Mobile Armory Event Time incorrect

Mobile Bug Report
When using my Mobile Armory application on my HTC Android phone all of the events listed in my guild show up as being +3 hours.

So basically an event that should be for Thursday at 930pm shows up as Friday 1230am.

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the app...

How can we fix this?
This is a known issue. Thank you for the report, Headstone.
I noticed this year when I went to android I am having the same problem. Is there no solution to this after all this time? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and my times are showing 2 hours later than they should be.
I just noticed the same problem using the app on Android.

As an example, a guild event says it starts at 5 pm in-game (also my local time) but when I go to the armory app, the app says the same event starts an hour later at 6 pm.

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