Fringe, 25 m 6/12 TOT looking for more

We are a progression guild led by people who have raided competitively for multiple expansions/many years together. We enjoy companionship while making bosses dead.
We currently are recruiting nearly all classes/ specs raiders to expand our 25 man roster.
We follow some simple guidelines.
1. We don't want to carry anyone we are a progression guild and will stay that way. Every member is expected to carry their weight, Remember there are 24 other people paying to play just like you are we shouldn’t be waiting on you and shouldn't be carrying you.
2. Although we provide food buffs and flasks on whole or in part to the raid. You should still be prepared to be a part of raid with your own consumables as a backup.
3. Please be respectful, raiding competitively does not require disrespect to your fellow guild member.
4. Have Fun! We pay to play this game there is fun in killing bosses and making dead pixels.

- We raid currently T/W/TH 7:00 Pm – 10:00 PM Server time/PST
- Our current 25 raid progression 6/12 TOT

What we need.
- Healers/ dps needed
Prefer 500 ilvl or higher Rip it up and you'll have our attention
Our Website
- For more info please whisper Malters, Gracetian, or Pimmpwoo
plz visit our site
Definitely a good guild to run with, for those viewing this post. We have a lot of fun, very talkative guild chat/mumble. I am really happy with this guild and you will be too! So come check us out and see what it's like to be apart of Fringe!
I love Puma, if you join guild you will be explained what this means.
Also has a good RBG team, ;D
Dont trust meok. he will ks u hard in rbg.
Holly pally is now closed all other heal classes please still apply
Really would love to see a mistweaver monk
Fringe is the best!
10/12 ten man
Wanted to drop by and say I put in an application on your guys' website! Also, if you want to get a hold of me for the next few days regarding my application, I won't be on much until Tuesday afternoon. I just didn't want to put in an app, disappear afterwards for a few days, and people wondering "WTF where'd he go?" Seems rude to me.
good guys
Looking for Off tank and Mistweaver
Givin you guys a SB bump
Thanks Kennjin you guys were on sp too? what were you guys under?


LF - Frost DK, Rogue, Monk any spec
Seventh Plague ^.^
Ah nice we used to raid with you guys at one point us "After hours" and you guys were the only ones on the server who raided the same time.

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