Quests that are one-two levels lower than you

I have sort of a strange question.

I've been wondering if it's more efficient to go through an entire quest chain uninterrupted, doing all the quests in the area, even if they are one or two levels below you. Often what will happen while I'm leveling in a zone is well... I'll give you an example.

Currently I'm questing in the Stonetalon Mountains. I was following the quest chain, now I'm at level 29 with some quest chain still left. However the quests that I am getting are level 28. Should I be moving on to level 29/30 quests or should I just continue the quest chain as it is? If I should be doing the former, how am I supposed to just skip quests and go up to ones that are one or two levels higher?

It's just that going right ahead to a level 29 quest in this case seems like it would give me a bit more experience than a 28.

Note: I'm not trying to rush through everything as fast as I can. I just don't want to be wasting time with a lower-level quest if I should be on a quest that is higher level and provides more EXP.
Finishing a quest chain will often give you better rewards gear-wise, so it's generally worth it to finish if you are not greatly out-leveling it.

Quests that are within a couple levels of each other don't vary that much in XP rewards, so I generally just keep going.

You'll also find at times that a lower level quest may grant more experience than higher level quest, assuming they are close in level, depending on what each quest involves.

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