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ok ive been doing some research and stats have gotten a little confusing. is mastery not the best stat anymore for prot. or is it dodge and parry. i have so many people telling me different things.
Mastery provides damage smoothing through more blocked hits and protects against spikes with higher %damage reduction through Shield of the Righteous. It also makes your Word of Glory heal for more when you use it with stacks of Bastion of Glory, a stacking buff you get on yourself whenever you use Shield of the Righteous.

Haste decreases the recharge time of our rotational abilities (Crusader Strike, Judgment, etc.) which lets us generate Holy Power more quickly. This lets you use ShoR more often, stacking Bastion faster, and as a bonus do more DPS.

Dodge and Parry have always made us take less total damage overall over the course of a fight, but these stats are passive and unreliable. So while you may take less damage than me if you gear straight up avoidance, you're more prone to unexpected damage spikes. The Grand Crusader ability was recently changed to proc off of Dodges and Parries so that the stats will have at least some synergy with our Active Mitigation.

In general, it is important for Protection Paladins to gear for the Hit and Expertise hard caps. 2550 hit for 7.5%, and 5100 expertise for 15%. We do this to guarantee that our abilities (mainly Crusader Strike) aren't negated. Missing CS/HotR/AS/J hurts our Holy Power generation, which hurts our ability to survive. The Hit and Expertise hard caps might not be a necessity for a full on avoidance build, I'm not sure. They're pretty much the bread and butter of a Haste or Mastery build though.

Uhh...yeah... I'll give you my personal take on this! Sooo I like haste. It feels fast paced and reliable to me. If Blizzard made haste suck I'd fall back to mastery. I find avoidance icky after being spoiled by active mitigation. I love the control it gives me over my own survival. If I were you, I'd at least try haste, but mastery may be the safer bet. Not only because the rotation is a bit more forgiving and it provides more passive defense through block, but also because Blizz has been looking at us a bit warily as of late. It makes me kind of paranoid that they may do something in the future to dial back the usefulness of haste for Prot Paladins. It's only speculation, though. I wouldn't (and haven't) let that stop me.

Anywho, I'm probably wrong about some stuff or left some critical detail out. In which case I'm sure some of the much better and higher progressed Prots will come and set both of us straight. I just didn't wanna mindlessly link ya to another guide or Theck's blog. Hope I helped.
Check the sticky at the top of the forum for a "protect the pandas" guide. Rightnow there are 3 builds Haste control/Mastery Control/Total Avoidance. The Best 2 are arguably Haste/Mastery. Haste gives a faster paced tanking play style with good dmg mitagation but still a little spikey. While mastery gives a smoother, less spikey, reliable build. The best way ive found is haste until you are comfortable with Building you HP charges, then mastery all the way

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