Vincere Aut Mori - Late night - Team 2 LF DPS

Hi Everyone!

We are team 2 in VAM and we've just killed Primodius in ToT and we're looking for a well played and well geared hunter or plate dps (with a tanking offspec) to round out our roster. These are raiding roles to help push us through the rest of the instance and into heroics, and to help cover for inevitable absences.

We raid: 11pm - 2am Friday and Saturday nights. I live in Sydney and raid these times, but many of our raiders live in Perth or SE Asia.

Ideally you'll be: an ex-hardcore raider who wants to raid, but not raid as much. Someone who takes pride in your performance and wants to clear content as quickly as possible, without dedicating tens of hours per week to doing so.

We're looking for someone to impress us and compete to be at the top of the DPS meters, while completing boss mechanics perfectly, and keeping the rest of the raid alive!

If you're interested talk to me (Catrinn), Kt (the GM and Team 1 leader), or Maikyl (Team 2 leader), or check out our website at:
Dark Animus down.

Still looking for a hunter!

No need a bump, but ill edit this post to say:

Iron Qon down :D


Still looking for a hunter 15/04/13, any other exceptional DPS are welcome to apply.
Hi there, can I check with you what is the raiding time in SG time? Is it 11pm or 9pm?

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