Looking to xfer to the server...

Hi! I am interested in transferring to this server. I was wondering how the economy was and are there plenty of guilds looking?

Here is what I am looking for:

*Laid back, fun environment
*Adult guild 18+
*Light raiding schedule (2-3 nights a week)
*Active and loves to chit chat and have fun while playing the game.

My raid schedule is Sunday-Thursday 7pm-11pm & Sat-Sun anytime. I am currently just leveling this toon to prepare it for raiding, however I do have a mage at ilevel 489 and Resto Shammy ilevel 489. I have 4 down in MSV, 4 bosses down in HoF and 1 boss down in ToT.

I'd love to hear from you!! I'll check the forum periodically to check on replies. Thanks in advance!
We Raid twice a week in your time slots I could use a Good dps thats Raid aware Hit me up if you end up needing a raid spot over here and that sounds like you. :) Best of luck either way. :)
There are a number of adult guilds on this server. Dark Sun Knights is comprised of nearly all adults, 30+, we raid two nights a week (Tue/Wed 8:40 to 11 pm server) and satisfy your other requirements. Feel free to send me an in game message.



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