Resto/Ele Shaman Looking to Xfer for RBGs

Bleeding Hollow
Title says it all.

I just returned after about a year hiatus and the realm I'm on is dead. So dead that I can't even find an RBG group that runs at a decent time (7pm to 11pm EST).

I am looking at Bleeding Hollow and Tichondrius.

I know ya'll probably get this question a lot, but how is Bleeding Hollow in terms of PvP activity?

Thanks guys!
You're not going to find comparable RBG and Arena activity to Tich here, it's got a higher population that is almost all PvP focused. There's a decent amount of PvE focus'd players on BH.

That being said, there is still an active PvP community and on most nights you wont have trouble finding people to run with if you're not running with one of the guilds here. It's just that Tich, having played there, is a huuge community filled to the brim with PvPers.

I left there because 1k+ queues to log on really suck.

One thing (in addition to no queue times) we can boast over Tich is World PvP. Relatively, our server pop is much more balanced and you'll almost never have problems finding Alliance at quest hubs willing to throw down.
I'll boil it down:

Go to Tich if you want to do arenas.

Go to BH if you want to do RBGs and World PvP. Although Tich might be slightly easier to find an RBG group, you'll almost certainly find a team here and unlike Tich we have a functioning Horde / Alliance dynamic that keeps the server alive and fun. If you have trouble finding RBGs at whatever time u want, u can always make a lvl 1 alt on Illidan / Tich.
I really appreciate the input guys.

Looks like ya'll might see me on BH in the near future :)
One more quick question if anyone gets a chance.

I was thinking about switching back to Alliance. I know you guys mentioned that it's pretty balanced here, but just wanted to see if switching to Alliance would be a bad idea?


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