508 Boomkin LF New raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
Hello Kamikochan,

Wowaholics Anonymous is currently seeking a talented ranged DPS for our progression raids and you seem like a great fit!

We are a 10 man semi-hardcore guild raiding on a casual schedule. We may only raid two times a week, but our focus is progression!

Guild Acitvities:

Progression Raids: Friday and Saturday 8:45pm to 12:00am PST (11:45pm-3:00am EST)
(Optional) Weekly Challenge Mode Runs: Monday 9:00pm to 11:00pm PST (12:00am-2:00am EST)

If you feel you're an active, dedicated, reliable, and skilled player, I'd love to chat with you:

Battle Tag: Nathan#1453
Email: apply@wowaholics.net
Recruitment Spam: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8569149025

Apply at: http://wowaholics.net/application

12/12 cleared

3 days a week * tues-thurs 8:00-12:00 est, invites @ 7:45

The flu sucks! I hope you feel better soon =(

If you decide that you are willing to give 25 mans a shot, add my battletag, I would love to talk to you.

Server: US - Silver Hand
25-Man Progress:
13/16 T14 Nm
3/12 T15 Nm (Tortos Down in 10 man)

Exodus is currently recruiting dps for our 25 man raid.

Slots Needed:
- DPS of all types, below is preferred dps classes/specs
- Warlock (High)
- DPS DK (High)
- Balance Druid (High)
- Feral Druid (Medium)
- Enhance Shaman (Medium)
- DPS Warrior (medium)

While we may not have a high need for your particular class, we are always recruiting good players, and players who know their class and perform well will always earn a raid spot, regardless of whether we are recruiting that class or not.

Raid times: 9 PM - 12 AM PST (12 PM - 3 AM EST) on Thursdays and Sundays
Website: http://exodushorde.com/
For all raiders food and flasks are provided and for main raiders enchants and gems are provided for gear for main spec.

Exodus uses the EPGP loot system. Information regarding how it works can be found and explained here: http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system

Applicant information:
Applicants should be geared enough to contribute to the current raiding content. Applicants must have a understanding of what to expect from encounters in the content we are working on. While not mandatory, successful applicants should have experience and or knowledge of all progression fights. In addition, a thorough understanding of your class and spec, as well as knowledge of how to maximize your character is highly desirable. Applicants should be able to fully commit to our raid schedule and be able to maintain at least 90% attendance.

<Exodus> has been raiding since BC focusing on 25-mans. We're a laid back guild that still puts focus into making progress. Outside of our main raid we do a few 10-mans and run old content for transmog and fun.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me by
Battletag: Anani#1620
or check out our guild site. http://exodushorde.com/
we are looking for a boomkin to add to our 10 man roster.

1/13 heroic

2 tens working on two seperate heroic bosses

morimoto#1476 add me as a friend and we can talk
[H] Resurgence [Nazgrel-US] 10-Man 1/13H Tier 15, 12/16H Tier 14

Who we are:
-Resurgence is a 10 man raiding guild focused on progression and achievements. It is one of the oldest and most established raiding guilds on all of Nazgrel, with its roots going back to 2009. We are a very tight-knit group who enjoy playing together and striving for server firsts. We have a casual and relaxed raiding environment, but a hardcore mindset. We finished 8/8 in heroic Dragon Soul and 7/7 in heroic Firelands.

Currently, in tier 15, we are 1/13 heroic and in tier 14, we were 12/16 heroic.

Since the early stages of Dragon Soul, we have solely focused on 10-man content for a wide variety of reasons, but primarily because our officers and members believe a tighter bond and greater challenge comes from the smaller core of players a 10-man raid environment provides. We strive for a focused, motivated, enjoyable raid environment, given we typically raid three nights per week, 12 hours in total. We consider ourselves a good bunch of people, with a strong sense of self-accountability and would accept no less from any recruit.

What we are seeking:
-A healer! We have an immediate opening for an exceptional healer - resto druid, resto shaman, holy pally or mistweaver monk preferred, but willing to listen to others as well (bring the player, not the class!).
-Exceptional DPS! We are in the market for a skilled warlock, rogue and/or boomkin.

