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I recently bought the Razer Naga Epic and it brought my damage up amazingly! I have just learned a few tricks on creating macros and such. So, i was wondering what other equipment should i pick up from Razer? Keyboard wise, i was thinking the Anasi because of the 7 extra keys that you can program for macros, but i would like to get Deathstalker ultimate. So, what do u guys think i should pick up? Keyboards,Mouse Pads, or microphones?
You'll want to post this in the Paladin forum.
The Games, Gaming and Hardware

would be better suited for this question
Probably would have helped if I read the OPs whole! Thanks, Thunder.
The only Razer keyboard I really like (and own) is the Black Widow Ultimate. The Death Stalker keyboard looks like a terrible keyboard for gaming in general. It just looks neat.

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