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Hey guys,

I haven't played shaman in a long time a lot has changed since I have. I was wondering why I am dying so fast. I have a lot of pvp gear and it still doesnt seem to matter to much. Is there any tips anyone can give me?

Thanks in advanced
Depends on what you're dying to.

Here is a small breakdown of what you should be doing.

Mage>Always kite. Wind Shear is your best friend. Your second best friend that you take to the bar but may not always want to hang out with because he can only be around every 20 or so seconds is grounding totem. Don't neglect them. PS- always trinket deep freeze, and cleanse spirit your frost bombs

Warlock>Very Similar. This time don't really cleanse... just make sure you try to stay topped up.

Hunter>Big burst... if you see them power shot. Don't let them and you're golden. Healing tide totem his stampede... lol at him for picking something OP.

Rogue>Here... you don't survive. If you're doing arena... you accept your fate and hope your teammates kill him first. Random BGs... goodluck brother. RBGs... Call for peels.

Warrior>Ditto. At least here they don't have unlimited stuns and silences and everything in between. Try to squeeze a healer after you juke his pummel.

DK>Same again, may notice a pattern of faceroll when facing melee. Once you master surviving long enough... get mad that Blizzard keeps dumbing it down even more for them.

Instead of getting them all, most importantly take these ideas, put them together... and there you have it.
As this is my 4th shaman, 3 of them being Gladiators and one of them having hit 2700+, I have found the following to be very useful -

In arena, against a rogue or a hunter, go PE. No matter what. the -20% damage from Earth elemental is too good. Also, the earth elemental tanks the Stampede. Don't waste Healing Tide on that.

Make a macro to switch to Rockbiter, and then back to Earthliving.

At this point, at an equal skill level, there is NO DPS class that can kill Resto Shamans 1v1. If it happens, the other was more skilled, more geared or the shaman just lagged very badly.


DK -> Unholy will be the only issue here. Frosts are lol. Earthgrab totem on these guys. All they can do is grip, in which case you can grab again / ghost wolf away. In other words, kite, and /lol when he grips. You're faster.

Warrior -> You won't be able to peel this. However, their damage alone will not kill you; they will need the help of their mate to cc / dps. Even more true with the 5.2 nerf. You should save Ascendance and Healing Tide and pop both at the same time along with Earth Shield when you're at around 30% to avoid execute / burstkills.

Spriests -> /lol. Damage is laughable. Dispell those dots, tremor the fears, Hex the priest, dispell his shield. Watch for the swaps - most of the time they will swap to their healers. Do not switch targets. IT'S A TRAP!

Warlock -> /laugh if affliction. /laugh if demonology. /cry if destruction - Dispell his shields, Wind Shear / Hex the chaos bolts. you know what to do here.

Elemental or Enhancement -> Watch out for Ascendance on Enhancements. Their burst HURTS. Laugh at Elemental and hex / wind shear Lava Bursts. Elemental Blast doesn't hit as hard.

Boomkin -> Watch for vortex and Solar Beam. Just run out of those asap. Watch for noobs who spam Moonfire.

Feral -> Similar strategy to rogues but these are actually harder due to all the bleeds.

Rogue -> DO NOT TRINKET every damn stun + the first one. Force him to vanish instead. Then you can have fun with trinket / healing tide / ascendance. If you have Earth Shield on you, they CANNOT global you. I don't see why you would trinket their first stun when you KNOW they'll just restun a second later. Smart use of your CDs and it's all good.

Ret -> /lol. These guys just can't kill you. However they're almost as annoying as WW monks due to freedom / bubbles making them unpeelable for you by yourself...

WW Monks -> Don't bother. Make sure you're at 10%+ to avoid touch of death, and just keep healing yourself while laughing at his miserable attempt at downing you. They can't burst.

Mages - Windwalk totem is your friend. Be smart on what you trinket and what you don't. You can't trinket every single deep freezes - be smart about which ones you trinket out of.

Hunter - Earth Elemental Stampede. CC his pet instead of the hunter himself if he'S BM. watch for lullabytrap if he's MM.
4 Shamans 3 of em glads?... why not just have 1 shaman? different specs?
I like leveling. Dont like other classes.

Diff realms, diff battlegroups and rank one title isn't account-wide (neither is reg glad in fact) and before accountwide achieves you needed it on every character to link it to find proper mates/rbgs. I jump guilds too muchz
Thank you that was very helpful and exactly what I needed. You both are great!
nice rundown! thanks

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