Your item level or personal progression as an applicant is of no consequence to us - only your drive to succeed and the willingness to push your character to the limit is.

When we raid:
Nazgrel-US is on Eastern Standard Time and our raid schedule is as follows every week:

Tuesday, 8:00pm-12:00am EST
Wednesday, 8:00pm-12:00am EST
Thursday, 8:00pm-12:00am EST

What we expect:
-You are looking for a long-term Guild with a tight-knit membership core with years of high-end raiding experience and exclusive focus on 10-man content.
-You are confident in your abilities when playing your roles in WoW, but remain open to suggestion and improvement.
-You are very aware of your surroundings when in combat during raids. You can properly avoid void zones, breaths, cleaves, swipes, proper distance to others, incoming monsters, etc. while still performing your duties fully.
-You are mature; in spirit if not age.

-All interested applicants are encouraged to whisper me (Proteck) on the Nazgrel (Horde)server for further information or add my battletag ID in-game, Amabarix#1396. I will respond to all.
-You may also visit our website, http://resurgence-nazgrel.enjin.com, if you like.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!
Hey bro add my battle-tag at the bottom we have an opening for both you and your spriest friend.

<Mayhem> is a semi/hardcore 25m guild formed during Firelands, which since its formation has taken the server by storm. Our members come from various backgrounds such as pvp guilds to former world ranked guilds. Our main focus in Mayhem is progression, but we accomplish this in a fun environment. If you don't have thick skin or despise crude humor we probably aren't the guild for you.

6/16 H: t 14
9/12N: t 15


Resto Shaman (High)
Priest: Must be able to play both healing specs (Med)
Resto Druid (Med)
Holy Paladin

Boomkin (High)
Mage (High)
Spriest (High)
Feral (High)
Windwalker (Med)
Plate Dps (Med)

Tanks: BM (closed)
Paladin (closed)

Exceptions are made on the classes if we feel that the player is exceptional, and blows us away in the application process.

Raid times are T/W/R 8-11 EST

Loot System: EPGP

Players wishing to apply must be decently geared and must have prior raid experience. Again however, exceptions may be made based on the applicants past raiding experience and exceptionality.

Apply here: http://www.mayhemgarrosh.org/

Or contact any officers in game such as Bullstizz battle tag: (Stizz#1886), Remain or me Gangréne (alt 0233 for é) battle tag: Phobia#1707.
Malice is 25m raiding guild looking to fill a few roles, leadership here in Malice is all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competative in all content and would like that to continue,Mature 18+ atmosphere.

Progression 25-Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N - 3/6HM
-Heart Of Fear: 6/6N
-Terrace Of Endless Spring: 4/4N (Elite Protectors)
-Throne Of Thunder: 8/12


Raid days Tues, Weds,Thurs - 7pm - 10pm Server CST

We will supply-Flasks -Pots-Enchants -Gems -Food -Repairs


Only the people who perform will hold raid spots we are not interested in having to carry suck pumps, all we ask is you show up and give 100% Contact me in game or any officer for more info.


Hey man im looking for a good boomer to round out my dps core if you can pump the deeps and not stand in fire i got a core spot for you!!!!
Hi Kamikochan,

Hope you're feeling better soon! We're looking for someone who would be mainly DPS, but would be able to fill in as a backup tank too if one of our main tanks can't make a raid. We'd be most interested in your DK as a result, but would be willing to discuss having you play your boomkin most raids, but have your DK available to tank if needed. Have a look at our recruiting info below:

Disgruntled of Whisperwind (PvE, CST) is recruiting!

Why Choose Disgruntled?

In our experience, people looking for a new guild are looking for three main things: stability, maturity, and quality raiding. Disgruntled delivers all three.

Stability: We recognize how disheartening it can be to join a new guild only to have it collapse after only a few short months. That won’t happen here. Disgruntled is celebrating more than 5 years as an active and growing raiding guild. We fully intend to maintain our presence in WoW for as long as the game is viable - and perhaps even into [gasp] the next big thing.

