Echo of Elements or Ancestral Swiftness?

I was reading the tooltip on Echo of the Elements and noticed it includes direct healing. I was wondering if there is an inner cooldown on this talent and if it would be a good one to have for someone who is just learning the basics of resto pvp healing instead of Ancestral Swiftness.
It does work on heals, that makes it great for Enhancement who can only heal occasionally.

However, as a RestoShaman you will be trying to heal to full anyways. If you proc an Echo, it will generally be mostly overhealing, and thus totally pointless. It can proc when they are low and you really need it, but the RNG isn't worth it when most of the procs will be wasted.

Swiftness is still the best bet for pvp, because you know when you'll be able to instant heal.

I understand wanting fewer buttons while you learn to heal, but you need to learn to use it as well, because it does change how you play somewhat.
6% chance for an Echo affect for resto. If i were you, id take AS make a macro that ties AS to GHW for those times you need that instant huge heal. If your already good at fake casting, AS loses a little luster, not much though.
6% chance for an Echo affect for resto. If i were you, id take AS make a macro that ties AS to GHW for those times you need that instant huge heal. If your already good at fake casting, AS loses a little luster, not much though.

It is still the best of the tier imo. I juke pretty well but sometimes you just need that big heal with no cast. It also allows you to throw an instant hex out there for a quick unplanned kill window you may receive.
Unleashed fury + earth shield + instant GHW.

Love it when it crits.

My yard literally overflows with boys.
You will want ancestral swiftness because in a bind, you need to be able to get that instant cast off. If you are even able to cast a heal in arena, the target you are healing should be fine. If you are unable to get a full cast, their will be problems. Being able to heal someone in a second with an otherwise full cast heal, is vital.

You want AS.
For arenas AS without doubt, for pve i choose EoE, it's nice to have an insta earthquake but that skill sucks.
That tier has two haste, and one crit talents. Simply think of EotE as a 6% crit chance as Resto or Elemental. The thing is, it will not have synergy with things like Resurgence... So, since it doesn't proc the EotE heals as raid-wide smart heals, it's GOING to be at least partially overheals on direct heals, making it a kinda sad talent for Resto (this is, in general, especially compared to the other two talents).
I like the Elemental Mastery, across the board for Shaman.
You can use it in any situation, when you need it, however you need it. It is perfection on any Ascendance Macro, and for enhance if you match it up with Ancestral Guidance, then its significantly going to improve your survivability.

It's CD isnt bad at all, especially for the up time you get on it.

match it with spirit walker's grace on Elemental to kite

anytime you need it as resto (carefull not to drain your mana) helps in a pinch, however so does the auto cast (+50% inc from unleash if used) from Ancestral Swiftness. but I dont think one free cast is that excellent ever 1.5m for resto. (it can be good though)

I usually didnt get Echo to pop enough as Enhance. it was too unreliable for me. I took Elemental Mastery, you are increasing your damage output and stacking Maelstrom faster for healing.

Overall, its more reliable for me.
This may be out of date now. I'm at 509 item level. I am (raid buffed) soft-capped on haste & mastery (20.55% haste is over the second breakpoint and mastery is over 50%).

I have run out of gear I can reforge AWAY from haste (to spirit or crit). I have too much & I am slowly drifting towards the pretty pointless third breakpoint. So I would never take Elemental Mastery.

But I ran Throne of Thunder regular last night, with a guildie who is a 507 Resto shammy & got slightly outhealed. I think the only thing I saw different - he took EoE & I have AS. As our wipes were spectacular mechanics issues, I don't think AS made any difference to our run.

VERY seriously considering respeccing AS to EoE
Not really worth to spec into it much. AS is still a solid option as it helps a lot to reach haste break points for HST once you have the 2p bonus (which you would lose if you spec into EoE) as well as other potential breakpoints like RT and HR at higher gear levels. Haste also favors the legenary meta due to how RPPM works.

EM is a solid talent to take, as the 1.5 min CD allows us to use it with every HTT and potentially every Ascendance if used 1.5 minutes appart from each other, letting you sacrifice some sustained output for incredible burst.

EoE is still completely RNG, prone to overhealing, does not work on some of our main heals (HoT ticks, water totems, etc) and is overall not recommended.

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