Could Censure do with a buff

Just wondering if people think our DoT could do with a buff??

I have no idea how strong it as at level 90.. just wondering on peoples opinions
Censure is strong enough at 90 to prevent us using SoR on anything less than four consistent targets. I've seen it crit upwards 25k.
getting a 15%(or 10% forgot) to 2h damage in 5.3 should do the trick
Sword of Light's weapon damage buff does nothing for Censure.
Censure is ~10% of our single-target DPS. This may not sound like a lot, but our largest single source of damage is TV, which is ~15-20% including Mastery. So the DoT definitely isn't trivial. I don't think it specifically needs a buff, currently, although it is presumably an easy tuning knob for general Ret adjustments.

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