Maturity: Although we are one of the larger guilds on our server, we have successfully cultivated a fun and family-friendly (PG-13) atmosphere. Above all, we make it our mission to obliterate drama wherever we find it. As a result, we have attracted a mature membership with a lot of blue and white collar professionals. Our average member age is well above 30. Guild chat is lively and, at times, risqué, but it's definitely not a high school locker room.

Raiding: If you are looking for serious, long-term, progression-oriented raiding, but you aren‘t interested in raiding every night of the week, we definitely have you covered. Most of us have raided since vanilla and through each expansion we have maintained a competitive raiding force. We can’t promise server-first boss kills or that we’ll be at the bleeding edge of progression raiding. We can, however, promise serious raiding in a well-organized, stable, and professional environment. Most of our raid groups run on a two-night-a-week schedule. Rest assured that no one will ever yell at you or curse you for any reason.

Currently we have two 10 man raid groups that run regularly. The raid group with a current opening, Gunslingerr's group, runs raids Wednesdays and Sundays from 7:00 to 10 pm server time (8:00 - 11 pm eastern) with invites going out 15 minutes prior to raid time. We use a need before greed looting system.

There’s a lot more to tell about our guild, so we invite you to visit our website at http://www.disgruntledguild.com and take a look around. You can also check out our current level of progression by visiting http://www.wowprogress.com (if you want to see our long-term track record, be sure to check our progress over multiple raiding tiers).

Are YOU Disgruntled Material?

If you wish join our ranks, click the "Apply" button at the top of our main webpage for instructions. Once your application is posted, a guild officer will respond within a day or two (at the most) to arrange a short vent interview.

Remember, come visit us at http://wwww.disgruntledguild.com!
Nefarious: US-Dawnbringer Alliance

LF a Balance Druid!
Raid Tuesday/Thursday nights 8pm-11pm Central.
Currently looking for a Balance Druid
Cataclysm we started late DS cleared 8/8Heroic Mode.
5.1: 16/16 Normal & 5/6 Heroic MV (Pre-nerf).
5.2: 9/12N ToT

We are not an elitist or hardcore progression guild. We are a group of people who enjoy doing the best they can with the limited amount of time given.

This team is the first and founding raid team of our guild. Raiding 2 nights a week 3 hours a night we like to be efficient with our progression and raiding style. We enjoy the company of each other and prefer to keep the raid to the same group from week to week. And because of this we have made a balanced comp. We don't believe in player substitutions so everyone in the raid has 2 specs that are ready for raiding at any given point. This has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently to change healers and DPS around at any given point in our raids, from 2 heal fights to 4 heal ones.

We are recruiting a Balance Druid (as main speck) to give us our 5% haste buff tranquility and the amazing battle rez. We would also love this druid to perhaps look into a Tanking off spec for fights in case of a tank absence or a fight where a druid tank is the more logical option.

We also do more than raiding as well. Our guild has recently started an RBG team that runs Friday and Monday night. We also have 3 other raid teams where on occasion you can fill in on an alt character or a main depending on the raid/progression.

Currently our guild on our server is the 4th guild in progression overall and first on alliance. For 6 hours of progression a week we feel that is great progression for our amount of time spent. And believe it’s because of our teams that are full of enthusiastic players.

Our guild mainly focuses on raiding. We keep a stocked up guild bank for raiding purposes. We keep it filled with flasks, feast, and food and enchants+ gems Plus all the crafting materials used to make them. We try to help out with repairs and other raiding needs.

All in all we are a guild who enjoys raiding and likes to laugh and have fun. To sum us up, we have 3 raid teams an RBG team, Full stalked guild bank, Ventrilo, a fully functional guild website with all of our information (WoL, Contact info etc.). And we are looking for a flexible, super awesome Druid that will fit our needs and loves being a part of a team and an active part of our guild.

Recruiting: Balance Druid; with a viable raiding off spec.
Guild: Nefarious
Realm: Dawnbringer
Faction: Alliance
Raid times: Tue/Thur @ 8pm-11pm Central
Progression: Current: 9/12Normal 5.1: 16/16 Normal 5/16 Heroic
In game contact: Kiirsta (In game main)
Battle Tag: samy#1336
Website: Nefariousdb.guildportal.com

We need a Boomy asap! :(
Hey man! I hope you havn't found a home because we are in dire need of a boomkin right now. And we may have an opening for your spriest friend as well. Please contact me at Raz#1241 asap!
I will keep it simple and to the point-

<Enlightenment> is a 10m Alliance PVE oriented guild on Bonechewer-US looking for an exceptional Healer or Hybrid (Heals/Dps offspec) for our progression in ToT. We raid (semi-late night) Mon, Tues, Thursday from 9-11:30 pm PST (12-2:30 AM for you EST raiders).

