Euphemism (A) looking for 2 raiders and more!

<Euphemism> is recruiting 1 DPS and 1 Healer for raiding Tuesday--Thursday (2 days each week) 6:30 -- 9:30 server. druid, shaman, dk at the top of the list, but others will be considered. casuals and levelers also welcome!

the "more info"

We are looking to start ToT immediately (may have started by the time you read this), and our raid schedule is very flexible in that we are not set in the 2 days each week, only in that we want to raid 2 days each week tuesday thru thursday.

on off days we usually have people running lfrs, pet battling, transmog and mount farming etc.

we are not a hardcore guild, but i expect our raid group to be business when in the raid.

we are looking for sociable people, not the types that log in for raid and log out and aren't seen in between.

we have plenty of room for friends, family, alts, etc... so bring everyone... just know we are only running one raid group, and 7 of us are solid attenders.

contact me or any 90 in Euphemism for more info!

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