pvp power/prot heals?

i see guides say pvp power does NOT help prot heals, the tool tip says it does not, but people on the server say it does. who do i believe? does pvp power increase prot heals or does it not?
People on the server are incorrect. Prot paladins lost pvp power to healing at the same time that every non-healer did, and it wasn't one of the specs that had it returned to lesser effect in 5.2. The tooltips for the effect of pvp power are currently accurate for all specs. (50% healing value, 0% damage for healers, 100% damage value for dps and tanks, 25% healing value for hybrid dps, 0% healing value for tanks)

If you have a bunch of honor sitting around there's a really easy way to prove it; buy two badge/insignia of victory trinkets. Their only equip value is about ~1300 pvp power each, and if pvp power effects prot healing you should see a significant difference naked vs naked with just those two trinkets.
thank you for the info!

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