513 Rogue LF lvl 25 guild.

Area 52
I have 12/12 Normal exp and 1/12 Heroic. I have been raiding since vanilla and have played at a high level my Rogue and Boomkin for a very long time. I have also introduced a DK into my little line up, all of my toons are above/at 500ilvl atm.

Rogue - 513

DK - 508

Boomkin - 500

I would prefer a slot for my Rogue as enjoy that the most (however I love the Boomkin just about the same and the DK comes kind of close)

I had a break at the end of Dragonsoul which took me into last tier. I just made my "official" raid comeback about 2 weeks ago or so. I have been with my friends in <Synthesis> for a very long time, but that type of raiding is not me anymore. I don't want hardcore progression atm, I want something a bit more calm. I am not looking to drop down in skill much if at all, I do not wish to play with un-enchanted players, people who s-key out of fire, who don't have at least 275 food and understand why you should have it.

My past raiding exp is pretty decent in my eyes. I have achieved many server 1st's in an ok time. Death's Demise being my favorite, ulduar was just a fun place to raid. I have killed many many heroics at times that were way ahead of casual's. However as I have and will state I am looking to slow down my progression and go to a more "casual scene" without sacrificing to much skill from my fellow raiders.

As for actual progression I would like at least 12/12 normal not sure how much I am willing to drop that if any. For what I am looking for out of the leadership is a group of people who understand proper loot distribution, can hold people accountable when needed, have proper tact (this is the biggest, I don't and will not be guilded by a 16 year old who only knows how to yell to achieve attention for his leadership style, not how I do things).

If I can as well I would like to be in a guild where everyone does not raid-log and that's all they do, I like playing other games and BS'ing before and after raids.

The last thing I can really think of is I would prefer a guild that used Mumble and nothing else. Been around to long to go back to the other stuff, I have grown quite accustomed to Mumble.

If you wish to contact me in game my names are;

Rogue - Byaah

Deathknight - Brutal

Druid - Cavejohnson (yes, I hate lemons)
I should note also I am not sure of when I will be able to leave my current guild, as a man that cares about his word I have promised before I depart my current situation I will wait until a proper replacement is found for me. So that leaves me in the dark on when I will be out the door.

Also should note (b/c some guilds care about this, and I agree they should): I am not leaving on any bad terms at all and can get verification from all of my officers either via mumble or in-game, if needed.
We are in need of a rogue to fill our last spots for 25 man, we are 1/13 heroic 10 and just switched to 25. We could use you for our core group.
battletag: Oro#1154
Hey Byaah,

Team Neon (10 man 1/13 HM) is in need of a talented melee DPS such as yourself. We have had some troubles with 2 DPS in our group not being able to remain competitive with the rest of the DPS, thus we are now searching for some new ones. I completely understand your commitment to your current guild, and would be more than happy to discuss our openings with you in-game. Please add my Battletag - Landy#1557 if your are interested in what we have to offer you.

Thanks for your time,

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