[A] Fresh xfer WoW couple LF new home!

Aerie Peak
Hi! My boyfriend and I just transferred here, and we are looking for a Level 25 casual/leveling/pug raiding etc. guild as a temporary, transitional home while we explore for more permanent raiding options this server may have to offer us.

Me: Batix, Balance Druid, will play any off-spec but have not collected the gear as of MoP.
Him: Mnais, Enhancement Shaman

I come to you with loads of prior raiding experience in casual, semi-hardcore, and hardcore settings.
I've recently returned from a long raiding break (basically since Dragon Soul, as I have only killed one heroic boss this expansion so far and that's just the dogs in MSV)
You can see my armory for raiding experience, all kills on there were at a time that the particular instance was premiere content. Minus a couple of additional kills here and there for mounts (Yogg 0 and the like).

My boyfriend has not raided before in a permanent raiding environment. He has multiple pug experiences behind him and has been playing aside me as I've raided over the years. He possesses the strive that it would take to commit to the schedule, the knowledge of proper 'raid etiquette', and stellar awareness.

Please feel free to paste your guild recruitment wall of texts as well we do not mind them. (but kindly do not post us your guild information if you aren't recruiting/do not have room for our specs, that's just silly - people do it, though!)

If you would like to contact us in-game, please also feel free!
We are also just looking to make some new friends to enjoy playing with so beyond our guild search, even if you're just looking for someone to fill a spot in a pug, world boss, mount run, whatever. We love doing stuffz.

We appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and we look forward to what the future holds for us here on Aerie Peak!
Hey Batix. As long as you don't mind battling other druids for your off-spec (this is hard to avoid in 10-mans), I have room for both you and your boyfriend. We raid 8-11:30 PM EST Fri/Sat. We've been doing mostly cross-realm T14 for right now while we're looking for more people on AP that will reliably show up so that we can do Throne of Thunder. My BT is nbsulla#1851 if you'd like to talk more.
Hey there.

We've always got room for more in Outlanders. We raid Fri/Sat nights (I'll post details below). But, if that doesn't work for you and you're just looking for some place to hang out while you find the right home that's totally cool too, we've got a bunch of active nice folk to keep you guys company :)

(RealID: Azi#1558)

As a guild we seek to attain progression through endgame raid content, but still realize that people have responsibilities outside of the game. With this in mind Outlanders maintains a helpful, friendly, casual atmosphere while still being able to conduct raid nights with a professional attitude. We have resumed 10man raiding in the new year and intend to progress through normal content eventually tackling Heroic Difficulty.

Current Progress:
6/6 MSV 6/6 HoF 3/4 ToES 1/12 ToT

Current Raid Times:
Friday 19:15-23:00 Server
Saturday 18:45-23:00 Server
< Destruction Inc is now Recruiting!! We have just recently transferred to Aerie Peak Because of Population reasons, But the guild has been around since BC. And are in need of some new Players!! We are recruiting all players, Levels, Roles, and Classes! We are also recruiting for our 10 man Core raiding group, We need Healers and DPS. a DPS with a Tanking Offspec would be nice as well! We are a very friendly guild and help out any time. Our raid times are Tuesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM Server time!! If this sounds like the guild for you, Please Pst Dutchyy - Dutchfu - Rayth - Oroy - Bartelicious - Ursangus for invites!
Add me in game, we need both. 1/13 HM 10m, recruiting for 25s. Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:30-10PST. Not stressful about attendance.

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