[H]Blacklight[10] - 5/13 H Recruiting

Blacklight is currently looking to recruit some solid raiders to compliment our current raid team.
We have a strong core, of raid aware, highly skilled players.

Our raid times are 7:30pm EST - 11pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday.

We're currently looking for the following;

1 Tank with a strong DPS offspec
1 Healer with a strong DPS offspec

Please submit an app at:

Still looking!
We need a resto druid. Or a rogue. Haven't had a rogue since Dragon Soul.
Your hunter is uglier than your Warrior. I didn't think that was possible. Gg.
Now 11/12~!
Now 1/13 Heroic!
We need more people to kill stuff with. Kill it dead.
This isn't a bump.
I don't have nearly enough people to molest in the corner with my green, glowy hands. Come be part of the love.
Play nice and I may throw snake statues at you too.
I like cheese. I also like raiders.
WTB tank, I don't like not being able to dps
12/12 down without either main tanks or our raid leader. They're overrated.

Although I'd still like another tank...
If we get another tank, you'll still have to tank. Nub.
If we get another tank, you'll still have to tank. Nub.

Not true. Rhok is back now. And also, we have another tank for Tuesday now.
Diji, you aren't allowed to DPS anymore. Sansu, don't let him DPS anymore.
Now 2/13 Heroic! Killing Heroic Horridon on Tuesday!
That's too bad Melody I just dps'd most of the bosses this last week.
I think Pink Direhorn's just need a good hug session.

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