Looking for good Oceanic raid server.

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Hey there, me and a buddy work in a job with really crazy hours that basically keep us from raiding so we wanted to go to an Oceanic server so that our schedule could open up a bit more freely to the prospect since we have yet to find any groups that run at the times we can run on North American realms. Does anyone know which realm on the Oceanic list would be best for raiding around 1pm-6pm EST? Thanks.
Australian is what I we were thinking but if there are some afternoon raiders on other US server we would be willing to go there.
My advice is to look for the Guild/Team first - head to guild recruitment forums and ask in there. Once you locate something to your liking, consider cross realm raiding a non-current tier to see how you like them or listen in on current tier raid. Once you're happy with that, THEN drop the $ for a move.

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