(A) Resurrected - 11/13H 25 Recruitment

05/04/2013 01:16 AMPosted by Digerati
Bump for Sargeras 25ms
Still looking for a few more!
50% of the mediocre pop that has killed Iron Qon, reporting in (I didn't kill it, I just watched as the guild did)
To the top!
To the top for Heroic Consorts.

bumpity bump
stay tuned for more kills!
primordius dead
Nothing to do until next week so let's see some apps.
I see eyeballs and beams in the distant future
SC's comp was really lacking for this fight (1 lock and 1 ele) but it turns out it was a pushover like everything else post 5.3. Turns out you can combust off the boss to all the ice walls. You can use your first combust on the opener but yeah delay any future combusts and its GG ice walls.
good stuff thanks man
Thanks for the tip Dig, hoping our comp works for it too.
Oi mate
Durumu Down
Hey you guys

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