I just got Killed!

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Cross-realm zones and realm transfers are two very different things.

Thanks to cross-realm zones, you can group with people from different realms. In order to populate zones with plenty of players, people are put into a zone with people of different realms automatically. When you leave the zone, you will not see those people anymore.

Each zone is "hosted" on a particular server for the cross-realm. Some players might be temporarily shifted onto your realm. Other times, you will find yourself temporarily on a different realm when you enter a zone. (You can't really tell unless you take a look at the server time near your mini-map and find it's different than usual.)

The player you encountered may have been on PvP, but it's unlikely he was from a PvP server. Those are not grouped together with PvE or RP servers via CRZ. You could still be invited into a group by a Battletag friend from a different server and potentially shift to a PvP realm or whatever, but this should not normally happen with random people you meet via CRZ.

Even though you can group, you cannot trade with or friend players from other realms. You also cannot join guilds in other realms. (You CAN become Battletag friends, but those are different from regular friends.)

Realm transfers are usually a paid service so you can put your characters on different servers. For example, you may want to join a particular guild on a certain server, or would rather be with a particular community or group of friends on their server.
Cross-realm zones don't change your character's home server. They just allow you to see and group with people from other servers.

Realm transfers cost real money and change your character's home realm permanently (at least until you pay to move the character again).

What guilds you can join, Auction House listings you can see, and organized teams for end-game content you can join is all determined by what server your character is hosted on.
What guilds you can join, Auction House listings you can see, and organized teams for end-game content you can join is all determined by what server your character is hosted on

If it wasn't before reality is sinking in that this game didn't evolve overnight. There seems to be levels existing within levels and fine details that are easily overlooked.
I do have a question concerning that encounter, since he was mid 40 level player what was he looking to accomplish dueling me at 20? I don't understand he knew he was going to win.
Grins and giggles, most likely. You are correct, there was nothing - no honor kill, nothing - for him/her to get from it.

But don't forget, a LOT of different people play this game for a lot of reasons. My daughter - running around on toons that she and I have played together leveling - might well challenge people to a dual regardless of respective levels if I would let her.

(For the sake of my sanity and out of politeness, I won't permit her to challenge - I will let her accept if someone challenges her.)

But that doesn't mean that someone elses 8 year old doesn't.

Grins and giggles are exactly what I felt right afterwards. I congratulated him/her and tried to start a conversation. Now I seem to recall he/she was a pandarin monk? I think.
I guess you might call me cautious as this is the first time with this character.

And may I say, honestly, congratulations on reaching level 20 without a single death. Many veteran players can't achieve that!

That said, it's ok to take more risks. That way you learn what your character really can and can't do.

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