Anyone remember Divine Intervention?


And this is why we can't have nice things.

I feel like raid strategies involving DI to make clever use of a boss mechanic is the more likely candidate as to why this ability was removed.

They probably should have removed Feign Death also (though it was mainly just used to reset a boss to allow for better positioning at the start of a fight). I should go to the hunter forums on my hunter and list reasons why FD should be removed, and how they could bring back eyes of the beast as compensation. I'm sure the resulting "discussion" would be interesting.
How we haven't gotten DI back as a battle rez is beyond me. Apparently necromancy (DK and warlock battle rezzes) are more acceptable to both Alliance and Horde. *shrug*
I miss that spell so much. It was a life saver(Well.. kinda) when questing with my druid friend, and we got in over our heads. I would just DI him, and have the mobs reset. Then he'd rezz me.

I'd give my first born child to have some of our neat spells back.

WTB Track Undead.
Back in my vanilla raiding days I had a deal worked out with a pally that's would always use her DIs on me so we'd both save repair bills.

We also did the mind control DI thing to a flag carrier in WSG once. But that was when Holy paladins and holy priests couldn't kill hogger if we tried for 400 years much less another player.

We used in once in a raid to grief our off tank a lot to keep him on his toes (and our healers). We had a pool once on how many times he would die. Last boss, almost dead and the pally DI d the Main tank to swap all Argo to him before the healers knew what had happened the off tank died again. That pally won the pool. And to wonder why my guild at the time was always second in server progression, but man we had fun.
Joking aside, I do actually miss Sense Undead. I thought it fit so well with Paladins thematically. That one seems to be one of the strangest spells to be removed. It wasn't used to cheese any encounters, it's benefits in pvp were fairly negligible, but was just fun to be able to track undead (especially when leveling up a new paladin, it made duskwood seem even more fun).

DI also of course fits paladins thematically quite well, but I at least could understand the reasoning behind removing it, though I'd have preferred they just changed it to something else.
I don't think it would've worked; they'd be able to right-click the buff off, since it'd be a "beneficial buff".

Almost without exception the first time a person encountered this spell they had no clue what was going on.

My favorite moments with DI were

.. my first. You never forget your first.
I thought it was a tank cooldown that would eliminate incoming damage for 3 minutes. I was level 30. I somehow missed the portion of the tooltip that indicated this was a suicide spell.

I DI'd my tank in Gnomer. I then blinked in bafflement as I stared at the Spirit Guide, and my tank asked "Why did you DI me Tira?" He knew what it was.. but he didn't know he could remove it. I was almost back to the room (the one with all those goblin mechanics guys) when it dropped off him, and he died, the last in the party to do so.

.. Serpentshrine Cavern
We had an embarrassing triple trash pack pull. The tank DI'd me. I waited until everyone was dead, calmly removed my DI shield, selected someone to res and hearthed out instead by accident.
Divine Intervention is my favorite spell. My favoirte use of it is: In BGs, I would DI a noob. Noob's in bubble saying, "WTF I can't move." I giggle at them. Also, one time, I was in ICC during Wrath. A buddy Lock of mine gave me a SS cuz we both didn't care about the terrible group. So, we decided to troll them. During Saurfang fight, I DI'd Tank, other Tank dies due to high stacks. Raid wiped. Took Soulstone and hearthed away. Hehe so fun! I wish I can do it again.

I'm glad it was removed, all it really was, was the trolling man's/woman's ability. As clearly shown by these comments. If they where going to bring the name back, then make it something like warriors intervene.

Most "memorable" examples given were mistakes, legitimate honest mistakes (not trolling).

And the main purpose of the ability was to hasten recovery after raid wipes. For that reason alone it was wonderful.
DI Razorgore.
Ret Bombs. Building up for 2 hours for a 1 shot on a world boss.

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