Echoes of the Titans (Legendary Quest) help

So i was able to get my legendary gem today after doing all LFR's and killing ji kun on normal mode(on my priest). Of course I have no head piece to match it, but thats not the issue.

afterwords i got the quest to collect the 12 titan runestones which have a chacne to drop off of ToT bosses 7-12 in LFR or normal/heroic.

Anyway, Can i do the last 2 LFRs again and wil lthey have a chance to drop? or since i already did them..nothing will happen?
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I am probably wrong here but I think you have to be eligible for loot to get quest items in LFR.
Yes, once you've cleared a boss in LFR, you cannot get any type of loot from that boss until the reset. Plus these rogue stones only drop from Durumu and on, so Ji'kun and the bosses before her will not drop these new Legendary Items.
Cleared LFR 2 weeks in a row and didn't get any relics. Either you cant get them in LFR or the drop rate is terribad.

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