Crafted Gear to DE for Sha Crystals

Can any crafted gear made with normal mats DE into a Sha Crystal?;crs=74248:11;crv=0:0

You would be much better off to sell those items, or the mats to craft them, on the AH and buy the Sha crystals.
Check the BOE drops from world rares. The price for the legs has dropped below the price for sha crystals on my server. They shard into sha crystals and ive gotten a few bountiful bag procs doing it.
Buy the 440 epics that drop off of rares when they cost less than Sha Crystals. If they're the same price, buy the 440 gear anyways because as mentioned above, a proc has a chance to get you more than one Sha Crystal.
Agree with the 440 epics...anyone have a TSM shopping list string for those? Otherwise, best I can think of is the off-hands scribes make, though you might be better off making the cards for later in the expansion.
I am disenchanting the dreadful bracers into ethereal pieces and combine 5 into a sha shard everyday. nice profit at the AH too
If you have a high level enchanter it's worth your while to kill all the Jade Forest rares, as they all have a chance to drop a (completely useless) BoP epic item and they're all pushovers.

Only exception is one of them can drop a BoE crossbow, but that's also fairly worthless as the 440 BoE epic pants off the Krasarang rares.

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