I finally clicked "Do not ask me again"

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I've had iTunes open, listening to music and re-syncing my iPod for the last few hours now, and once again the stupid message prompting to download the newest update for itunes came up.

I haven't wanted to update itunes for the last two years now, since I've been noticing more bad changes each time it does update than I do good ones, so I'm always choosing the Don't Download option, but leaving the checkbox unchecked so that if I ever change my mind, I will update.

Well recently, I don't know if this normally happens or if this has happened with anyone else that uses itunes, the stupid thing did it's own update or something. I opened it one day, and noticed it was positioned differently and had a different border around the window/box, resembling a more modern windows look than it did when I changed my windows theme to classic.

And it made it so I had to reinstall itunes; first it didn't have my music library from before, and after rebuilding it for a couple hours that day and turning my computer off for the night, the next day I opened it, and the whole library was gone again.

I finally had enough, reinstalled itunes, got my music library good again, even re-synced my ipod as well, and just now when I saw the prompt window, checked the "Do not ask me again" box and clicked Don't Download.

So does anyone else use iTunes, or is it something else? Winamp perhaps, or some other program that's better than itunes but essentially does the same thing, especially for ipods?

If you use iTunes, is it updated to what ever's current, or do you go through problems trying to keep it from updating as well?

I don't necessarily want to find a substitute program for my ipod and music, I'm used to the feel of itunes, but I hate any time there's a new version, it either removes a feature I liked, or hides it in the most obnoxious place where I will never find it again unless I google search for it....

I also don't like having to redo my music library just because some format or what ever file changes and it won't work right until I reinstall the program altogether....
This is precisely the sort of thing that keeps me from using iTunes. I have no issues just using Windows Media Player 11, but I also don't have an iPod. Creative Zen plugs-and-plays nicely with WMP right out of the box, probably any number of other programs, too.
I don't use iTunes at all, it's a bloated piece of useless software. I installed it once probably when it was released, realized that it offers little over a sleek music player like Winamp, and got rid of it.

Winamp is all you need. It's only a couple megs. It plays mp3s or whatever format of music you have. It has an EQ and numerous plugins for visuals and tweaking the audio.

iTunes as a music store? Sure, depends on what kind of music you like, but sure. As a music player? Noooo thanks.
I use iTunes, & at first I was sad that I'd updated it, but then I got used to how it operates now & it's OK. I would probably not bother updating it further, though.
being an iPhone, and since 2007 iPod Loser, i am stuck with iTunes. it is what it has become since it has a captive audience with its gadgetry. sort of like how PC users who have to deal with Windows ♥
MusicBee is my media player of choice.
The only reason itunes is on my computer is because my USB turntable's software requires it. I refuse to use it for anything else.

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