Unerring Vision of Lei Shen - Fire elemental?

Hey guys!!

Sorry if this has been asked before! I searched the forums, but didn't see anything, so here goes:

As I understand it, Fire Elemental takes a snapshot of your stats when it is dropped? If that is so, would the trinket Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen give the elemental 100% crit chance for its duration? It seems like it would, but wanted to ask those more knowledgeable to be sure!

Thanks very much for any replies! =)
It scales dynamically now, not by snapshot.
Ahh! Thank you very much. I've been away for a bit.

So if I drop it, then get the proc, it'd gain the 100% crit for the same 4 seconds I do? Does this also mean that it doesn't matter if I drop the ele before or after i pop EM?
Yes. All guardians are dynamic with buffs now. No need to set it up with lots of buffs.

Shame too since it was part of min/maxing.
Yeah. Thanks for clarifying - I've still been setting it up for when I apply the elemental, haha. Now I know not to stress it, I guess.

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