We have been extremely held back in our progression by a couple inexperienced raiders and have since replaced one and now just looking to fill our last core spot ASAP!

Our core team consists of mainly long term RL/WoW friends and we set the tone for a what we call a casually serious raiding atmosphere. We do not spend as much time raiding as some of the more hardcore guilds do so we like to make our time count and get things done while having a good time. We are skilled and have the dedication to go far in this tier as well as many more to come. We are just asking for a great raider to take a chance and come to Bonechewer to raid with us so we can prove it.

Pst with any questions! Looking to fill this spot immediately!

- Risss#1730
Hi Kamikochan -

Please take a look at Morituri Te Salutamus. Since our inception in 2007, MTS has maintained a persistent and successful record in progression raiding as well as a friendly, mature (adult-only) culture. The MTS raiding schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8 to 11 pm EST. We have an immediate spot open in our 10 man roster for a boomkin. Our Mission Statement and Philosophy and details about our guild policies - as well as our application - are available on our website. Come talk to us!


ps: we can talk about your spriest friend as well.
Malice is

25m raiding guild looking to fill a few roles, leadership here in Malice is all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competative in all content and would like that to continue,Mature 18+ atmosphere.

Progression 25

-Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N - 3/6HM

-Heart Of Fear: 6/6N

-Terrace Of Endless Spring: 4/4N (Elite Protectors)

-Throne Of Thunder: 8/12


Raid days
Tues, Weds,Thurs - 7pm - 10pm Server CST

We will supply



Only the people who perform will hold raid spots we are not interested in having to carry suck pumps, all we ask is you show up and give 100% Contact me in game or any officer for more info.

We are looking for 2 ranged DPS, so if your spriest friend is good then we may be have a spot for both of you.

Our progression is 5/12
Raid Times: M/W/Th 7-10 PST

If you are interested hit me up @ shivvers#1785
__________________________________Severity Gaming________________________________
Allliance | US-Kel'Thuzad | 25man | Raiding Guild | SeverityGaming.com

About Us

Raid Times |Tues-Thurs 8-12EST (6-10MST/Server | 5-9 PST | 7-11 CST)
Current Progression | 1/13H

Severity Gaming is a multi-platform gaming community specializing in competitive play under an organized, friendly environment.

Our branch of the community SG-WoW is actively recruiting after a recent restructuring to see our full potential. Our core includes a motivated, experienced leadership base as well as a group of high-end, competitive raiders seeking to excel in personal and collective gaming performance to the maximum effect, while keeping a friendly, sociable environment that spans many platforms and is more than just a raid roster.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Experienced, open leadership, constantly looking to improve the guild, and progress.
  • A strong cross-game community active outside of raid times, including on skype and our forums
  • A stable organization and group that has been around for years, adapting to different circumstances and bringing forth new opportunity as well as an upcoming clothing line to show your guild pride.
  • A group of skilled, dedicated, like minded individuals and active recruitment to replace anyone not up to the call.

We are looking for like-minded individuals possessing skill, reliability and a constant desire to improve and push progression. If you feel you would be a positive asset to our roster we’d love to have you apply, and we look forward to potentially raiding with you!
You can apply at http://www.severitygaming.com/mop

Contact Information

Delacour (Delacour#1483)
Zendrix (Zendrix#1392)
Serrias (Siriusa#1503)

Thank you for your time and consideration!
I can feel the pangs of inconsistency from other raiders. It seems to be a common theme throughout the entire raiding community lately. We are looking for ranged dps for our raid team. We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 8-11PM CST. Our goal is simple: to see all the content World of Warcraft hast to offer in a timely manner while having a good time.

