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I haven't played a Shaman since before Cataclysm, and I'm beginning to regain interest in leveling one. I'm basically just asking what I can expect. What's the playstyle like these days? Has it changed much?
Depends if you're asking about pvp or pve champ... The dps specs are fun, but without question the worst pvp specs in the game, by far... Resto is fun in both and can hold its own in pvp
I would say the class' biggest change, as a whole, was MoP's changes to totems. Gone are the days of "drop GoA, SoE, HS" and redrop when you move. Totems are a lot more cooldown/active effect focused and they shifted raid buffs to passive auras.

You didn't really specify a spec and whether or not pve/pvp was your focus, though.
I miss my 4 totems
people will tell you enchance is crap for pvp, but I wouldnt listen. It can be crap, it can be beast. It depends on you. I smash some people, and sometimes I get smashed. You'll run into this with every class/spec. I suggest checking out this guy:

watch his 1st videos and learn how to manage your defensives and learn the other classes, learn what to do when your SS/LL/UE are on CD, purging etc. which spells to interupt and the frequency of a classes burst. They are a bit outdated, but as of patch 5.3, with the changes to pvp power, they will be amazing guides for any enhance shaman.
good luck and enjoy!
Yes, it is true that players like the one in the above link can do great things with enhancement in pvp, understand that those players are the exception, not the rule. There are a few buffs for enhance that are potentially coming next patch. Depending on what your goals are, those buffs can be a huge deal or less of one. While enhance stock in 3s and other serious arena will likely rise, I still don't see enhance becoming wanted often for RBGs. If RBGs are your thing, resto is really where it's at. The enhance spec does have problems, but the issues of getting invited to RBGs are more of a comp issue. Ask WW monks or ret paladins about their RBG stock.

With that being said, enhance is in a pretty solid spot for PVE. There are some current content encounters that are a little unfriendly to it, (problems being lack of quick burst aoe, being a melee that also relies partially on totems that sit on the ground, etc) but the spec is still closer to the top of the pack than it has been in a while. Some of the frustrating class mechanics have been tweaked for the better. Searing flames stacking on YOU as a buff rather than a debuff on a target makes target swapping much less of a dps loss than it used to be, for example.

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