(A) Resurrected - 11/13H 25 Recruitment

Hello there Sargeras,

We're after a few more players to fill some vacancies in our roster.

About us

Resurrected has been on Sargeras since August of 2010, when we moved here from the server Twisting Nether which was suffering a population decline. We're a laid back group of players with a core that's been together for a long time.

We like to have fun and get stuff done at the same time. Our guild is a late(r) night raiding guild that raids later than most due to our members work schedules and timezone differences. We raid 4 nights per week at the following times.

Monday: 10pm - 1:30am
Tuesday: 10pm - 1:30am
Wednesday: 10pm - 1:30am
Thursday: 10pm - 1:30am

You can see a list of our guild's policies, and an FAQ at this link.


At present, we're looking for the following classes and specs to complete our roster.

Enhancement Shaman
Holy Paladin
Restoration Druid

Our current Throne of Thunder progression is 11/13 Heroic, with kills on the following bosses.

Jin'Rokh the Breaker - 25H
Horridon - 25H
Council of Elders - 25
Tortos - 25H
Megaera - 25H
Ji'Kun - 25H
Durumu the Forgotten - 25H
Primordius - 25H
Dark Animus - 25H
Iron Qon - 25H
Twin Consorts - 25H
Lei Shen - 25N

If you like the sound of us and you'd like to apply, you can head to our website, www.resurrected-sargeras.com. If you have any questions about us before applying you can catch up with Jetz, Madison, Rainspeaker, Karatebob or Simplified in game.

Thanks for your time!

Updated - July 20, 2013
The above post is way better when read in jet's Australian accent
Going to speak like a british person for the whole raid tonight.
Bump for Sargeras 25ms
Bump for Sargeras 25ms

Hey thanks.
Up for Tortos.
Yay, we have a server thread again :D
It's all about server presence
Sargeras #1
Bump for almost having Ji-Kun.

Still could use an Enhance Shaman and a MW Monk
Looking for quality ranged dps.
Bump for the Bird
We killed some sort of bird tonight.
Bump for clean kills
Whats this about birds?
Whats this about birds?

Don't worry, we weren't talking about your ex-wife.
Still looking for a few more to round out our roster.
OP updated.
Have an opening for an elemental shaman now. OP Updated.

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