Ascending Phoenix is a casual, family-oriented guild that enjoys playing World of Warcraft in a fun and relaxed environment. We accept all players of all levels. Being casual means we understand real life takes priority over any game. We have members with varying levels of interest in the game.

Here's a link to our forum post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8197650058#1
Our website: http://ascending-phoenixmok.com/forum/

Feel free to contact me on this toon or via my tag Alsorin#1361, Kaeona#1379 or Zoth/Zihnge.
<Forged by Fire(25)> Recruiting an Elemental Shaman w/healing OS, Fury Warrior and a Disc Priest for our core 10m raiding guild. We are 9/12 Throne of Thunder. We are a bunch of experienced raiders who came together after guilds have fallen apart. We do very well for ourselves for pugging at least once a week and are looking for a strong raiders who can make the raid times every week and be on time and show up and perform well. We raid Weds/Thurs/Monday 8-11 server but usually go past our raid times to finish any bosses up to work on progression ones the next day. PST with any questions and add me on Btag. Juffo#1978
<Pandemonium> of Windrunner (PvE-PST)
Premier US Weekend Raiding Guild
Currently 3/13 heroic

Our goals are set very high and we expect you to have that same expectation for the guild, should you choose to apply and are accepted. We are looking for players that want to do hard modes and experience everything the game has to offer in its current form. However, we are not looking for players who ONLY raid to down bosses, but ones that are personable and will be an asset to our roster - when we raid, we raid efficiently and effectively, but most importantly, to have fun. We are a guild that offers stability, effective leadership, competitive progression and a group of like-minded players who love to have a good time on a light raiding schedule.

We are recruiting exceptional, dedicated players that are looking for top finishes in the US/World in Tier 15 and beyond. We're currently 3/13 Throne of Thunder Heroic. For more information, especially regarding our past traditions of success [including 8/8 25H DS completed at 5%, later 0%; LK 25H; 16/16h t14 etc] please visit our WoWProgress Page:


If you're interested in applying, please have experience in current and old content as we are ideally looking for seasoned players who know what it takes to make a top-end guild. World of Logs are compulsory for consideration on your application. **Also, all positions are full-time, core raid positions (assuming you pass trial). Be Awesome.

►Here’s some key information about the guild:

★ Raiding schedule is Friday through Sunday, 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM PST. You are expected to be at all raids and be able to maintain 95% attendance, no problem.

★ Loot is distributed through an Officer-Based Loot Council based on a myriad of criteria. Generally speaking, we mainly focus on distributing loot based on performance and attendance (combined) and have found that our loot council is extremely effective in distributing loot without the hassle of dumb drama.

★ We’re very serious about creating an atmosphere that will foster top end progression on a casual raid schedule, thus, we expect you:

• To theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. This should be second nature and something you enjoy.
• To maintain top-end performance as a trial and beyond.
• To participate in strategy discussions before raid (on forums) so that we are able to ensure that we are putting together the most optimal strategy.
• To have a progression oriented attitude such that you always come to raid hungry, yearning and itching to down the new, next boss and give it your full 110% effort.
• To enjoy yourself - at the end of the day, this is just a game. We want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, and you should too.

★ We do enjoy our offnights, however, some of us itch to be together then too. It's worth mentioning that we are a guild of many MMO's and interests, and so, if: Alt Runs, Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, Diablo III, Starcraft II, or other MMO’s are within your interests, then you are more than welcomed to participate.

If the above interests you and is something that you wish to immerse yourself into, please do not hesitate to visit our website and apply today:


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, Berdy#1545 / Avalyne#1478
Hey There!

Would LOVE to have a boomkin! I would like to talk to you in game about the possibility of joining Vindication a Horde guild on Area 52 (High pop). We are looking for more mature competent people to continue forward in MOP. We raid on Wed, Sun and Mon from 8pm to Midnight EST. In T14 we were 6/6 MSV N - 3/6HM, 6/6 HoF and 4/4 TES. We are currently 5/12 ToT. Please get back to me Via Real ID so that we can Chat :D

Kaldrea - Recruitment Officer- Real ID: Kaldria@comcast.net
Fivemagics - Guild Leader - Real ID: ums_fadetoblack@yahoo.com

You can also contact me through Email and get a quicker response!

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