"Koalas of Chaos" LF great players 25man

Koalas of Chaos is a newly formed guild with current raiders 6/12 ToT. We are looking for only exceptionally good players for our guild, We are looking for all classes to continue to increase our good players, we are looking for players that are extremely raid aware, listen to boss encounters plan of actions, and can keep up DPS/HPS with our current raiders. We are looking to progress quickly into ToT. The majority of our raiders are 505+ilvls and very good at their jobs. If you're interested in a trial run or wanting to join our raid team please contact me.

hey i have a couple people including myself that are transfering to mal'ganis but idk if you would need 2 tanks, i am a blood dk 499, prot pally 500, hunter 504, frost dk 499, frost mage 498... all with raid experience and very good at there roles, let me know if interested
but we would both be tanking so if thats ok then definitely let me know and we would all be fine with a trial run
^^^^hey bud if you can get up with me daniel.wiram@gmail.com

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