BC has seen the light after tonight...

I promise to never terrorize the horde shrine again... I give up...


Edit: There was a different and more sarcastic message before the edit, but I choose to edit, revealing to many secrets could unravel to entire game... " no more secrets Marty "
Tonight did not make me feel good lol. I got my !@# handed to me. I have never seen more " dedicated ".All of the ego that was feed to me from the tons of people that hunted for me was countered my failure.

I was a little drunk, no take that back... a lot drunk. But... disregard all of that. (That sounds too much like the professed afks/liers the always have excuses for being killed.)

The few that did make a difference opened my eyes. I have only recently been clued in to their power...

My job is a tough one that few if any ( except my good RL friend Ravenblight ) will understand... I have learned more tonight than any other night. There are secrets in WoW... I hold some, but not all... and that excites me!

Tell me when... and I'll be there.
God damn you pvp kids chat a lot with little to no grammatical knowledge.

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