Pet wont hold agro

I've searched the hunter forums about this but the threads I've found are like 2 years old. I am doing some of the old school raids like most of TBC and WOTLK, and my pet just wont hold agro no matter what. I am BM and I using a shale spider as my tanking pet and I send my pet wait for about 5 to 10 seconds and then as soon as I attack my pet looses agro and just wont hold on. Have any of you fellow hunters have experience this and if so how have you guys fixed?
You have to glyph misdirect so you can use it non stop in order to have your pet hold agro. Pets will not taunt anything who's level icon is a skull, or a Raid Boss, and if you manually use growl, it has no effect. This was to prevent pets from tanking in end game content. If you misdirect to your pet, the glyph resets the cd, and all of your threat will go to your pet.

yes some of it was a recent change, as you used to be able to taunt some of the old world raid bosses with growl, but as patches have come, less and less raid bosses are growlable.
Try using a Gorilla that thing tends to hold threat real well.
Growl was changed during 5.1 to no longer apply to any and all creatures marked as bosses (level ??). The same change was applied to Distracting Shot. Prior to this change, they had to disable the abilities on a case-by-case basis. They finally found a way to apply it universally. The downside being that it is harder for us to solo older raids.

The reason for the change is that a coordinated group could use Growl and Distracting Shot to completely trivialize certain encounter mechanics. For example, I used Distracting Shot to taunt Baleroc right before his Hateful Strikes, negating that portion of the fight. This change also kills the Taunt > Kite > Feign technique that could buy healers and tanks up to 5 or 6 seconds of recovery time.

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