{A} Max Threat lvl 25 Guild LFM for 25 Mans

<Max threat> Is a laid back friendly guild that loves to raid an kill bosses we are a 25m guild we raid wed/thur 7-10pm server (West coast time) We have been a guild since Burning crusades previous we where in a 40m guild for vanilla we have a core of 6 -10 players that have played with each other since end of vanilla.We are a 100% drama free adult guild.
List of need

Resto shammy x1 high
Resto druid x1 high
Holly pally x1 medium

Tank with dps
Blood dk with os DPS x1 medium
Prot pally with os DPS x1 medium

Boomkin x1 medium
Shadow priest x1 medium

DPS- Mele
Rogue x1 Low-medium
Ret pally x1 Low-medium
Monk x1 Low-medium
Will consider any class/spec not listed

If you are looking for a laid back friendly guild that raids 2 night a week an think that we are what you are looking for.
Go to http://maxthreatoflightbringer.enjin.com/ Can see what our guild is about an apt to the guild.
Or add my battle tag onenf1ngon1y#1450

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