Just want to laugh at the talent system.

Didn't they say that we were going to have to make "tough" choices? All I see in every talent tree is requirements. And those that aren't required for a spec, they get changed out depending on the map or the team you are facing.

What kind of tough choice is that? Just pick what works best against the comp you are playing.

Also, the talent system is why everybody complains about CC. Not only is almost every team capable of making choices that give them CC that isn't on a shared DR, they also can pick the ones that counter you and your comp the most.

No point to this post really, just commenting.
I'm upset that I can't flush my butt wipes down the toilet and I have to put them in a little baggy and throw them in the trash outside.
Right on bro.
I'm upset that I can't flush my butt wipes down the toilet and I have to put them in a little baggy and throw them in the trash outside.

Damn, all of your alts names are Grenade on that server too.

You must like that name a lot
I’d catch a grenade for ya

yeah, yeah, yeah
Doesn't the root word of grenade come from pomegranate or something.
For mages, pve and pvp wise, choises are tough sometimes.

-PoM and blazing speed are situationnal and on personnal preferences
-flameglow with a healer, ice barrier is still viable but it requires you to use a global and it can be dispelled.
-Ring, ice ward and frostjaw are situationnal
-cold snap.
-frost bomb agaisn't teams with not too much interrupts and for 2s with a healer, orelse Nether tempest
-incanter's ward.
If they had actually bothered to balance the talents between each other, which could easily be done, it would be good.

But they don't bother. My tier 2 talents, one of the more competitive tiers, is just two skills the cata warlock had baseline, and a destruction talent. Putting in things that already existed, while balanced, is kind of lazy.

But what's even more lazy is letting things like harvest life, archimonde's vengeance, and other absolutely horrific talents stay.

Some of the tiers are fairly good, but others are just terrible. Hit and miss, but they don't work on the misses when they should.
Yeah most of the talents are not very compelling choices and blizzard doesn't care too much.
How do they make 3 talents on one tree all even? Don't think it is possible something will always be the best.

I agree, it's especially hard to have something be perfect for PvE AND PvP.

There will always be a best option. Though I think the Tier 1 talents for a lot of classes are pretty balanced.
i liked the old system way better.

I mean you have choices that were great for pve but bad for pvp, some great for rbgs, some arenas etc..

I mean it was still p cookie cutter but they had a good thing going they could have really expanded on and made great.
I play Priest and Lock and both have 4 tiers where I have to make actual decisions on what I wanted to use.

In the old system, each spec usually had about 2 talents worth of points to use in what you liked best, and it was usually a minor change.

That's certainly not the case with the new system.
Don't people change talents all the time depending on the classes/comp they're facing?
i miss the old system because you could look at somebody's talents and immediately be able to tell if he was retarded
The guy who put all 57 talents into 1 tree was always my favorite.

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