Fistweave Macro (1 Button)

Before I'm flamed, I don't use this macro except when either soloing or needing to mindlessly DPS a boss (like in PVP). I don't recommend using this to heal in instances, however it will do the job.

With my passive regen and gear, I'm able to keep this up almost indefinitely because of the use of Mana-tea. It keeps up buffs & debuffs, but doesn't use Renewing Mist or Uplift (thus why I wouldn't use it to heal a raid). I peak at around 60k, but can hold a decent and consistent 44-50k DPS (in my PVE MW gear...).

Before I engage whatever it is that I'm fighting, I hit Chi Wave, then spam the macro, I do this instead of adding chi-wave to the start in case I fight multiple things so I'm not spamming the button with nothing happening as I wait for Chi-Wave to come off CD.

Hope this helps if you're looking for a 1button macro option:

/castsequence reset=target Jab, Expel Harm, Blackout Kick, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Mana Tea, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Surging Mist, Chi Wave, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Mana Tea
Thanks a bunch man exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to make one on my own with no luck, was just missing some details here and there.
Nice macro :) does the job realy well. I swear I think im killing things almost as fast as windwalker, having no issues with mana, and can withstand like 4 or 5 mobs at a time with ease.

Only issue ive had was a bug where the macro wouldn't move on to the next in the list after triggering expel harm. But I am of the belief that was because I hit the button a little to fast. Because its only happened twice or so.

Again great macro and thanks for sharing.
I just bind jab then have a shift macro for BoK/TP.

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