495 Spriest 510 Mage LF Raiding guild.

We are experienced 10/16HM last teir and Spriest 2/12, mage 4/12 current teir we are looking for a good 10 man group!, And possibly a Resto shammy, contact me asap !! baumgart2@yahoo.com
Newly formed Late night raiding guild on Arthas. Considering all exceptional players. Our raid experience is 13/16 heroic in tier 14 and 11/12 tier 15. will clear through normals quickly to get started on heroics.
Looking for:
Elemental shaman, shadow priest, hunter, or rogue.
Also non leather healer.

Raid times are 10pm-2am Est
Tues-Thurs or Tues, Thurs, Sun. Has yet to be decided.

Chels#1621 or cogliostro#1374 for more info! thank you
Both of you are literally perfect for our raid group and i can give you both a starting core spot thehutch#1563 is my battletag hit me up i would love to talk to you

Raid days T/W/T 9pm-12 EST.

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