Brawler's Guild Rank 7 Battletron ilvl

What kinda of ilvl should I aim for to do this? I'm at 499 and I can't pull out enough DPS to kill him. I normally get around 1-1.5mil hp left before he enrages. Any suggestions on when would be a reasonable ilvl I can do this guy? If you were able to do him at a lower ilvl, please tell me how!
You should be able to manage just fine. I did it around 490 myself. You should change to Holy Avenger, or Sanctified Wrath. You have several unenchanted items. And you should use Dancing Steel, or at the very least, Windsong. Don't forget to pot! Getting buffs from other players, using a flask, and a food buff will help a ton.

One of your main issues, will be ending up needing to heal too much. So when you pop the orbs, Devotion Aura, and Divine Protection are a godsend. It's probably a good idea to use Divine Protection on cd. LoH is going to be a real lifesaver here. You may want to even consider using Selfless Healer, if Sacred Shield doesn't pan out.

Divine Purpose probably won't cut it. It's too RNG, and you're really going to heavily rely on that 20-30 second window of huge damage with cd's up.
I did it somewhere around 495 ilvl. It took a few tries to get the hang of it. I had group buffs, strength food, brawler's might potion, and a flask when I did it as well.

I opted for Eternal Flame, for my healing. Using it with a lot of attack power gives a big burst heal and the HoT was pretty big for 30 seconds.

I still only had about 5 seconds before the wall of hellfire came down on me.

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