what to do when i hit 90?

Im a bit confused on what i should be going for when i hit 90. I'm not there yet but im trying to figure out what todo gear wise. I want to get a basic set before i start raiding and not sure what i should be going for as a ret pally, any help would be amazing.
Run heroics, convert the JP you get to Honor, and buy the 476 PvP gear. It's better than the heroic dungeon drops and waaaaay better than the JP gear. You can also do the Arena of Annihilation scenario for a 450 weapon.
like they all do stand in SW and chat on here complaining that there is nothing to do while not even completeing 10% of what wow has to offer....and from the looks of it well you'll fit right in ....ok in org that is :)
Do dailies and run dungeans/scenarios (be sure to check a rep). Spend valor on valor gear and convert jp to honor for pvp gear (it actually is better then jp gear). once you get enough to run LFR, then start doing those.

Mogushan = 460
heart of fear and terrace = 470
throne of thunder = 480

When it comes to gear, you want items that do not have intellect, agility, spirit, dodge, or parry. If the item has any of those stats, you do not want to use that as ret.

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