Farstrider took a step back, amused and slightly disconcreted by her mother's display of vehmenance. "How about you start from the beginning?
Sandara glared at her, but relented. "I was talking with one of the other death knights, the male blood elf, when we saw two alliance enter our barracks. We entered behind them and stopped them from leaving until the major showed up. Instead of dealing with the security that was so lax that it allowed them to enter our barracks, he slaps them on the wrist, tells us that we're not behaving like members of the horde and then proceeds to tell us that because some extra people are arriving that they evidently didn't plan for, we have to bunk with the alliance!"

Bryah looked at Sandara and burst out laughing. "Sorry Mother, I haven't seen you this ... animated about something since," she saddened as she remembered a time before the invasion of Silvermoon City. "well for a very long time. It's just a bit unusual to see my mother peep out from the ice queen that has replaced her."
Sandara sighed as she ran out of steam and sat on the end of the bed. "I"m still the same Bree, just the softer emotions are gone. Hatred, anger, vengeance, all those I feel in abundance, and as you can see, I can still loose my temper, it just takes a lot more to bring it on."
"I must admit, one thing that could always break through your shell was the alliance."
"They turned their backs on us when we needed their help most. They drove us into the arms of the horde. They aren't even worth the air they breathe."
"Not all of them are like that."
"He was here, he was one of them Bree. I don't think he was the instigator, I think that draenei female was, but your friend Adrian was here."
"He was?"
"Yes, and he remembers you."
Sandara stood slowly, and tried to smile at Bryah. “You should go join the living and guard the leaders. I'll be fine. I'll stay out here, deal with the hunger and talk to a few of the security details around here..”

Bryah stood for a moment, torn between making sure Sandara would be alright and wanting to see the dignitaries. She thought for a moment, recalling how she was always sent out of the room when the Inquisitor questioned a criminal, and how Sandara would often ride for miles to sate her hunger so that Bryah wouldn't see her. “Alright Mother, but be careful, we don't want a diplomatic incident to ruin the peace talks.”


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