Legendary quest bugged?

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or am I just a moron? I need to ask people first because I can't find anything online. I am on the quest "spirit of the storm lord" it says to first, unlock the foot of lei shen, then thrust the spear into the side of nalak the storm lord and retrieve a tempered lightning lance. I have the tempered lightning lance, but I don't have the quest point for unlocking the foot of lei shen when the whole server has it unlocked. we are sitting here right now waiting for the next nalak spawn. So, what's the deal? should I submit a ticket?
I think that may be the case. Have you run around the courtyard like a chicken with your head cut off? That might help while you wait for your ticket to pop.
Do the solo scenarios
Do the solo scenarios

This. You're asked to assist in unlocking the Foot of Lei Shen. If you haven't done the scenarios, then you haven't assisted in unlocking.

Since you were able to get the Thunder Forge quest done, at most you should only have 2 more scenarios to do and they should take less than a half hour of your time.
This must be a Mage thing. I've done all the opening scenarios since the release of patch 5.2; however i just got the Spirit of the Storm Lord quest and the foot of lei shen is apparently still unlocked..... Shouldn't they have patched it already that once you've unlocked it , the quest wont ask for it?!
Look for Jaina. See if she has any further quests(non-dailies) for you.
Jaina has nothing left for me.
A bit late, but I figure someone else could still have this problem, as I did. I had already done the Scenarios needed for this quest before, but I noticed Sho had a quest for me. She was right next to Jaina in the Isle of Thunder. The quest was called A Bold Idea. It started the scenario in which you throw smoke bombs on the sentries and sabotage a Zandalari ship. I had already done this scenario but figured it would lead me to Jaina's scenario like last time, which it did. It was just after this quest so it didn't take long. Jaina's quest will be called, The Fall of Shan Bu. Hope this helps :)

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