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Moon Guard
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True, but the armory still apparently doesn't show belt buckles, which is a shame since that belt really brings my Monk's set together.

8/10. Some pieces could be better (personally I think the belt could stand to be the matching one that blends in), but it all still looks pretty good together.
*wistful sigh* I want a paladin mockup myself. 9/10, It's not on me yet!!

I'm not a big fan of the shield, and the armor doesn't look like it really goes with that guild tabard.

For some reason, all of my hair is invisible . . .
If you had the full set that matched, I'd definitely give you a 10/10 because for some odd reason I've always liked that set, but since to me your gloves and shoes are off, I'll give you an 8/10. But still well made either way.
Well, you definitely look like a monk.


A bit too simplistic for my taste, but that robe looks fantastic and matches her eyes :3

I love the purple accents on the black robe, and the shoulders are intricate but not overdone.
Decent set. The colors match nicely and you've picked nice weapons with the set. I feel you're trying to mix multiple themes with each other, though. Some of your gear looks elegant and dark while some looks rugged and savage.

I give it an 8/10.
110/10 because of how the armory pose makes you look.
10/10 for the scare factor.
110/10 because of how the armory pose makes you look.

Something we can both relate to I suppose. xD

(Aelandel is next)
Well, I rather like the set, and I don't see it too often, so 8/10.
10/10. It all matches, tabard and all. Especially the horns. That completes it!
10/10 would bang... <3
10/10 would bang... <3

10/10, big fan of Gilnean colours, for whatever reason.

The armor and tabard match...But I still picture Worgen as the ferals in ye' olde Silverpine.
You don't scare me.

Work on it!
I'd say 7/10 for the casual outfit with the tabard.
8/10 - 1 for the common hood, and -1 for dem boots. That silver plating doesn't fit in, but nice use of tabard.
The use of daggers and the hat really clash with the blend of blue badly. It's a good blend with the tabard, but I can't shake the hat off.

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