What am i doing wrong??? I'm using the current rotation and i still can't get my DPS over 50,000 and even that is hard to achieve. my guilds raid leader says i have to be able to get at least 90,000 in order to raid with them and that my gear has nothing to do with it.
OMG, man your character really needs a tune lol.
With your gear ll be a bit hard to push 90k dps ( also that depends on the fight and what you doing on the fight ).
But lets see ...

First of all you need to reach, 7.5% hit and expertise ... seems like ypu dont have a clue about class mecanics.
You are bellow caps, ungemed, unglyphed, unenchanted uneverything.

Take a look at my character and try to copy as much as you can.
You should also go noxxic, icyveins, elitisjerks, mmo-forums whatever and read something about hunters cause no one can help you that much.
Look at some guides and copy my character is a good start.

Good luck.
okay silly question about stat priority:

what's it now for BM?

It's not mastery anymore? or is it reliant on gear (what procs, etc?)

I have way too much hit and expertise, but I don't know what to reforge to.

please help, learning again too.
what's it now for BM?
Mastery for BM

I have way too much hit and expertise, but I don't know what to reforge to.
Crit then mastery (for BM)
Okay I'm not trying to sound like a jerk or anything like that but here is what you need to do

1. You gear is unenchated and a lot of gear is missing gems. That should bring you up a lot more.

2. Your spec requires you to reforge like this. hit and exp cap (7.5%)< crit<mastery<haste. always follow this

3. This site is a hunter site and will help you figure out what kind of dps you should be doing. It will be off by (+ - ) 2-3k after you fill in all the stuff its asking.

Currently in my gear on a tank and spank fight I do about 120-130k dps. You should hit 90k with your gear no problem once you have that set up.
Just pointing out that a lot of sites are really conflicted on stat priority. Noxxic wants Agility > Expertise (7.5%) = Ranged Hit (7.5%) > Haste > Crit = Mastery for BM hunters also, Icy veins claims Crit > Haste > Mastery which is what I am currently using - I still do over 90k, typically around 110k. I'm still not sure which is right atm - but since my dps isn't lagging behind (I typically am in top 3) I haven't experimented.

But you have to hit the Hit/exp caps before you tinker with other stats. And if you are seriously raiding you MUST reforge, enchant and gem your gear.
Lets try to avoid having this thread degenerate into a haste vs mastery argument. As BM, for the OP, at his gear level, Mastery. But that is seriously not the issue, the issue is his gems, hit rating, and enchanting, and the fact that if he doesn't at least get this part, it is likely his shot priority is off as well.

OP, 90k sustained is likely not happening at your ilevel, but at least look like you are trying.
=P not debating. Just saying it can be very confusing for someone trying to learn to go to these sites.
=P not debating. Just saying it can be very confusing for someone trying to learn to go to these sites.

Yeah, I wasn't targeting your post :) Just saying in general as these things tend to go that route, and it doesn't really help the OP's immediate concerns :)
As I said its isnt that hard to go or and learn something instead of just hear loads of diferent thougts.
After that, when your toon reaches the NEEDED HUNTER REQUISITES, you can learn something anout DPS.

About the MAST vs. HASTE, they have a very close gap ... and most of cases fight lenght, mecanics and playstyle will decide wich one is better.
I d use to reforge to haste just cause it fits better with my playstyle.
I can guarantee that you ll see no difference on realistc ( raiding ) DPS, you will just note that usuing spreadsheets ( ).

Haste vs. Mastery is a REALLY minimum DPS tune depending on talents and gear and should not be a problem.

Your current gear, as is imput into simcraft says 73892 dps.
This is without fixing your issues with hit/exp/stat values.
I'm sure if you fixed the hit values/ect it would go up a bit.
Ok, not to cast aspersions here, but if it's not your gear (as your guild's raid leader says) I tend to agree, a few gems and some enchants couldn't hurt. That being said, personally I think your raid leader should have offered you a bit of advice. Saying "you aren't putting out enough dps, fix it", and leaving it at that, sounds like a raid leader that "leads" by gearscore. As a leader, he should at least try to help you find what you need, point you towards the guild's jewelmaker or enchanter or leatherworker. A fountain of help can always be found inside a guild, turn to google when all else fails for you. If your guild's raid leader is unwilling to take a few minutes to explain some things that might help you out, maybe it's time to start looking for a new (more helpful) guild. Btw, does your guild master know about the conversation you've had with the raid leader? And has anyone else run into the same type of thing? Without doubt a few gear tweeks couldn't hurt, but neither could a little guild help. Oh, and switch to Marksman (j/k), I play MM and have since I started WoW, just my opinion. Trolls feel free to bash my Marksmanship choice.

Thank you for reading, you may now return to whatever you were doing.

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